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MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Rachel return the dress after wearing it?



  • Targanielle
    I'm amazed that so many people here would even think, never mind advocate, the returning of the dress after wearing it. Shame on you all!!

    If she wears it, she keeps it. Or sells it on eBay or whatever. She should NOT attempt to return it and ESPECIALLY not unpick a seam to try and make it more likely she gets away with it!!

    It's not money-saving to return the dress after wearing it for a 'do' - it's fraud. Whether she gets found out by the shop or not is irrelevant. How is it right to basically steal from them? Not to mention the next person who buys the dress in good faith.

    And would she have enjoyed wearing the dress quite so much on her special day if she knew that someone else had worn what she thought of as a new dress at a party before her? It's one thing to knowingly buy something second hand, quite another to do so unknowingly and pay full price for it.

    She should chalk it up to experience and remember it every time she sees something she wants to buy 'because it would be so perfect for that one event'.
  • No_Future
    No_Future Posts: 334 Forumite
    if you return goods, the store has to spend money getting it checked and either fixed or re-stocked.
    Um, what? They just retag it and chuck it back on the rails. They're not going to waste time or money doing that.
  • No_Future
    No_Future Posts: 334 Forumite
    vixarooni wrote: »
    She wouldnt get past me. I sniff things to see if they have been worn.

    And i work in lingerie :p

  • Bright_Eyes_3
    ABSOLUTELY NO!!!!!!!!!! There is no excuse for theft.

    How foolish anyway to want to 'blend in' with teh surroundings when she should
    a) want to stand out - she should be the star of the night
    b) Wear a colour that suits her and a style she will wear again.

    She should sell it on on ebay or dress agency and LEARN from her bad decision.

    I LOST big time on my first wedding dress - unworn (boohoo) but offered only 40% back on credit note - 7 years later shop had gone bust!
    2nd attempt (+25 yrs!) I had an outfit made that was adapted and worn many times.
  • weefatbob
    Rachel bought a dress "especially to match the colour of the reception room".

    Thats the most important thing.
    £200 is sooo worth it, so that you can align against those walls again, and look so good. Mm...mmmmm yeah.

    OR..start your wedding off with revealing your true identity to your partner as a secret scheming Martin's Money Saver! I've heard 'em called scaffs.
  • meritaten
    meritaten Posts: 24,158 Forumite
    I worked in a 'Ladies Dress Department' once upon a time. Thursdays and Fridays were busy days - and me and the Junior SA would take bets on who would return the dresses on Monday after wearing them Saturday night. As the Senior SA I would have to deal with 'returns'. You would not believe the state some of the garments were in! make up on the neckline, stinking of perfume (was the time of power perfumes and that smell lingered! stinking of cigarettes, cigarette burns (yes some of the customers did try to say that the burn was already on them), Stains, er - some very questionable, even the best of them had obviously been worn and NOT tried on! I hated Mondays - I spent the whole day being abused by women for NOT refunding their money! But, If I had taken them back and the manager would then assess them, if any were not re-saleable I would have had the refund taken out of MY wages! Its morally wrong to wear a dress then return it to the store for a refund if there is nothing wrong with it! I couldnt do it! If I wanted to wear a designer dress to one event - then I would hire one! Not try to get a freebie!
  • rebeccak
    rebeccak Posts: 138 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    hmm she spent £200 on something the company paid oh about £10 to have made n imported from a mass made foreign ( more than likely) slave house- yup id take the bloomin thing back too! the more times its sold thru the shop the more wages go to the poor people in the slave factories working 20hrs a day 7 days a week for a grain of rice- thanks uncle ben,

    How does passing off a second-hand dress as a new one result in higher wages for the workers?
  • rebeccak
    rebeccak Posts: 138 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    To those who say one wear doesn't make any difference, I know I'd definitely wash a dress before wearing it for another event (even more so if it was someone else's sweat on it!) and every wash affects the dress.

    If she wants to get her money back and doesn't think that people are bothered about whether clothes have been 'pre-worn' then she should sell it on ebay with an honest description "only worn once, in excellent condition".

    In reality, most people would only pay a lower figure for her "worn once" dress than they would for a new dress - because most people do value a new item and would pay extra for it. Therefore, by trying to pass a second-hand dress off as new she is deceiving other consumers. It's similar to people who turn the mileage back on cars when they sell them on - Yes, they may look the same, yes they may run okay but, if they paid the higher price based on the mileage on the clock then they have been deceived.
  • Mojisola
    Mojisola Posts: 35,559 Forumite
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    Broadie wrote: »
    Well, I think the dress shop probably gets a lot of this happening, so they'll be ready for it!! Like sniffing it for perfume, tell tale signs of sitting down in it etc. I'd go for an 'honest lie' !!!! Depends on how good you are at acting!! Take it back to the shop, in floods of tears, and say he jilted you. You were there, ready for the big ceremony, and he didn't turn up..... remember to take the ring off your finger!

    So now we're adding lying to the original fraud!
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