Real-life MMD: Who should pay the parking fine?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Who should pay the parking fine?

[FONT=&quot]I am 25 and live with my mum. She recently had builders in who helped themselves to all her biscuits and milk. While driving to work between jobs, she asked me to stop off at the shop as she didn't want to leave the builders alone. It was a major inconvenience, as I didn't have much time, but as she's my mum, I drove off to get them. I've stopped off there many times without trouble, but I've now been fined up to £110 (halved if I pay within 21 days) for parking in a loading bay. I wouldn't have needed to stop off at all if I wasn't doing a favour for my mum. She's financially comfortable, but I'm working three jobs just to keep my finances in check. Should I ask her to pay for it?[/FONT]

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  • Beki88Beki88 Forumite
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    Sorry to sound harsh but...No way! You were the driver you made a conscious decision knowing full well where you were parking. Just because she asked you to get the biscuits does not mean it was her fault you parked where you did.
    Take the hit and learn to be more careful where you park next time!

    Everything will be ok in the end, and if it isn't ok then it isn't the end :)
  • Sorry but you picked where to park so its your own fault and should pay the fine, if there was no where suitable to park then you should have let your mum know you were unable to do it.
    Also as you were on your way to work, could it not have waited until you finished work and had more time?
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  • lvmlvm Forumite
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    Are you kidding?

    If you were running late and ended up speeding to get the bickies would you also ask your Mum to take the points if caught?

    You chose to break the rules - pay up and move on!
  • You parked illegally

    Your fine!

  • It is not your mother's fault that you were stupid enough to park in the wrong place! Man up and pay your own fines.
  • You've "stopped off there many times without trouble".

    Yet, still, you were "parking in a loading bay".

    It's no one's fault but your own that you habitually park in a loading bay. And finally got caught out and fined.

    All the rest - builders, biscuits, milk and poor-wee-me -is just an attempt at misdirection.

    Pay the fine. Stop trying to put the blame on someone else.
  • flossy_splodgeflossy_splodge Forumite
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    Sorry but your error, your fine.
    Did your Mum ask you to break the law to do her a favour?
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  • (If the ticket you've received is from a private company or a private parking management company they've no right to fine you - just ignore the demand. However, for the purposes of this dilemma let's assume you've parked in a place run by your local authority, which would mean you are liable and have to pay.)

    It's irrelevant how old you are, how many jobs you have, whether your mum can afford to pay or if you were pushed for time. You parked somewhere you should not have, and you were caught. Trying to weasel out of paying a fine you've incurred yourself, and arguing that your mum should take responsibility does sound like you've still got some growing up to do. At what age do you believe you become responsible for your actions? Pay up and grow up.
  • bouncydog1bouncydog1 Forumite
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    This surely has to be a wind up! You're old enough to take on the responsibility of driving so your old enough to take responsibility for where you park!

    And if you're working three jobs then you need to consider whether you can really afford the car.

    Stop whinging and pay up.
  • VoucherManVoucherMan Forumite
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    I'd refuse to pay. After all you were only parked there to load your car (albeit with biscuits:D)
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