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MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Rachel return the dress after wearing it?



  • Lindsaye_2
    Lindsaye_2 Posts: 71 Forumite
    No way, I know this happens but I don't agree with it, nor would I do it.

    I am suprised at myself on this one, I have a strong opinion where I am normally laid back.

    I use return policy's for their correct uses, and people abusing them spoils it for the rest of us.

    Ebay it was my intial thought, she would probably get up to a £100 and happy that her dream dress was a good buy.

    Why have this situation as the memory of your dream dress. I bought my wedding dress (Monsoon RRP £180) off ebay new for £40, she should have looked harder too.
  • the_Otter
    the_Otter Posts: 6 Forumite
    A slightly different spin to put on this - what if the dress she bought originally had been bought (and subsequently returned) by somebody else in the same manner, and the shop had put it back out for sale? Would you have noticed that it was pre-worn? It's amazing what a quick spray of febreze and starch can do....

    If this was the case, Rachel could quite happily go back to the shop, return the dress, kicking up a right fuss, and stating that 'the dress has clearly been worn before', and get a full refund with a clear conscience!!

    Not that i'm advocating this kind of sneakiness, of course.
  • Kirst_2
    twirlypen wrote: »
    If the dress is still in perfect condition then yes return it. I have done it before with a pair of jeans and a shawl that I bought for a wedding. Both items were returned as new and could be sold again.

    it is ironic that she should state returned as new, because it's exactly not that it is now second-hand and not in the condition when first sold. :naughty:

    let's use a more expensive analogy. twirlypen goes and purchases a brand new car worth £10,000. Only to find that the seats smell and that it has been taken on a joy ride by someone who returned it ' as new and ready to be sold again'. How would you feel about purchasing an almost new item then? :eek:

    don't buy what you cannot purchase!

  • p27
    p27 Posts: 12 Forumite
    How would she have felt if she knew her dream dress had been worn by some one before her, I dont know how people get away with it sometimes Ive seen things in shops which have so obviously been worn then brought back and put back in stock. I heard of someone who bought all her bridesmaids outfits including shoes from Next catalogue then returned them 2 days after the wedding for a full refund.!!
  • Lorac
    Lorac Posts: 5 Forumite
    What happened to good old honesty!!!! What ever will there be left for our children if we carry on with lying and cheating in this greedy sad old world.

    I feel sorry for those who would have taken it back.

    My husband has a saying. "To many people to few resources" This applies to most things.

    All the best.

  • RRatchet
    RRatchet Posts: 61 Forumite
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    I'm assuming that it's a wedding dress we're all in a of a tiz about seen as reception is metioned in Martins original post, not that it really matters what the dress was for. I know some people think £200 for a wedding dress is a lot of money but really that would be a very cheap dress, Martin should have been a little more realistic with its cost. On second reading it looks like it was a dress for an engagement reception. I didn't realise that people still did that.

    Saying that, anything you cannot afford is too expensive.

    Of course it's morally wrong and fraudulent to return the used dress I don't think many would dispute that.

    Would I do it? Maybe? Depending on how much of a difference it would make to my financial situation / whether I had a particularly brass neck that day etc.

    Would I advise anyone else to do it? No? That would be upto them and their concience. If asked I would point out that it was wrong.
  • seven-day-weekend
    seven-day-weekend Posts: 36,755 Forumite
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    She should not have bought the dress in the first place if she couldn't afford it, but having done so, she certainly shouldn't take it back. She could maybe sell it.
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  • Muffcat
    Muffcat Posts: 18 Forumite
    Following in good old M & S footsteps, most stores nowadays are very accommodating in accepting returns - but they don't have to, just because you have changed your mind. People like Rachel who abuse the system make it more difficult for honest people - and why is she so sure the store won't know the dress has been worn? There are lots of tell-tale signs assistants would be able to see.
    There are easier and cheaper ways to find a special outfit, and being financially inept is hardly a good start to married life!
  • sandy_may
    sandy_may Posts: 19 Forumite
    There is no moral dilemma here. To return worn goods is utterly rancid and dishonest. Some poor unsuspecting customer may end up buying this for their special occasion....the hygiene implications are just vile.

    This actually happened to me. i bought a beautiful lace basque to wear for my wedding day & when i got it home & opened the box it had been worn! i thought i'd never get the smell of it out of my nostrils, it was really vile. i then had the hassle of taking it back & trying to explain to the shop assistant that it had been worn but not by me. thank god i did it on the same day that i'd bought it which perhaps strengthened my case but i was terrified that they wouldn't believe i hadn't worn it. it was really upsetting. if i hadn't opened the box until the next day, i would have had no chance of returning it.

    to those of you who would return the dress, consider this....would you like to pay to wear a strangers dirty clothes? no, i didn't think you would.
  • bobbyron
    bobbyron Posts: 18 Forumite
    ask yourself WOULD you pay £200 for a dress worn by someone else, not knowing weather that person was a carrier of some nasty visus !
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