Great ‘what to buy on a day trip to France’ Hunt



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    I have made my self a spreadsheet on which I put the Tesco prices (as that is where we shop) of things we buy and it converts them into euros. I phone the bank up and ask what their Euro rate is for that day just before we go and use that. With it printed out I can wonder round the shop easily comparing price and discovering more recently that things like washing powder are the same price as in the UK.
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    Camping equipment is much cheaper in France. I bought a table and chairs in Asda here a couple of years ago and found the identical one 1/3 cheaper in Carrefour! The supermarkets stock a great range in summer, and Decathlon is always worth having a look at for all things sporty.

    Hoping to go again this summer and stock up on the usuals (wine, jam, sausage, mustard, syrup ...)

    Bon app!
  • Tyres look out for special deals, they are so much cheaper for branded tyres, have them fitted while you wait.

    Interesting. I remember years ago noticing how cheap tyres (especially Michelin) were when Auchan at Boulogne had their own fast-fit outlet. When I actually needed some tyres about 18 months ago I went back there but found they were slightly dearer than UK prices (and that Michelin tyres are now made in Hungary or somewhere thereabouts!)

    Perhaps I was looking in the wrong place!
  • Hi,
    Can someone tell me if a LCD television is cheaper in France and more importantly do they work over here? If so, where do you go to get one?!! They seem to be a terrible price over here and we are on a very limited income and need a new tv, so thought we would go for a modern one instead of one of the very bid chunky types. Cheers, Eileen.
  • I saw this thread and it intrueged me...Started looking at the day-tripper website...

    I've known about people going over to France to shop but thought it was really only worth it on buying booze and i neither drink nor smoke soo thought it wasnt really for me...Today though...*smiles* seems like i found that it might actually be cheaper taking a car over for the day and stocking up on normal food items such as tins,juice and other bits and pieces...

    But i'm just wondering...How much is the saving really on just your normal everyday bits and pieces...
    and how much would i have to stock up on for it to be worth while?
    How much will fit into a "standard" hatchback?
    How much time do u usually spend in France?Do u just go straight from the ferry to the hypermarket and back to the ferry...or do u look around?

    Which HyperMarkets are good for food shopping?

    btw...You'll have to excuse my slightly overexcited way of asking quite a lot of questions in one go...
    It's just that the prospect of saving money by shopping abroad is well *thumbs UP*...and i dont really travel to france (by "dont really" i mean i
    so i just wanna knw whats what...

    Thanks everyone

    ---Loving this forum---
  • I'm a French mustard fanatic and cannot live without a huge jar of Amora mustard - really cheap and last for ages! Nothing nearly as good here....and Bonne Maman jams - superb.
  • We buy most of the above, but I also find that tinned chopped tomatoes are outrageously cheap, six or nine packs of fruit juice mini cartons are good as is Nivea!

    You can pre-order from Sainsbury's if you know what you want and I now also have a (free) Auchan loyalty card.

  • If you want a new splash pool or bigger now is the time to buy as they are being put on display, providing you have a car to get it back , from the likes of Brico marche,Carrefour or the like. Parts and equipment for same are much cheaper here than in the UK. i.e an 18ft X 10 ft above ground pool with supports and ladder for approx 250GBP + pump and filter. Visite la belle France !!
  • Lcd Tv working in the Uk, sorry but no different set up. Likewise British Tv 's working in France, Can be made to work, but after all the hassle cheaper and quicker to buy a French model.
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    Hi all,
    we live in the north of England & really love France.
    We think that it should be our turn to live nearer:rotfl:
    Anyway a month ago did a 24 hour - which equates to a cheap fery crossing & only satyed in Calais over night.

    Calais is not our choice as a 'resort' but just yesterday settled the cc bill for the trip.

    had a wonderfull 6 course meal for 2 including wine (quite a bit) fillet steak, scallops, pate de fois etc and it only came to £52.00.

    As I have posted before look at auchan .com sigen up for loyalty card and cash it back before you come home.
    Supermarket filling stations are usually cheaper than at home.
    They beven give you a token for the trolley at Auchan.

    But as any MSE would do - do your home work - compare prices and print off discount vouchers from the websites before you go.
    We clicked into Auchan on our last visit & ended up with very nice Merlaot tht cost us less than 80p per bottle.
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