Real life MMD: My ex paid for the hol, should I keep the refund?

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    A fool (which he obviously is!!)and his money are soon this a made up story btw....but pay it back and your dignity and pride will be intact. You will have the moral high ground that you did the right thing.
    Keep it however, and it will be a dirty little secret, which will come back to haunt you, long after you have splurged HIS money
  • How is this even crossing your mind? Did you not think when posting this how wrong it is? Bottom line is this is theft! If he rang the company to ask where his refund is and they told him where they sent the cheque he will be hassling you until he gets his money back and quite right too!! You are a horrid person to even be considering this, poor bloke, he tried to do something nice for you and you are thinking of stealing from him, he is better off without you!
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    Will we ever find out what happened in the end?
  • What makes you even think you should keep it? Do you feel you deserve it for, perhaps, 'services rendered?' If so, what does that make you (besides a thief) ??
  • It is your ex's money, not yours. You should give him the refund. His salary is irrelevant to the question. Give the money back and hold your head up high knowing that you did the right thing, with dignity and grace.
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