Great ‘what to buy on a day trip to France’ Hunt



  • That thread really makes me laugh...As a French national, I wonder why I live in England then! ;)

    I always bring back some biscuits when I go to see my family (Bfrom Britany, South of France....). brioches....

    I miss good "fromage"

    PS: I find that usually the Dvds I like are cheaper here than in France!
  • josie
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    An obvious one, really, so, sorry for putting it on, but French Brie is gorgeous and about half the price it is here. Why does even the branded French stuff over here, taste nowhere near half as good as it does over there?

    We're a bit far north for day trips, but having just bought an apartment in the Alps, we're anticipating lots of week long trips at a time, summer and winter :j
  • sprob
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    On the way back from France in October last year I had about 3 Hours to kill so I thought stock up with even more wine, went to Cite D'Europe - bad mistake they are not cheap so I jumped in the car and went to a little village about 8 miles away and shopped for it like the french shop, OK not that great a variety but all good stuff and at least 25% cheaper, I think the locals thought I was mad with a full trolley of wine
  • Cassoulet
    Fruit tarts
    oh yes - and Cassoulet
    and beer d'Alsace
    and Cassoulet.
    And I get some Cassoulet as well.
  • MinaB
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    Does anyone know if prescription glasses are any cheaper in France? I need to get some new ones and am going on holiday to France in a few weeks and wondered if it's worth waiting 'til I go. Even if they're not cheaper, perhaps I might be able to get something a bit different!
  • eidman
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    Roche Mazet Cabernet Sauvignon - found it in Carrefour at less than £1.40 per bottle (hidden away well mind), so cleared it from the shelves. Full bodied Red with Vanilla tones.
  • Not only do I buy in France but I also make the 45 minute trip up the motorway to Belgium.

    In Belgium I buy . . .
    Senseo coffee pads - Cheaper and bigger selection of flavours in Belgium(cheaper still in Holland!)
    Bread Flour for the bread machine
    Belgian beer - keep the bottles to return next trip - there's a 10c deposit on each so next time you only pay for the beer - not the bottle!
    French Biere de Garde - Flanders Ale
    Meli Honey cake - low in fat! light on pocket!
    Belgian chocs - Cote d'Or
    Diesel for the car (cheaper than France)
    Trappist cheese / Pate
    Items for the home - candles, xmas decorations, glassware etc

    In France I'll buy
    French wine
    Senseo coffee pads (if I can't get to Belgium)
    Some garden furniture
    NZ wine in Tesco (Carrefour's 'Foreign Wine' section is fairly small - priority is given to French wine as you'd expect!)

    The attraction is not only the lower prices but the diversity of goods available - trying something different is fun!. When we go we usually make a day of it - do the tourist bit, visit some of the beautiful Flanders countryside, have lunch etc. The money saving is more of an added bonus to a day out than the main reason for going.

    The difference in wine prices between the UK and France has narrowed over the past few years and with a careful eye on the special offers in supermarkets / wine warehouses in the UK you may find some wines a similar price here. (You don't get the day out though!)
  • Log on to the Wine & Beer World site, owned by Majestic. Find their current special offers [ Champagne you've actually heard of can be on a great deal!]
    Then e mail, fax, phone or order on line. Spend £300 and get an extra £30 off or a free ferry crossing. Your order will be waiting on a trolley & you can be in and out in minutes [more time hor lunch]. They don't stock the whole Majestic range, but will have several wines recommended in the weekend papers. THIS IS IMPORTANT You pay on collection.Everything is priced in stirling and euros. The best deal is to pay in Stirling, cash or cheque. Credit card payments are processed at the euro price which is always a little more expensive. Enjoy!!
  • harryhound
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    You can do this circuit clockwise or anticlockwise:

    A place to go for a walk round and a coffee - bit of a tourist trap but not many Brits:

    then put cassel in the search box.


    Somewhere for lunch and a drink, especially if you are a beer lover.
    (Beware the steps on the way to the WC - the missing handrails would never be legal in the uk)

    (Possibly somewhere to stay, though I cannot speak for the travel site and recommendations).


    Dunkerque is a French alternative to Calais, not posh like Boulogne but probably offering keener prices, with a huge Auchan with attendant DIY stores etc etc .

    (I cannot speak for the ferry travel site's recommendations)

    Finally a chance to smoke yourself to death; as well as tobacco supermarkets there is a normal local supermarket at the far end of Adinkerke high street on the left. Get there by turning off towards Bray-Dunes at J36 and turn right onto the old N1 road; or turn left and left again, at the first junction on the motorway inside Belgium, thinking like a lorry driver. (They will sell you chocolates as well!)
    (Note the comment about duty in the mother of parliaments - no wonder there is a move to stop the freedom of information applying to the Palace of Westminster:mad: )


    PS If going further afield you could save more on anything taxed in Luxembourg;) - and the central park has a superb children's' playground; now why didn't we build one like that as a tribute to Princess Di ?
  • maryink
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    Hi - Does anyone know if they sell bio-degradable disposable nappies in the supermarkets in France & if so what is the price? I order Moltex Eko, which I think is a German brand, over the internet (Spirit of Nature site) for 9.15 GBP per 48s plus shipping. Can't find equivalent in the shops here - plenty of cheaper options but not bio-degradable/eco-friendly. You've convinced me I need to make a trip for some Le Creuset, some bathroom tiles & maybe a kitchen sink! It would be great to stock up on eco nappies while I'm over there. Many thanks.
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