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Having a baby Old Style???



  • Oscar_the_Pug
    Oscar_the_Pug Posts: 237 Forumite
    I'd love to hear about these too - have got a couple of packs of disposables for the first few weeks but would be open to trying these. But there are a lot of different types, so how do you know what will suit your child?
  • silverchair
    silverchair Posts: 937 Forumite
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    I use washable nappies. Once you get into a routine its easy. I use little lamb nappies & found the cloth nappy shop the cheapest & the lady that runs it is very helpful too.

    Microfibre nappies dry really quickly if you dont have much space to dry them.

    Some councils (not mine unfortunately) run voucher schemes where they give you I think £50 voucher to spend on cloth nappies. Other schemes let you try different types before you buy.

    The cloth nappy lady website is good for advice.

    You can grab a bargain by buying them on ebay too. Some people buy them & dont get round to using them so its your bargain then.

    Im not sure if they actually work out cheaper than disposables, but for me theyre really soft on my baby's bum, they dont fill up land fill sites & theyre not using up crude oil (crude oil is the raw material for the super absorbant polymer in nappies)
  • optimistic-mummy
    optimistic-mummy Posts: 1,229 Forumite
    I was wondering if anyone would like a new thread started or weather everyone is happy to carry on using this thread. Im happy to start a new thread if thats what other people would like x
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  • pigpen
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    I think it is time for a new thread.. maybe add a link to this thread in the OP .. it is a bit outdated in terms of prices and current recommendations advice and 'best buys'.
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  • ScarletRaven
    ScarletRaven Posts: 438 Forumite
    I'm having a baby in September and lost my job early in the pregnancy. We don't get any benefits other than a council tax reduction and a little housing benefit (covers about half the rent). My partner is on a very low income.

    We have saved a fortune buying baby clothes from charity shops - some brand new with tags, others looking like they've only been worn once or twice if that! Local charity shop sells all kids/baby clothes for 50p each item, others nearby sell baby clothes (up to 3 months) 3 items for £1. Also got a cot bedding set for just £1.50 (the padding etc for around the cot, plus quilt) and a playmat for £1.50. It's been our best way of shopping for baby so far!

    My mum even found us a barely used baby car seat/carrier in a charity shop for just £5!

    Also, look out for baby events in supermarkets. We've managed to get 6 Tommee Tippee bottles for £10, a Tommee Tippee sterilser set (including tongs, a bottle and a dummy) for £25 and an Avent manual breast pump for £7 (all from Morrisons). Also a gorgeous bouncer for £16 from Asda.

    Join all the baby clubs that you can online - they send out loads of useful freebies and coupons (I wait until items are on offer before using the coupons to save even more).

    People are very generous when you're pregnant - we've had friends offer us bundles of clothes, a moses basket and we've even been given a pram and matching changing bag that has only been used for 7 months by the previous owner! My mum's friend has given us a chest of drawers for the baby's room to keep all their clothes and bits and bobs in, which is a god send as I myself live out of a suitcase currently and I really wanted somewhere to keep the baby's clothes nice and clean.

    As someone else has said, if people want to buy you baby clothes, ask for at least 3-6 months sized, if not older - so many people will get you sizes up to 3 months but they'll grow out of those in no time and it's nice to have a few things already for them to go into :)

    Consider re-usable cloth nappies to save money as you'll go through 10-12 disposables a day to begin with. Also, if you can manage it, breastfeed! You'll save a fortune on formula :)

    Once you start weaning and feeding the baby solids, make as much of your own baby food as possible. A blender is a cheaper and better investment than the jars of baby food which you would be buying a lot of for a good while! Probably healthier too as you know what is going into baby's food :)
  • optimistic-mummy
    optimistic-mummy Posts: 1,229 Forumite
    new thread (hope people dont mind :o) pop over and say hi :)
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  • Upsidedown_Bear
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    new thread (hope people dont mind :o) pop over and say hi :)
    Thank you :)

    Link here:
  • optimistic-mummy
    optimistic-mummy Posts: 1,229 Forumite

    thanks for putting the link i forgot :o
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