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Having a baby Old Style???

Hey all you beautiful people (im sucking up in a hope you all give me your usual wonderful advice) :j

OH and myself are really ready to start trying for a baby but we are really concerned about money. Do you think its possible to have an OS baby? We know that over the time it takes to make the baby (the fun bit ) and for the duration of the pregnancy we could save up and buy most of the necessities (either 1st or 2nd hand) combined with very generous parents and grandparents i think we could manage very well.

I work for a company that offers good Maternity pay and other benefits such as childcare vouchers. I also know that while im out of work i can multiply my internet trade of wigs and hair extensions. OH is on a decent wage in a stable job.

I want to try to make him happy and reassure him we can manage financially. If people on benefits living hand to mouth can manage to raise healthy well looked after babies we can do the same.

Im just hoping you can give me words of advice, places to look for cheap baby items (cots, prams etc) and sources of information.

Katie xx

how much could you do it for? 28 votes

under £100
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  • Jet
    Jet Posts: 1,624 Forumite
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    My best moneysaving advice for having a baby would be;

    Breast feed if you can, it's free and it helps you lose the pounds. My weight fell off so fast, people seriously thought I was dieting madly when actually I was eating cakes and chocolate like it was going out of fashion! :rotfl:

    Use cotton wool and water not wipes - better for baby's skin and cheaper too.

    Make all your own babyfood - it's really easy, much better for baby and much, much cheaper. And it will hopefully help to encourage good eating habits in toddlerdom! My son is 7 now and everyone comments on what a great appetite he has. In fact I think my childminder might put up her fees as she's said she's not used to a child that will eat anything and everything!

    Second hand baby clothes - babies grow out of early clothes within weeks so they hardly get worn. Second hand clothes are nearly as good as new.

    I bought a new pram and cot, but I'v known people get some real bargains when it comes to prams. Some people spend £500 on a pram they only use occassionaly for 6 months and then they get a buggy and sell the pram for £50.
  • Judi101
    Judi101 Posts: 134 Forumite

    this is my first post so go easy on me, I have been lurking for quite some time but today decided to bite the bullet. I am also interested in getting some great advice on this as I am 11 weeks pregnant with our first. Been looking at the cost of all the baby stuff 'they' tell you that you need and its way scary so any great tips on how to keep the costs down and focus on the important things the better.

  • Pooky
    Pooky Posts: 7,023 Forumite
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    When I gave up work to have my 1st daughter we were living in a rented flat with an income of just £7800 a year. (10 years ago) We got a tiny amount of housing benifit and a small amount of council tax benifit. At that stage they didn't have tax credits so there was no extra income apart from the family allowance.

    Everything we had was 2nd hand - but by visiting bootfairs, chairty shops and jumble sales my dd had everything that she could ever need. Both sets of grandparents were great and helped out with the big things, the cot was supplied by one set, the pram (a £40 second hand one) supplied by the other.

    I can honestly say that if we'd have waited for the right time to be financially secure before having a child we'd never have done it. I don't ever remember going without any of lifes basics, ok I couldn't go out shopping for clothes for myself or out for meals etc but that was a lifestyle choice I was willing to forego to be able to stay at home with my child. My 2nd DD was born 3 years later and by this time Working Families Tax Credits had been introduced and we were finally able to afford to buy a house.

    I think if you start how you mean to go on and know in your mind that you're doing what you feel is best for your child then you can't fail. So much pressure is put upon people nowadays to have the latest pram, the newest colour blankets, the up to the minute car seat, as long as the item does the job intended then what difference does it make what colour it is.

    As for baby clothes etc - they do grow so fast - people will always buy you new outfits when the baby is born, so use their generosity for the new stuff and get everything else 2nd hand, ask friends with kids if they have stuff they want to get rid of, try your local bootfairs...i've seen people selling next to new vests and babygros at 5p each. Shops like primark and peacocks sometimes have some lovely little outfits at reasonable prices if you want something that's not going to break the bank.

    All your bigger items, prams, cots etc - again look at bootfairs, in your local paper, 2nd hand shops even ebay. Most baby magazines give you lists of "essential" items you'll need for your baby - read the list - read it again and actually work out what you'd use from it. You don't need a baby bath, much easier to take baby in with you, you don't need a changing station, a changing mat on the floor does most people, you don't need nappy stackers, why take them out the bag and shove them in a pretty fabric thing that you can never get them out of in a hurry. I got myself 2 changing bags, one to keep stocked and ready to go with the pram to save time, the other was kept near the changing mat and was full of nappies, cotton wool, nappy bags, creams and lotions and a change of clothes. That bag could be carried easily to the bathroom with the changing mat at bath time and was taken to the bedroom at night so that everything was to hand.

    I think you can do babies as easily and cheaply as you like, all these reports about it costing hundred of thousands to bring up a child just scare a lot of people off.
    "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with" - W. C. Field.
  • ancasta_2
    ancasta_2 Posts: 951 Forumite
    Im glad my thread will help other OSMTB's (old style mums to be).

    And can i just say hello to Paul my OH who i know will be avidly reading this.
  • kingshir
    kingshir Posts: 578 Forumite
    ancasta wrote:
    I work for a company that offers good Maternity pay and other benefits such as childcare vouchers.

    No doubt what I'm going to say will be generally unpopular but I can't see any point having children just to palm them off to someone else to bring up! You might as well have a dog or cat instead.

    Quote "I also know that while im out of work i can multiply my internet trade of wigs and hair extensions. OH is on a decent wage in a stable job." Quote

    If you can earn money while being at home and OH earns good money then why do you need to go out to work?

    I read a survey of children with working mothers and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM said that when they became parents they would make sure that they would be at home when the children came in from school - I thought that was very telling!

    I'm not trying to be mean, I just feel the need to speak out.
  • ancasta_2
    ancasta_2 Posts: 951 Forumite
    as for the wigs/extensions... i only have time to do this on evenings and weekends to supplement my earnings. Its very cyclical. I wouldnt make enough money to pack in a very well paid job but it would give me enought pocket money to buy things we needed for the baby.

    Childcare vouchers : Should money get very tight i know i can return to work and not have to worry about the expense of childcare (we have no family who could look after the baby).

    It's a personal decision as to whether the mother returns to work, millions of mothers do and have done and i plan on doing so, but not for a good while after the baby is born. I admire my mother going back to work when i was so young so she could earn enough money to buy me things i would like. ( i lived in the middle of nowhere with no other children to play with and was looked after by my grandmother so toys were great for me).

    I feel your post will cause a bit of debate and this isnt what i intended for the thread. it was for kind and supportive messages. not cynical ones.
  • jo_b_2
    jo_b_2 Posts: 7,123 Forumite
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    kingshir wrote:
    ancasta wrote:
    No doubt what I'm going to say will be generally unpopular but I can't see any point having children just to palm them off to someone else to bring up! You might as well have a dog or cat instead.

    I wouldn't deny anybody the chance to experience the love and happiness that having children can bring, simply because they have to, or choose to, continue working after having children.

    No loving parent would 'palm' their children off, they will find childcare that gives the children a safe and loving stimulating environment.

    Thanks for starting this thread, Ancasta. I hope it stays on topic and helps you to find some useful ways to economise while planning your future family.
    JAMIEDODGER Posts: 4,339 Forumite
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    hi there!

    bringing up children is as expensive as you want it to be! most people make "silly buys" with their first....but you learn as you go along.

    ive had four children and i would say....

    - small babies dont need fancy day and night outfits...bulk buy babygrows and vests in white (dye them if you want different colours).

    - babies grow very go second hand for the earlier clothes as they wont be in them 5 mins!

    - if you are using terries or reusables make sure you get enough! i used about 24 (8 for a days use, 8 in the wash and 8 drying lol!)

    - i never bothered with a cot bed or the like......moses basket for very early days (not on stand but placed inside cot). and a decent sturdy cot. when i chose my cot i made sure it was very simple design, easy to dismantle etc and had three levels to adjust height as baby gets taller!. my cot has done all four of my kids!

    - breastfeed if you can

    - make all your own baby food..its easier than it sounds.

    - bedding for just needs 3 bottom sheets, 3 top sheets and 2 blankets...get the blankets in a different colour than blue or pink, so they will do well for boy or girl and wont need to buy any more if any (perhaps) subsequent babies are different sex.

    - try to get a buggy that goes from birth (usually more seat positions) it will last you longer and wont be as big as a pram.

    hope this helps and congratulations!!!

    November NSD's - 7
  • ancasta_2
    ancasta_2 Posts: 951 Forumite
    I plan on returning to work 2 days a week even when i do go back, where i work support women who return to work and with the job i do, i could probably get away with working from home should i feel up to sweet talking my boss into it. :rofl
  • ancasta_2
    ancasta_2 Posts: 951 Forumite
    Thanks Jamie that was a really helpful post. ... sadly... no congratulations yet... we havent started trying properly yet.... big emphasis on the yet!
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