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Is anyone starting from scratch???

edited 21 December 2012 at 3:32PM in How much have you saved?
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  • Hi savingwannabe

    I have been looking at other jobs (to go alongside my current one) and cant find any at the moment however a member of staff has just left my department so hopefully I can take his hours on.
    May Overtime - £76.23
    June - £176.05 :D (so far)

    Long way to go!!
  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    dontdothatagain -ain't that the way with overtime!
    Until my hours increased with another regular day I relied on this when my colleague was off sick or on leave. Then it got to the point that I was not always asked to cover.
    Hope you can pick up those extra hours.

    Still building up the pot a little before I start tackling those bigger home jobs.
    Back on the trains again!

  • davenport - It appears to be the way! I have no been given 4 hours extra onto my contract (c. £29/week more!) so things should be improving over the summer. The financial results were good and it seems the staffing budgets have increased so maybe some overtime is on the cards!

    Good thing as I've just came back from a pretty expensive holiday! :(
    May Overtime - £76.23
    June - £176.05 :D (so far)

    Long way to go!!
  • blue_mangoblue_mango Forumite
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    Oh I am again, starting from scratch!!! :wall:

    Been out of work for over two months, haven't claimed any benefits therefore have completely used up my emergency fund... Starting my new job next week, only a part time role so will have to be good at budgeting in order to save! Will try to put a thousand aside as soon as possible and then £100 monthly.
  • oldtractoroldtractor Forumite
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    shows the need to have a savings pot blue mango.
  • Just been given some more hours for this month so hopefully next months wage will be decent. Also getting a bonus of £80 from work so July's pay is looking better than forecast! :j
    May Overtime - £76.23
    June - £176.05 :D (so far)

    Long way to go!!
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