Real-life MMD: Should student daughter contribute?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Should student daughter contribute?

My 18-year old daughter's just started at uni and lives at home. She gets £60/wk grant and has a part-time job on about £50/wk. I've asked for £20/wk maintenance, since I've lost my child tax credit and am a single parent. She's refusing as she believes HER grant's for her to spend on what she likes. I don't want to kick her out, but how else can I make ends meet and teach her money's value?
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  • Absolutley she should pay rent! She should think herself lucky she is able to stay at home as its much cheaper than lodgings! Why don't you charge her £30 a week and put £10 a week into a savings account for her so she will have some money when she finishes University? You don't have to tell her you are doing it!
  • Tell her rent IS £20 per week, and she WILL pay it, or she WILL get kicked out.

    And that if she gets kicked out, and wants to return, it's £30.
  • Surely what she likes is having a roof over her head and food in her belly?
    If you haven't got it - please don't flaunt it. TIA.
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    She can move into University halls - minimum £80 per week plus food and washing costs!
    I gave my Mum £100 a month when I was in Uni (and actually when I was in sixth form and had three jobs too!)
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    Tell her she has to pay £20 a week or she will leave at the end of the week.

    And follow it through, this is important.

    I like the idea about raising it to £30 if she doesnt comply.
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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    Of course she should pay! It would cost her a lot more if she had to live in Halls or share digs with friends.

    Perhaps you could claim back the £20 in other ways eg taking the modem up with you when you go to bed to 'save electricity' .....
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    Of course she should. Don't make her any meals, stop giving her a lift to places in your car (if you own one) and stop doing her washing and ironing. Maybe there's some other things you can think of too, I'm sure she'll soon give in
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    That used to be the case :mad:
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    Yes, it is for her to choose to spend her money on what she likes, and one of the first things she'll need is somewhere to live. I'd jump at the chance to get a good home for £20/week.

    The choice shouldn't be live at live at home for £20/wk vs home free, it should be £20/wk vs alternative accommoation.
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  • OMG - what an ungrateful brat! Yes of course she should pay. I would cut off the phone line and suddenly be out of the house all the time so you're not there for her hysterics when she has to do her own chores...
    Student loan no more ;) paid off
  • Damn right she should pay. If she were living in hall or shared digs it could cost a lot more than £20 a week.
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