Real life MMD: My ex paid for the hol, should I keep the refund?

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  • Are you serious? This money is NOT yours and should be immediately returned to the guy who paid the deposit.
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    These moral dilemmas are typically quite complex with upsides and downsides and moral obligations on both sides. This is not even close. I'm disappointed it's been published in the weekly email.

    Keeping the money is theft. Your situation being a single mother with 2 children and his situation earning £60k are irrelevant as is the point about how early in the relationship he purchased the holiday. He paid for it, therefore he should get the money back.

    However you choose to return the money (whether it be directly to the guy or to the holiday company with a covering letter) is your choice but the fact is that it's not your money!
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    Its called theft and didn't he have a lucky escape that you would even consider keeping it!
  • It doesn't matter how many kids you've got (and what's that to do with it anyway?), taking it would be stealing.
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    :eek: Noooo. how can he cancel it and you get the money?? There seems to be a dilemma there! If he can cancel it because he paid it the money should be in his name surely???
    You would have no right to it as you know you did not pay for it in the first place and fair enough if you were together and went, but you are not - its not your money by default...
  • This has got to be a Troll/Wind up question!

    Its not your Money and if you keep it makes you a thief. End of!

    This man showed you some kindness....and you want to repay him in this way - shame on you.

    Why do you not get a job and earn £1700 by your own toil. This would make you a caring compassionate person and a good role model for your children.
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  • Officially its your money, its got your name on it! So you would be doing nothing wrong.

    Morally its his money.

    If he cheated on you keep it! If he hit you keep it and brag about it!

    If you split on good terms sort it out and give it him back.
  • I'm confused as to why him having a well paid job and you being unemployed he deserves to loose nearly £2k?? Give the money back and be a decent human being.
  • I presume that as you do not work that you are reciving some sort of benefit. If that is the case then you need to declare the money if you kept it. Not worth it and anyway it belongs to someone else.

    let him sort it out!
  • NO NO NO it doesnt matter what pathetic lame excuse you use to justify the fact that you want the money theft is theft!!!
    Respect your Karma and do the right thing, this thread will still be here when your children grow up and start searching the web do you really want them to learn by your example.
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