Real life MMD: My ex paid for the hol, should I keep the refund?

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Money Moral Dilemma: My ex paid for the hol, should I keep the refund?

I went out with a man for 8 weeks. He got carried away and started booking outings and a holiday about three weeks in, costing him £1,700. We have broken up. On the holiday website he put me as the lead passenger, as his address was in a state of flux. Now he's cancelled it and the refund cheque's being sent and payable to me. He has a £60,000-a-year job and I'm unemployed with 2 young children, a situation he was aware of.

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  • ronrose
    ronrose Forumite Posts: 8
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    Absolutely not
  • snozberry
    snozberry Forumite Posts: 1,200 Forumite
    No, you must return the money.
  • whitewing
    whitewing Forumite Posts: 11,852
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    Send the cheque back to the holiday company with a covering letter, and then them sort it out with him.

    If you cash it, you will end up with a lot of hassle potentially and it won't be worth it.

    He is a twit though.
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  • haggisneepsandtatties
    haggisneepsandtatties Forumite Posts: 23 Forumite
    No! Absolutley not! Thats theft at the end of the day.
  • p.mckinlay
    p.mckinlay Forumite Posts: 18 Forumite
    He paid for it so he should get the money back. How would you feel if it was the other way round? It's stealing to keep it.
  • robynprincess
    robynprincess Forumite Posts: 46 Forumite
    If I was in your situation, to be completely honest it would depend on how we broke up, if he was horrid or nasty I might be tempted to keep it, if we broke up on good terms though then no way would I keep it.

    You never know, he may tell you to keep it though if he's in a well paid job. Might not matter to him.
  • soco1
    soco1 Forumite Posts: 496
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    Can't believe someone has even considered asking this.
  • telsco
    telsco Forumite Posts: 115
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    No wonder the average IQ is 100 - there have to be some people in double figures.
    It's his money!!!
  • higginsb
    higginsb Forumite Posts: 20 Forumite
    You should absolutely not keep this money. To do so would be theft. This is not, nor ever was, your money, and you have no right whatsoever to it. I am surprised that this would even be a dilemma.
  • TallulahL
    TallulahL Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Send the cheque to him and he can contact the holiday company to get the cheque in his name, or return the cheque to the company explaining what has happened. His money is HIS money - no matter the situation!
    Be a good example to your children rather than stealing what is not yours.
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