Great ‘what to buy on a day trip to France’ Hunt



  • glamourpug

    this article gives good little shops in boulogne and a breakdown of how much was saved - might be useful...
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  • davetrousers
    The best buy for me has got to be the Foie Gras. :j Easily bought in tins or from the chiller. About half the price of that you can get in the UK and all the supermarkets stock it whereas in the uk it is hard to get hold of (and getting harder still).:mad:

    I don't like they way Foie Gras is produced. Geese being force fed is a pretty grim practice.

  • calculus_2
    beer, wine and those delicious little pastries
  • champys
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    tinned crab, olive oil and coffee
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  • smartiepants
    Interesting. I remember years ago noticing how cheap tyres (especially Michelin) were when Auchan at Boulogne had their own fast-fit outlet. When I actually needed some tyres about 18 months ago I went back there but found they were slightly dearer than UK prices (and that Michelin tyres are now made in Hungary or somewhere thereabouts!)

    Perhaps I was looking in the wrong place!

    I did say look out for the special deals!!! At the moment Firestone BOGOF in SW France, and with that particular special deal they work out much cheaper.
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  • cwp500
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    taxiphil wrote: »
    Pure orange juice (the long life stuff in 1 litre cartons) is currently 0.42 Euros in all the major French supermarkets - that's about 30p give or take a penny, which is half the 59p currently being charged for the budget 'cheapo' ones in UK supermarkets. This is because Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons are operating a price-fixing cartel on orange juice in the UK (you may recall that it used to be 30p-ish a couple of years ago until the big 4 all suddenly doubled the price overnight without any explanation)..

    Thanks for clarifying a mystery. I used to buy LOADs of OJ when it was about 35p per carton but stopped when they hiked the price to 60p ish.

    Why do they get away with it? Dont any of the budget supermarkets realise that there is a market waiting to be filled here?
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  • Blagalot
    Blagalot Posts: 139 Forumite
    Orange Juice prices went up mainly due to forces of nature.
    Florida was badly hit by the last hurricane season, frost ravaged the crops in South America and flooding in South Africa cut yields there too.
    Doubt they'll go down to old levels if this year's yields are good.
  • itsnever2lateisit?
    shamicbur wrote: »
    Does anyone know of any cheap accomodation for a family of four - Prefereably in an accessible area of Paris?
    If your familly of four incudes 2 children under 16, then you can get a room for all of you in Novotels for about €100. We stayed near disney resort earlier in year and it included breakfast aswell (promotion) but stardard included breakfast for the children
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  • itsnever2lateisit?
    Converted a room which has plasterboard into a shower room, so needed an acrylic back to avoid water 'bursting' the plasterboard. Bought a shower unit from Brico in St Martins which included the back, tray,glass, the waste, and the shower head/mixer tap with jet thingys coming out the side for €299. Cheapest I could find in the UK at the time was from Grahams at £699.

    Leroy Merlin will deliver to kent/sussex/south london for a fee.

    Also the plastic baking trays that can be used in the oven, and are easy to turn the cake out of are in Auchan for €6.99 as opposed to £9.99 in the UK.

    Leader Price are now in Calais, you wont find much alcohol there (there is some) but for general household shopping is cheaper than anyone else

    The cast Iron pans in Auchan while not Le Crueset are made by them, I think. Look in the boxes of 5 pans with the 'free' wooden rack and you will see the Le Crueset 'blurb'

    Three weeks ago they were selling Mopeds @ €599, how do they do that? In the UK you still have to turn the pedals for that money.

    The other thing I bring back regularly is Soup de Poisson, 1 litre cartons are about €3, we add potatoes, green beans, and either channel whiting or haddock to make a delicious fish stew

    For crossing the channel look out for speedferries offers of 10 tickets for £190 (off peak) or £240 anytime
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  • camaj
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    !!!!!! wrote: »
    Try "Lustucru" spaghetti - it's hollow and cooks in next to no time.

    I don't know if it's the same thing but I saw hollow spaghetti in Sainsbury's not too long ago, it was one of their own brand pastas. I can't remember the name, it wasn't "hollow spaghetti" and I don't think it was "Lustucru" which may be a brand name.

    Hope that helps
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