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Having a baby Old Style???



  • Savvy_Sue
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    misty wrote:
    I would also say make your own food. Make it and freeze it. Don't bother frezing in ice cubes - it's not enough. I did get some of my ideas from the jars though and then made it myself.
    Well the advantage of freezing in icecubes is that you can then 'ring the changes' and save 'seasonal' buys. For example, I started weaning No. 1 in pumpkin season, so froze several ice cube trays of mashed pumpkin (which is a good first food, btw). Then I would do trays of mashed potato another day, and trays of other veg whenever it suited me. Then just mix and match a few cubes each day. The only problem is that you should - at least initially - be sterilising the ice cube trays and it gets to be a bit of a faff making sure they are really clean. It's not a long term solution, but it's good at some stages of weaning.
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  • Could u join Freecycle in your area - there'll be plenty of people about with baby equipment thats as good as new that they will gladly get rid of for free.
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  • ancasta_2
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    Thanks for all these posts! ive been thru and "thanked" everyone for such great advice.
  • foreverskint
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    My dd is 2 now and was born 11 years arfter my first so I had nothing left from the first born. I bought almost all of my stuff this time from ebay, everything from reusable nappies to cotbed swing seat etc.

    The value of these items new we estimated to be about £800.00,but we only spent just under £300.00.

    Subsequent things like stair gates and travel cots we picked up from car boots and friends.
    I buy almost all of my daughters clothes from ebay which allows me to have some things like gap and next etc, whcih i then re-sell on ebay. I spend around £40.00 per winter/summer season, excluding shoes and this buys her everything she needs.

    I would recommend a cotbed to save money, got mine a mammas and pappas as new for around £50.00 from ebay and she's still in it and probably will be for at least another 2 years.

    The face cloth idea is a great one, kinder to baby skin than all those wipes too. I carry a damp one in a plastic freezer bag thingy when i go out, for face wipin/cooling down.
    If you don't want to breastfeed, son't buy loads of bottles until you find out how your baby feeds, some need special teats etc. as others have said though breast is best and cheapest. I've just stopped breast feeding mine and shes 2 now, although it didn't do much to improve my figure LOL.

    The imprtant thing to remember when buying for your baby is that they are not a fashion accesory and nor are they fashion conscious. As long as they are clean dry fed and well loved they don't care if they are sleeping in a bottom drawer or feather bed.
    have lots of fun trying though:whistle:
  • We've saved loads by swapping clothes with a friend. She has an older boy and the younger girl and I have the reverse. This arrangement can go on for some time.
    As they get older, the library can be a useful source of rotating books and if you are in the right area a toy library can reduce toy spending-though I find they get given more than enough toys.
  • kscour
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    Sorry got to add my two penneth here! I was "doublely blessed" as one darling man put it with twins. No chance of any more, well I could but it would be a big risk and I couldn't bear them paying the price. Second hand wasn't an option because of the need for things to be the same for ease - folding on buggy etc. plus I wasn't well enough to go hunting around. But I would have taken full advantage - the stuff I sold on was literally like new. And the big thing is you can throw toys and clothes and all sorts at them but what they really need is time & love but especially time. I got to stay at home although I was self employed so it probably would have been easier to work outside the home. This wasn't always easy for them but when they were toddlers I gave them the choice - their favourite person in the whole wide world (playgroup leader!) was also a childminder - I asked if they'd like to stay with her and have lots of fun for a day or two while I did all my work and then had the rest of the time with them or to carry on with things how they were (organised chaos!) They told me they loved her but they'ld rather be with me even if I was busy (still brings tears!!). My mum went back to work when I was young and I'm not scarred for life. I think if you're happy in what you do and you love your kids the time you spend with them will be quality and that's what counts. Good Luck!!
  • Savvy_Sue
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    Instead of flannels I always used J-cloths or their generic equivalent. I kept one colour for the babies, and used one per meal: wipe the baby's face and hands, wipe the baby's highchair, wipe the walls and floor around the baby's highchair, chuck it in the wash. When I was going out, I took a damp one in an empty travel pack of wipes. Somehow that seemed to smell less bad than a flannel!
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  • Lillibet_2
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    At 37 weeks pregnant & doing everything on a shoestring I just have to add my two-pennyworth here I'm afriad!

    For me the big money problem was that I absoutly do not want to go back to work when Spud is born. No way, I want to be there bringing him up, not giving him to anyone else to do this for me. I know this wouldn't suit everyone and I'm not in any way condemming mothers who go out to work but it isn't for me, I think being with my child & (hopefully) giving him a good grounding in life & trying to impart good morals, values & manners is far far more important than a second car or going on holiday or re-decorating every year or new clothes.

    So to overcome it we worked out a bare bones post baby budget just before I got pregnant (which happened startlingly quickly by the way!) and started living on the bare bones budget. This had a two fold benefit : firstly we could see if we could survive on that little without killing each other (we can:D) and secondly because hubbys salary isn't enough to meet our minimal outgoings we have saved the balance or our dual income & this will be our cushion to make up the diffrence for a while.

    All baby & pregnancy costs have been met out of our bare bones budget, mostly from our own "spending money" allowances plus grandparents & family have bought some things. Even the travel system, which my MiL paid for, is a ex-display model from ebay bought for £75 instead of over £300 in John Lewis! I have bought washable nappies mostly from ebay but a few heavily reduced ones from Boots too, hopefully I will be able to get on with using them (I am very enthuastic about the idea, honestly!) but if not I will really agressively shop around for best priced disposable, plus I've got almost 500 free sample disposable nappies just by writing to companies & asking for them etc. I have already bought cotton wool & flannels for cleaning babys bum, if I was ever in any doubt about this then the slogan of one well know brand of wipes is "as good as soap & water" actually printed on their packs (and yet peopel still buy the wipes:rotfl:) Clothes have come from gifts or Tesco multi packs & charity shops, bed linen has mostly been made by my mum who has cut down old bigger bed linen to crib & cot bed size. I have bought a couple of grow-bags, having heard nothing but positive reports about them, but even these I waited to get on sale when they had 2/3 off & then used an online voucher code too. You really don't need lots of furniute or childrens decorations in a nursery, we have kept the decorataion very neutral beacuse when it's filled with Spuds things and a couple of posters & some glow stars it's immediately trasformed into a childs room anyway, no way does it need commercilising with disney wall paper et all! If the decor survies long enough it will be easy enough to update it as Spud grows without re-decorating beacuse it's "too young for him".

    We have bought things for the long term, slightly more expensive in the first instance but we have really agressively price shopped & hopefully they won't need replacing quite so often, the travel system pushchair is a birth to 3 years old one so no need to get a buggy in 6 months only the car seat will need repalcing whwn he grows out of it, the cot bed should see him through until 5 years old when he can go into a single so no need for a junior bed, the nappies are mostly terries birth to potty size so no need to buy small-med-large sizes as he grows, etc etc.

    Of course, ti's all pie in the sky for another couple of weeks because I haven't actually put any of this into practise yet but I firmly belive that it's all just a case of forward planning & a lot of prioritizing : I belive that if you really want a child then you will make this the primary object & overcome monetary concerns but if you are worred about keeping up with the Joneses then you will proabably never be able to afford it & willl either go into debt or pine for the life you think you "should" have had.

    Ancaster, you sound sensible & like you are thinking this through, I am sure that you will find the right way forward for you & I hope it all works out for you. Good luck;)

    Edit : Ancaster, I have just seen on another thread that you are job hunting, if you are thinking of changing jobs you should be aware that you can lose some enhanced maternity benefits if you get pregnant in the first year (or is it 2 years?) of employment with a company, from a materntiy point of view you might be better off staying put.
    Post Natal Depression is the worst part of giving birth:p

    In England we have Mothering Sunday & Father Christmas, Mothers day & Santa Clause are American merchandising tricks:mad: Demonstrate pride in your heirtage by getting it right please people!
  • se999
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    If you're worried about the finances after a baby, why not do budget's, and trial run as far as possible to see if you can cover expenses, you can use the MSE & old style tips to reduce your costs. Hopefully it will give you a cash buffer. If you have problems meeting the budget you can look into strategies to cope until you have a budget that works, that way you'll both have no worries about coping after baby arrives.

    Our boys are now adults, but without budgets & forward planning we couldn't have coped. e.g. Knowing upfront that we couldn't afford holidays stopped the impulse to buy now and deal with it later.

    Trying to change to tighter finances is a big step, as is getting used to a new baby, so staggering the changes in finances & lifestyle might make it easier. Thinking straight after no sleep is an acquired skill!!

    Hope your plans go well.
  • ancasta_2
    ancasta_2 Posts: 951 Forumite
    Lilibet, Thanks for your wonderful post. Will have to show it to my mam that you said i sound sensible ;)

    Its a case of boredom at work that is making me job hunt, I realise if i was to change jobs i would have to wait longer for a baby but im going through alot of life decisions at the minute. Stick with my current job, that im not too fond of but get paid well, last it out for the maternity and possibly come back to work part time or work from home doing a job i still dont like or move to a job i love and enjoy doing and doing it for a few year before we have a baby.

    All very tough decisions i know and no matter how much advice i get its ultimatly up to OH and me!

    Im only 22 but i just feel so ready to give the world a mini ancasta ;) and know it would have more love than trendy clothes, more fun in alton towers than in disney land and more thoughtful gifts than "i want" presents.

    We really appreciate all your comments and suggestions and to be honest all the things mentioned are ones we've already discussed. Like a travel sytem pram which would cover from birth, a car seat and a push chair, 2nd hand or display model "big items". The not succumbing to media hype and buying things the adverts say you need, breastfeeding. I never thought about re-usable nappies. Ill have to see how i manage with them once the time arrives. We have always been VERY determined to make our own baby food and give the baby a "proper" up bringing as we had as alot of children today, our friends children in cluded, are mannerless, rude and spoiled.

    I suppose the first step to all of this is the dreaded appointment to get my Coil taken out. For some reason the thought of it fills me with dread... i know if was pregnant i'd have plenty of people prodding and poking down there and it didnt bother me when i got pierced im just a wuss i guess...
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