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    What was the number?
    The telephone number is 0703 471 3853 but is dressed up with different last four numbers. be aware this company will rip you off in anyway possible.
  • Have always had a first class service from 247spares, thats not their number its a 0842 number. Those fake mobile numbers are to contact the parts suppliers direct, what your meant to do it once you have the name of the supplier in your 247 spares quote call them direct on their own phone number which can easily be found on google and quote the 247spares code.
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  • I have had a realy bad experience with 247 spares on two occasions, first i requested a gearbox for a l200 pickup, they found a company by the name of 247 car clinic, this company had a gearbox for me and said they would send it out i receicved the gearbox but it was the wrond one, i phoned 247 car clinic and informed them that my item was wrong, they promised they would pick the gearbox up within 14 working days and refund my credit card, this was on the 28.07.11, the total of the gearbox was £378 i have still no refund and not a sign of any delivery company picking the gearbox up, 247 car clinic just keep telling lies and wont do nothing about it. 247 spares don't even have an email address so i can't report the prolem to them and when i phone them i just get left on hold.

    My other proplem is that i used the same company again to look for a door mirror for a toyota prius, within an hour of searching they emailed me back saying that they have found one, they emailed me a number to contact the dealer directly, the number was 0703 471 3194

    This number has been mentioned in some of the previous complaints on this site, the number is not recognised, and i can't put a dispute about it on 247 spares as all they say is we need to contact the dealer directly before they can take it further, how can i do this when they send me an invalid number.

    If anyone can help me please reply to this message, kind regards
  • Be aware that 247 spares are now staring to `spam' my E-mail with info on Ambulance chasing Solicitors. Avoid both parties.
  • I have just sent the following letter to Mr Hargreaves of mycarpart after I was ripped off by them. I will let this forum know his response:

    Dear Mr Hargreaves

    I understand from my research on the internet that you are the MD of Mycarpart.co.uk. If this is not the case then I would be grateful if you would forward this to the person that is.
    On 8th August this year my manager Mr Nick Rushby ordered a pair of headlights and a Fuel Pressure Regulator for a Citroen C8 (Reg PL53 ***) from your company though 1st Choice Spares.
    Before ordering he spoke to one of your staff and explained that we needed headlights with mounting lugs intact as ours were broken. He was told that the lights you had did have some damage but the lugs were intact and they were perfectly usable.
    At the same time he ordered the Fuel Pressure Regulator, and I believe gave the part number.
    A few days later the lights arrived but not the FPR. Our mechanic was about to go away for a two week holiday, so we needed the FPR urgently. I called your company and was initially told that it was in the parcel with the lights. This was not the case and when I pointed this out was then told that it would be sent immediately. It did not arrive for a further 4-5 days and by then the mechanic was on holiday.
    On his return he went to fit the lights and discovered that the lugs were broken, exactly in the same place as ours and the lights were unusable. The FPR was also different to the one on our vehicle and was also unusable. The broken parts were not in the packaging.
    I immediately called your company and was told to return the parts for a refund. I did this on 1/9/11 with Parcelforce and paid £14.24 for Express 48 service.
    After a couple of weeks we called to chase up the refund and were told that it was being processed at that moment. A further couple of weeks and it was still not showing on my account. Again we called and were told the same again.
    On the 10th of this month I called again, and guess what? It was again being processed as we spoke!
    On the 13th I called and was told that somebody would look into it and call me back. The call never came. Yesterday I called several times to find out what was happening (once I asked for you) and was eventually told that I would not be getting a refund as the parts were sent back damaged!
    I have several issues with this.
    1) You knew the lights were damaged when they were sent to us as this was stated prior to them being sent
    2) The FPR could not have been damaged, due to its construction, it simply was the wrong part that was sent to us.
    3) If they were damaged then why were told for 6 weeks that our refund was being processed?

    I have googled your company name and it seems that there are many people that have had similar problems with mycarpart.co.uk, some of which have obtained Count Court Judgements against you. It seems to be a common theme that when anyone asks for a refund for faulty / damaged / wrong parts that your company claims that they must have been damaged by the mechanic / customer / courier and that mycarpart.co.uk are not responsible.
    I have spoken to trading standards who tell me that under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 that goods must be of satisfactory quality (in the case of the headlights) and that in the case of the Fuel Pressure Regulator that it should have been ‘fit for purpose’.
    Clearly you have breached both of these conditions and therefore mycarpart.co.uk are in Breach of Contract.
    Due to this I hereby give notice that unless a full refund of £195.60 + return postage costs of £14.24 are received into my bank account via the debit card ending in 3429, by 24th October 2011, that I will be initiating a claim through HMCS for this sum.
    I have also been advised that I may be able to make a chargeback through my card issuer as another option and may take this course of action first.
    Should I need to take further action to recover this money then I will of course be contacting 1st choice spares to inform them of this and asking that they have no further dealings with your company.
    There can be no dispute of the facts of this case, as it states on your telephone system that all calls are recorded. I suggest that you listen to the recording.
    I await your response and my refund forthwith.

  • Dishonest and absolute time wasters. The web reviews say it all really, unfortunately I only read them after making an order. I had initially ordered parts from this company for next day delivery. Half of the order turned up after 5 days, the rest of the order never even turned up. Asked for refund after a month and never got one. After 2 months, at least 15 emails and several phone calls, I had to resort to calling Visa to sort out the refund for me.
    It amazes me a how anyone would want to run such a sham of a company? I dealt with two guys an Alex Paredes and an Ashley D, they go under the name of RS Automotive (Essex), 247spares.co.uk and carparts365
  • ive used 247spares about 10times not had a problem with them... they seem to be a broker for all types of places around the uk. a few parts i orderd came from a bmw specialist others came from a breakers yard... i think people are a lil thick if they think they get there car insurance from go compare - same logic. :money:
  • I've used 247 spares once, but I just recalled that the breakers phoned me, on the mobile number I provided on the enquiry form. The part came and was reasonable.

    However, I just used them again and got a quote at just after 10pm on Friday night, it doesn't seem very likely to me that this is genuine, something is amiss here. I have found the old quote for the part I received, and that wanted me to phone an 07034 number just to get the quote details. Same story this time, I supplier apparently provided a quote to fulfil my enquiry at just after 10pm and I need to phone an 07034 number just to find out who they are.

    Seems the very least 247 is guilty of is making you phone a number that appears as a harmless mobile to find out who is wanting to sell you a particular part.

    I would advise parts gateway as an alternative, I have used them numerous times and have always been very pleased, they are a middleman for other suppliers and breakers but don't require you to phone a premium rate number just to obtain the contact details of the potential seller.

    I only used 247 as I forgot about parts gateway.
  • I have a similar issue with 247 spares. They sent me a quote for an engine from a company called K M Automotive (UK) Ltd. I paid them in full as requested and no engine. Have been chasing them daily but they dont even pick up their phone. Went to register a complaint with 247 on their website but asks for a reference no which they did not supply in ther original quote. Rang 247's premium line where they kept me waiting for an hour after which they cut me off. This company is a rip off - BE WARNED - do not deal with 247 spares as you cannot get hold of anyone, there is no email or contact infrmation on their website - which reputable company does not provide a means to complain.

    Also do not ever deal with KM Automotive (UK) Ltd. Have a look at their reviews on yell.com to see the horror stories. just search google for "KM Automotive and yell" They are a rip off and will take yor money and not deliver the goods. You can email me on [EMAIL="jsxxxxjs@aol.com"][email protected][/EMAIL] to find out more
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    No need to post this 3 times.
    Also beware of contacting anonymous people and giving them any details...
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