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Having a baby Old Style???



  • Katinkka
    Katinkka Posts: 426 Forumite
    DOn't resign yourself to having your kids wear only second hand/cheap stuff. I have always found that if you buy quality then it will last. My kids wear Monsoon, Gap and Gymboree but dont think I pay full price for anything. I just bought lots of things from Gap for my impending arrival. OUtfits for 1.99 and 2.99 down from 12.50 and 15.00. When these places have sales I buy way ahead, taking into account seasons. I have stuff up to age 8 now that are all new, all good quality and were very cheap. Gap do very good sales. For best clothes monsoon have good sales also but tend to only go down to about £5 an item. Gymboree we get from America when my partner goes on business and again - its sale items.

    For maternity clothes I use ebay and you can sell them back when youre done.

    Like my earlier point - if breast feedings doesnt suit, baby milk is around £5-6 a can and its not till a baby is nearly a year old that they are drinking more than a can a week. There are often deals on this in Asda.
    :heart2:I have a child with autism.:heart2:
  • jo_b_2
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    ancasta wrote:
    Just a quick question.....

    Is it safe/suitable for a baby to sleep in a "travel cot" all the time or do they need a proper wooden cot type bed? Ive seen one i think its really nice but it just happens to be a travel cot?!

    I think it would be a false economy to use a travel cot as a main cot. They aren't really designed for daily use so wouldn't last as long as a standard cot and wouldn't be as comfortable for the baby. (Comfortable babies mean more sleep for them and you!) :)

    The cot is one of the main purchases - remember it is going to be used every single day for two years or more!

    It is worth getting a decent quality cot - but just shop around to make sure you get good value for money. If you have the space, a cot bed is probably the most economical way of doing it. That way you should get around 4 years of use out of it! (A cot bed is lightly larger than a standard cot and you just remove the sides when the baby gets older so you don't need to buy a 'junior bed' as well as a cot.)
  • starlite_2
    starlite_2 Posts: 2,428 Forumite
    You can buy a cot that later can be split into two chairs, it's an oval shape and really nice...also means you could put it back together as a cot when the next one comes along..he he
    can't remember the brand though..i'll try to find the advert..
    Membre Of Teh Misspleing Culb
  • ancasta_2
    ancasta_2 Posts: 951 Forumite

    i am astounded by how much good advice and help i have received.
    OH and i sat down lastnight and had a sensible conversation about this unlike our usual spats about money. You are all stars :j :j
  • starlite_2
    starlite_2 Posts: 2,428 Forumite

    aah here it is...but it's £400 in mothercare..maybe not such good value! he he
    Membre Of Teh Misspleing Culb
  • eyeopener
    eyeopener Posts: 51 Forumite
    Lillibet wrote:

    PS : If he grows up to be a Man U supporter:eek: we will be selling him into the slave trade:p


    Ours, if a boy, was going to be called Finlay, but i'm warming to Snoop...... :D
  • ancasta_2
    ancasta_2 Posts: 951 Forumite
    *in voice of the Grolsch man*

    SCHTOP! the world ish not ready for a snoop!

    Im glad ive made everyone giggle in this thread
  • Just HAD to tell my OH the "Trafford" story and now he is rolling around his office in stitches and passing it on - should be halfway to Gloucester by lunchtime he he!

    :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Thanks for all the giggles guys - needed them today - on my own AGAIN on the top floor of our office - very depressing!

    Ancasta - can I ask when you arer thinking of trying for a baby? I only ask a) coz i'm nosey and b) cos OH and I (I am also 26) are hoping to start trying in October when we are on holiday in Cuba (and NO the baby wont be called Havana, Varadero OR Hammock :D). I am really not sure I am going to be able to give up work afterwards, as I work for a charity and OH is a junior recruitment manager and between us we have quite a lot of debt :money: . Just wondered how you guys were working out whether you needed to go back to work or not. Also thought it might be nice to be email buddies as well as on here if we are hoping to try around the same time.

    Stop me if I am rambeling - like I said - it's lonely here he he :p
    Kirsty, Taunton, xxx
  • Ancasta sorry but I dont know WHY I thought you were 26 as well - I have aged you 4 years - *gulp!*

    Kirsty, Taunton, xxx
  • bluep
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    Katinkka wrote:
    How on earth does bottle feeding cost that much? Ive bottlefed 2 children and spent nowhere near that and I used sma gold. Don't want to get into the whole breast/bottle debate but dont like people to be mislead like that. I cant BF due to medications i need to take as soon as I give birth but have tried it before and find bottle feeding actually much more convenient although its obviously not OS.

    Sigh. Katinkka, please don't accuse me of misleading people. I've switched to formula after breastfeeding and we get through 2+ packs of Omeno comfort formula a week at £7.49 a tub - so some months this is over £100 without adding the cost of bottles and buying bigger sized teats. Different formulas have different thicknesses as well - so some babies drink more formula on different makes.

    Of course there are mothers who can't breastfeed due to medical or physical problems and those who chose not to as well, I DO NOT judge anyone for either choice. As asked by the OP, I was merely saying that this is a big part of our monthly outgoings at the moment.
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