Real life MMD: My ex paid for the hol, should I keep the refund?

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  • JooFoxJooFox Forumite
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    Depends if you want to leave him a way back in or not?
    This is a prime bit of leverage to claim "you owe him" and for him to give you hassle or turn mental.

    Personally, I'd just send it back to the holiday company.
  • TiptakerTiptaker Forumite
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    Are you for real?! I'm glad you're not my "friend".
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    It is the last sentence that really gets me.........

    In other words 'I would be justified in doing this because he has got money and I have not.'

  • TudorRoseTudorRose Forumite
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    Contact him & tell him what has happened or send the cheque to him and get him to sort it out with the holiday company.
    The money is not the OP's to keep whatever her personal circumstances.
  • jamphi24jamphi24 Forumite
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    If you are complete pond life, thief and a disgrace of a human being then keep the money.

    If you are a decent person - which I suspect your not by asking this question - then return the money.

    If he tells you to keep the money it is a differenent matter, but as someone mentioned above would pretty much amount to prostitution, so would depend on how you feel about that whether you keep the money.
  • spurslizspursliz Forumite
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    Certainly not - it is irrelevant how much he earns. It's his money, not yours. Send the cheque to him and get him to deal with it.
  • skylightskylight Forumite
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    Contact him and tell him. He may tell you to keep it. He may ask for the money back.

    Whichever way, its not yours to keep until he says so.

    Silly "moral dilemma" really.
  • garthdpgarthdp Forumite
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    Wow!The fact that you have actually asked this question really shows you in a bad light.Keep his money if you feel you can look at yourself in the mirror.
    If so, he's better off without you, and you will have to live with your concsience.
  • juliamarshjuliamarsh Forumite
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    I don't think the cheque should be sent back to the holiday company as if their rules state that refunds will be issued to the lead passenger then they may not be able to issue another to the ex. Contact him, tell him you have received a cheque from the holiday company and ask him what he would like you to do. He may tell you to keep it, although I very much doubt it, but either way you will be allowing him to make the decision what to do with his own money and you will be doing what you quite clearly must know is the right thing.
  • masonsukmasonsuk Forumite
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    Where is the moral dilemma here?! Those who have said keep it should be ashamed of themselves to be honest!

    It's his money, he has paid for it. The fact that he's got a well paid job, and you are unemployed I'm afraid is compltely irrelevant.

    It does sound like he got carried away, but he obviously tried to impress you - should he be punished by you stealing £1,700 off from him!

    By the sounds of it, he has already paid for enough!
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