Great ‘what to buy on a day trip to France’ Hunt



  • Toothbrushes and toiletries from the Carrefour at Cite Europe in Calais. Can't remember how much cheaper, but 'Big Brand' toothbrushes are significantly cheaper - I think it works out at around £1 for a pack of 3 or something like that.
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    My folks always stock up on coffee while they're over there, so I guess it's cheaper...might be wrong though :)
  • skr80
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    So in comparison, is there a 'whats more expensive in France / Europe compared to GB' - not much I suspect....
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    One for the Old-Stylers here. 1 litre bottles of distilled vinegar are €0.11 (approx 8p), I believe, in CarreFour - will be looking to see if they are the same in Auchan next week. The bottles are like meths bottles - ribbed clear plastic - and the (green) caps don't go back on so you will need either to use a whole bottle or to decant it.

    Haven't eaten there in years but in Flunches (at Auchan in Calais and Cite d'Europe - a self-serve cafe) you used to be able to go back for veg as often as you liked. We generally look for small French restaurants now, but it might be good if you have kids or can't get too far out of town.

  • wyse_2
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    Mustard is cheaper by a massive margin, tastes better than our firey English stuff, and comes in a glass that you can use as a real glass once you've finished! A genius idea that they've been doing for years - talk about recycling!

    They know their desserts over there so picking up some chestnut mousse and chocolate and pear flavour cream is a must. As are the tins of pistachio cream dessert. Yum!

    Little cheesy delights called Apericubes are also a treat. I've begged the company that produces them to release them in the UK but they told me "never" as the UK doesn't have a culture of 'aperitif'. We miss out on so much in the way of interesting snacks.

    Ice cream is about half the price - shame we can't stock up on that when we go over!

    As mentioned by others, merguez sausages are amazing - the unofficial French dish must be 'merguez frites' in the same way as ours is chicken tikka massala! Other cooked meats are slightly cheaper. And it's worth staring in wonder at the uncooked meats on offer - particular the 'meat for animals' that looks as good as any premium chopped steak on offer from a supermarket here!

    Worth stocking up on those lovely fruit syrups like grenadine that do in place of squash for a nice cold drink. Cheaper, vastly superior and with half the additives and e numbers!

    Look at the fruit and veg and see how far they've come (from France, usually, with stuff driven in from Germany and Spain compared to Sainsburys flown in selection of New Zealand, South American and South African stuff). Food miles ahead! The French supermarket is indeed a place of wonder...
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    It is cheaper for the lower range wines and spirits in general, but if you are a wine lover and like to buy expensive wines, they are not cheaper in France, I bought some bottles of expensive wine (about £20 £30 each) and then I found the same ones cheaper online...

    On a wine course I attended to a few months ago, we were told good wines were cheaper at the wine merchant shops than at the large supermarkets.

    Meat is also slightly cheaper in France.

    And going to the hairdresser!! Getting your hair highlighted in the UK is about £100, in France £40....
  • barginunter
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    lolaborro wrote: »
    And going to the hairdresser!! Getting your hair highlighted in the UK is about £100, in France £40....

    £100 for highlights - where do you live? Chelsea?
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    3 pack of kinder eggs. haha. Ive been going over to france a couple of times a year and if i dont buy a 3 pack of kinder egg then the day is doomed!

    really, all you need to take is a mini converter with you and you should know whats a good offer and whats not.
  • I know not the reason but buying a packet of cigs or hand rolling tobacco at the bar on Brittany Ferries is sold "duty free" i.e. Golden Virginia 50g pack £ the shop an outer of ten of these costs £46! The trick is to make several visits during the crossing (bar staff have frequent breaks) and provided you buy one at a time you're laughing.

    Cheap, good quality wine...comes from Majestic's French outlet,"Beer and Wine Company" both in Calais and Cherbourg. Pre-ordering £300 means your order is waiting for you AND you get £30 "cashback" making the day-trip reltively cheap, especially if used in conjunction with newspaper vouchers.
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    Carrefour 72% (or was is 68%?) chocolate, 40c a bar!!!!
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