Real life MMD: My ex paid for the hol, should I keep the refund?

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    He's rich and you are poor.

    But that is still no excuse for theft, which is what you would be doing.
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    I definitely think theres more to this than meets the eye.

    I actually think it was the OP that cancelled the holiday and not the ex – mainly because holidays can only be changed or cancelled by the lead passenger (except in exceptional circumstances such as death/accident etc of the lead).

    I cant actually believe that this has made the MMD!!!!
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    What a non - dilemma!!! I usually enjoy these - but this is just silly. Of course its not your money!!!
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    Taken from financial ombudsman web site

    "Put simply, the general legal position is that someone who is given money by mistake should say what has happened and pay it back. But this may not be what consumers hear from friends or on the internet – where the informal advice might wrongly suggest that this is a case of “finders keepers”.

    Legally and morally you are wrong to even consider cashing the cheque as you would then have effectively accepted the money and stolen it,
    How could it be OK to take money from someone else regardless as to their specific circumstances compared to yours?

    Do not cash the cheque, return it to the company explaining why (search on the FOS web site you will get the info) and ask them to credit him. I would also copy him on the letter and explain that you have done this.
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  • Honestly?

    Well... let's first of all clear up this fact... if he has a £60k a year job, he isn't going to miss £600. However, that doesn't mean you can keep it.

    He obviously has a brain somewhere in his pompous head so by putting you as lead passenger, he must have realised that this may happen if you broke up.

    Has he done it knowing you would get the money and is kindly meaning to help out?

    I would contact him and tell him... he may say: Oh just keep it.
  • LeodeLeode Forumite
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    There is absolutely no way that you should even be contemplating keeping the money. It never was and never will be yours. If you have to think about it perhaps this guy has had a lucky escape.
  • No! :naughty:

    Contact him, tell him what's happened and tell him that he needs to sort it out.

    Good luck!

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    Of course it should be paid back.

    Also the fact that you are unemployed / have children and his wage have nothing to do with it.
  • Come on - what you are proposing is outright theft.

    It doesn't matter what he earns (and he might well have told you that just to impress you); the money is his, and you have no right to think you can keep it just because of your circumstances.

    You don't say what became of the father of your two children, but either way you must not look upon this money as some kind of windfall. It was meant to pay for a holiday, not supplement your living.
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    To keep it is theft. And morally wrong

    It's not his fault Your unemployed
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