Great ‘what to buy on a day trip to France’ Hunt



  • joshtbh
    joshtbh Posts: 1,410 Forumite
    whats the cheapest way to get a car across the sea at the moment please money savers?
  • carefulspender_2
    Go by Speedferries Josh-we are going next week. 9am ferry Dover to Boulogne cost us £28 for up to 5 people and the car.
    Back 22 May-cost us £18 but it is the 9pm ferry. So we are doing a return trip for just £46 which beats all the other options including Eurotunnel. Takes 50 mins. It is worth checking different times/dates on the Speedferries site to get the best price.
  • adrianjuk_2
    On my last shopping spree in France i managed to break a tooth, i'll use a corkscrew next time! So a visit to the local dentist was made. He repaired my tooth, took a couple of xrays and advised me 3 other fillings needed work, which i knew about anyway, so went back the next day, had all the work done for a grand total of £110 :j Not exactly shopping, more a service but worth bearing in mind if you need some work done and you're planning a trip. Could save you a tidy sum!!
  • msianb
    msianb Posts: 21 Forumite
    Stationery, especially Waterman pens - it's French-owned now and a fraction of the cost over there for pens and refills.

    Not really a "what to buy" - more a "how to buy" question - does anyone know if there are any UK credit cards which work in the French 24h petrol pumps?
  • Ezmondino
    Ezmondino Posts: 404 Forumite
    If you like whole smoked chickens get them from a Lidl or Aldi, they are half the price per kilo (2.99 euro/kg) than the hypermarkets (around 6 Euro/kg) and just as good.
  • Ezmondino
    Ezmondino Posts: 404 Forumite
    Oh, there is one thing which is always much more expensive in France. Dog treats. Especially those coloured ones that look like they have been made out of oats. Here you can get 100 of these things £1-£2, In france they will be £5-£8!!!!! What a waste of money! Dogs must be starved of treats there!
  • siadwel
    siadwel Posts: 12 Forumite
    If you're going to buy one thing only in France it must be Desperado beer. It's twice the price of stella ( 3 euros/litre ) but this tequilla-added beer which has a slight citrus taste is sublime. Ground coffee, Benedicta mayo ( esp. lemon ) lindt chocolate among others, biscuits, beer, wine ( esp. non-french ) garden stuff (furniture, toys, camping etc ). Desserts - creme brulee, ile de flotante, creme caramel ALL fruit and veg except bananas and oranges , usually french and top quality, ever wondered why we don't see it over here ? cheese, clothes, diesel fuel , car oil and windscreen wash etc.
    If you lunch in a supermarket, casino cafes are good, chefs come out between noon and 1.30pm to cook some things fresh, loads of choice and you'll see local tradesmen and business people lunching there which is always a good sign. Burgers for the kids ? ask for it to be done " bee-en cou-ee " which basically means the meat will not be red. Our children prefer these places to certain burger chains, mind you they don't have a choice. We take walkie - talkies with us so we can go to our own ways in there, some of these places are HUGE. And finally, visit a patisserie and treat yourself to a cake , not cheap but hey, think of the money that you've already saved
  • C_Ronaldo
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    I think what i was going to say has been said, the wine, any spirits if its cheap, foil, washing powder, stationary, some of the hypermarkets have a 1 euro section and the stuff may be only 1 euro but its good stuff, i have also seen in another hypermarket a huge tent in the car park with like special offers on non food products and in big quantities things like washing powder, toilet rolls, 18 bottles of red wine for like 18 euros or so, beers,
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  • georgy-girl
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    I use to go over to Calais on a regular basis with my brother and his friends but for cigarettes and alcohol we use to find it cheaper to drive for an extra half hour over the Belgian border and visit Adinkerke, there is a tiny street where we could buy these, chocolate, gnomes and a certain kind of shop I was able to buy some lovely underwear, some of the other things in the shop i'm not sure if it still illegal to bring in to Britain, we use to have time also to pop into some of the Calais hypermarkets too like 'Carrefour'.

    On one trip we got stopped by customs and they checked our bags and it was after i'd been on a shopping spree in one of those other types of shops in Adinkerke and the male customs officers seem to delight in waving my lacy thongs around. My brothers mates were just creased up at the joy of seeing my knickers and poor little me just wanted to curl up and die.
  • Dazzieboo
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    Loo Roll !!!

    I could not believe how cheap it was. I got 4 packs each containing 8 rolls for just £2.50, the rolls are a little smaller, but the ones we went for were scented (Pine, Citrus, Apple and sea breeze) and the quality similar to Andrex, the scent was not too over powering.

    I am also a Mont Blanc fan, so will have to stock up on the way back from holiday in a month, I have never tried anything similar in this country.

    I am going again to France at the end of the month, but sailing out via Newhaven / Dieppe and coming back Calais / Dover, so will leave all my goodies for my return, I will also be making the trip into Belgium, maybe I look in the wrong places, but I never seem to be able to find large cartons of cigarettes in France.
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