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247 spares rip off!!!



  • They aren't the only cowboys, a lot of '1 posters' on this thread......
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  • 07034713179
    I have fallen victim to the same scam. I just assumed it was a mobile number. I went through 24/7 and got a reply from the above no. I phoned 24/7 to explain how I'd been naive and they haven't got back yet. Yes I know they are just the brokers but surely they could do somethig about this.

  • They use deceptive means such as 070 numbers (over £1 a min) and put you on hold and sometimes they ask u to enter ur details so they call u back. Customer service team of 24/7 do not answer any questions and will not give u suppliers details if u can't get through to suppliers via 070 number. Cheating bast4ards. Money making scam. Suppliers did not have the right part after I finally managed to get through to them. Mostly they just give u random quotes on wrong parts. Will Never use them again!!
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    Yep, watch out there ..... I've just got an e-mail from them saying ring a 0703 Number.

    I did as I always do and put the number into google .... and here I am!
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    ....Same as MrRee...
    ...Decided to stay clear of that number 0703 471xxx
  • Just checked my phone bill, and as numerous other people have found 24/7 parts are def. Sending out these non-geographical numbers as to make you think mobile,
    07034713071, 07034712333. Are another 2 numbers wont be using them again
  • I contacted 247 Spares and was phoned by Foreign Car Spares, presumably a linked company. They took my money for a part they said, over the phone, was in stock. No confirmation of order, nothing in writing from them, ever. After 2 weeks I phoned to cancel the order and was told they couldn't because it was already dispatched. Still no delivery after 4 weeks. My emails elicit no response, so I have sent copies by recorded delivery. Why are they still trading after all the terrible reviews?
  • I'm from Finland and needed now after 5 years the 2nd rear suspension control arm for my Santa Fe 2001.
    The first arm came in 2011 after search through 247Spares, without trouble from Jimmy's Jap Parts, although expensive, but in good condition.
    In mid November 2016 I searched again for the same part but now for another wheel through 247 Spares. The only quote came from Jimmy's Jap Spares. I sent a photo and called them to confirm that their quote was about the correct part. The arm and a power steering pump were told to cost 180 £ + 120 £ + 250 (!) £ for shipping to Finland. = total 550 £. Payment was insisted on to be made by bank transfer, which I did because 5 years ago everything went fine. When the parts arrived, the pump was o.k., but the suspension arm completely different looking from the photo I had sent. There were no document included with the parts: No invoice, no packing list. Now Jimmy's Jap Parts doesn't reply my emails, and they don't pick up the phone when I try to call them (they recognize my phone number) . I filled in 4 weeks ago the detailed dispute report (complaint) form on 247Spares' internet pages, got a confirmation that the matter in being taken care of, but have not heard anything from them. Because now warned on this forum of their expensive but little help offering telephone service, I doubt calling. There is probaly very little that I can do to get the around 400 £ back that I was cheated by being sent a useless piece of metal and heavy overcharging for the freight. This is the first time in my life I notice myself having been cheated when buying from internet, and must say I'm very disappointed they were British companies.
    I,_Brian wrote: »
    247spares is a broker for a couple of hundred car breakers, so they're pretty dependent on the quality of service provided by the breakers involved.

    Did you pay 247spares directly? If so, I should presume a contractual relationship with them.

    In which case, feel free to email me (enquiries AT as I know some of the staff at 247spares. Can't guarantee anything, but I'll have a try for you.
  • seems like i only ever turn up when its going off

    that alan geezer i think is real .... but typically he's doing a bit of nut pouch warming for this scrap yard

    seems that Vice chairman of the skyline owners club is giving the typical "leave my mates alone" speech

    the owner of that joint raj waheed is frequent in that club

    thats him ^^^^
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    I received two e-mails from 247 spares, with links to my quotes. So I clicked on the link, noted the alleged quote references and called the alleged suppliers on the number provided. I was greeted by an answering machine and after holding on for a little while I hung up - and NOW l have received my phone bill with astronomical charges for these wasted calls.
    247 Spares don't provide an option on their site for customers to make a complaint about them or even write a review - I wonder why?? But my advice is avoid at all costs - total waste of time and money!
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