MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Rachel return the dress after wearing it?

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  • I'm astounded that people think it's OK to take it back. This is simply dishonest and can't be made to seem anything else.

    I was involved with a play recently and the stage manager bought some wrought iron fencing and used it on the set, then took it back the next week. *Slightly* more acceptable because it wasn't subject to sweaty armpits, but still wrong in my opinion.

    Surely money saving is about using money wisely, not about cheating people ?
  • People who return used items are gross & disgusting!! What you are doing is no better than THEFT!! The shop does not 'lend' items out - it SELLS them! If you want to take an item back after one wear - the use a HIRE shop!!
    I used to work in a shop that didn't really quibble about returns, but we ALWAYS checked items, & if they had been worn they got returned to HQ, NOT put back on the shop floor. The cost of these returned items must be passed on to consumers, therefore people who do this are stealing from me & you! - the consumers!! We also refused to serve poeple who were recognised as serial think about that before you do it again!!

    Bottom line - WRONG WRONG WRONG!!
    If you buy it & wear it , then you are morally obliged to either keep it, or sell it on. Returning it is NOT an option!!

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    Has she got any principals??
  • aye - tak back - it only cost a tenner to make probably - £190 into shop profit. :T
  • . No
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    I'd try and return it. Might as well give it ago?
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    Of course she should not return it.
    Ewww how gross (and dishonest) is that?
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    Returning a dress that's been worn is the behaviour of cheats and frauds. Rachel should stop and think - will her OH now doubt her integrity in other areas and consider that she's capable of cheating and defrauding him?
    Rachel should use this as a lightbulb moment, and stop spending money she hasn't got.
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
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    No. It's morally unacceptable to return it to the shop.
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  • In all the other dilemmaa, the situation has been grey - should a friend lend money, should a parent use their child's money etc.

    However here it is a simple case of balck and white; if Rachel has worn the dress then she shouldn't even consider taking it back. regardless of how much she can't afford it (btw who the dickens would buy a dress because it would match the decor? Obviously a question written by a man!!!!)
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