Great ‘what to buy on a day trip to France’ Hunt



  • sooz
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    cafes and restaurants will be open. and bakeries/cake shops early in the morning. other than that everything will be shut.

    take the car and go to the beach or for a drive to bolougne
  • janetmw
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    Does anyone know the best 'places' to buy Le Creuset cookware in France. I have looked in hypermarkets (mainly Auchan), but the brand does not seem to be available. We will be in the Dieppe/Rouen area.

    Many thanks

  • bod99
    I use tesco vouchers to pay for a chunnel crossing. It cost me £49 for my day trip tomorrow leaving at 11.20 and coming back after 10pm. Late and early crossings are cheaper. I've paid £10 of tesco vouchers and £9 real pounds to get across. Bargain. Will go to Tescos while I'm there and earn more points for next year's trip. They DO give you points over there. And I'll pay on my tesco credit card for extra ones! Will buy booze and brie. And chocolate. mmmmmmm.
  • knightstyle
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    Most people go to France to buy booze etc. but we also bring back a bottle of "Eau Eclarte"!
    This is a cheap cleaning fluid that is great for getting sticky stuff off furniture, carpets etc.
    My mother-in-law uses it to get labels off jamjars.
    Happy bargain hunting.
  • knightstyle
    knightstyle Posts: 7,009 Forumite
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    The other thing we get is tins of "confit de canard" each tin has 4 or 5 cooked duck thighs. Just take of the fat, use it for roast spuds, put them in the oven on a rack to cook. Leave them till crispy for Peking duck.
  • Afitos
    Afitos Posts: 503 Forumite
    Hi, We bought 2 whole Bries last year in Auchan off their cheese counter. They sell 'Brie de Meaux' (hope that's the spelling!) It is the same as Tesco Finest Brie de Meaux and is lovely if you like Brie with more flavour. It doesn't matter about the date either, ours was about 2 weeks out of date by New Year and stunk the fridge out but was lovely and runny!! (not that my OH would agree!)

    And Ajax multipurpose cleaner with bicarb is great too!

  • biscuit
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    Another thing worth getting is push-soap refills. For some reason, you can't buy these in the UK, but in France, you can get these 'sausages' full of Palmolive for under a Euro - you cut off the end and feed it into your empty soap dispenser - much cheaper than having to buy a new bottle (and possibly mechanism) in Tesco each time...

    I've got a photo to show how it works:
  • Victors_Bruvver
    pokem02 wrote: »
    1. You can now pay on credit card (not amex) in sterling. So before you go, work out a fair EURO to STERLING exchange rate (I know it round the other way - sterling to Euro - so was caught on the hop by this one, as this is how the shop quotes the exchange rate!).
    It is worth pointing out that this Dynamic Currency Conversion or DCC for short and is just another way of grabbing a few more pounds from you. The rate is set by the merchant and not your bank and will not be a true representation of the days exchange rate.
    I strongly recommend that you read the MSE article on spending abroad and, if possible, get yourself a Nationwide account who do not charge for using the debit card abroad and give a very fair rate.
  • The best buy for me has got to be the Foie Gras. :j Easily bought in tins or from the chiller. About half the price of that you can get in the UK and all the supermarkets stock it whereas in the uk it is hard to get hold of (and getting harder still).:mad:
  • shamicbur
    Does anyone know of any cheap accomodation for a family of four - Prefereably in an accessible area of Paris?
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