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Having a baby Old Style???



  • Zziggi
    Zziggi Posts: 2,485 Forumite
    A generation of Kylies and Jasons from the 1980s are now in the workforce. Husband interviewed a Kylie once for a job and couldn't believe all the babies of that era were all grown up.
  • Have you seen this website:

    It's all about healthy baby options whilst saving money. Real nappies, breastfeeding, organic food and all that malarkey.

    Good fun and a bit of a laugh. Guess you need it when you have babies. :rotfl:
  • ancasta_2
    ancasta_2 Posts: 951 Forumite
    Thanks Nickster. Something for me to look at at work.

    Welcome to MSE by the way :j
  • Always good to have a distraction from work!

    Thanks for welcoming me. I am somewhat basic regarding chat room stuff so you'll have to bear with me.

    Just thought that site might be of interest. Want to try for bambino myself but the thought of the 'birth terror' is scaring me silly! Been looking for inspiration...

    Apparently you 'forget'. But I can't quite get my head around that. Meantime I just enjoy practising. He he he.
  • ancasta_2
    ancasta_2 Posts: 951 Forumite
    mm yes we are CERTAINLY enjoying practising.

    Im a regular on about 20 different message forums and chat boards so if you get stuck then please feel free to send me a private message and ill help anyway i can.

    and so can any of the other lovley MSE-ERS
  • Hi - its years ago now, but i was a student when I had my 2 little angels. One of the things myself and a friend did was to sell the stuff that we'd originally bought 2nd hand. It was good fun doing the occasional car boot and making some money from stuff that was still pretty new.
  • Private message? Now you've got me already! What a spanner eh. I can but try and thanks for the offer of help. Obviously I need it.
  • bluep
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    First of all - good luck with conceiving!! Enjoy trying and I hope it happens quickly!! I thought it would take ages (all other women in my family took at least 12 months) but I became pregnant 3 days...YES 3 DAYS after starting to try (I know it was this fast because I was working abroad at the time and we met for a romantic few days).

    Money saving tips:
    breast feed - literally saves over £100 a month if not more.

    make your own baby food from good veg (especially when the supermarket reduces huge bags of it due to overstock), freeze this in ice-cube trays once cooked and forget jars of baby food full stop -its the equivilant of junk food for babies unless you buy the really expensive organic ones. I pick and mix from all my different flavours - we had turkey, apricot and butternut squash for lunch today!

    Recycle baby clothes - local NCT (national childbirth trust) 2nd hand sales are great, even mothercare has good sales on new clothes and eBay is a gem - buy it cheap (new sterilisers all sorts there) and sell it on when you've finished with it. Same with maternity clothes. EBAY EBAY EBAY - I bought a Graco buggie for £10. Prima Baby Magazine this month has an article on what you can get for £100 on eBay - if you don't want to buy the magazine go goggle at it in WH SMITH lol. Whenever there is a sale (i.e. Boots 1/2 price on some baby gros and vests at the moment) I stock up on several sizes in advance - if there is one thing forsure, they're going to get bigger. The tip about just buying lots in white is good - babies look so lovely in plain white, I don't know why more parents don't realise it. You could also do some lovely dye lots - nice bright reds/yellows/blues/pinks etc... or great pastels.

    Nappies - we went disposable but every time Boots does a buy 2 get 1 free on Huggies, I stock up on a couple of months worth, especially with 500 points (£5) on over £25 spend on babies stuff... Same with their buy 1 get 1 free baby wipes - by combining deals at Boots recently I got 24 packets of baby wipes for around 50p each LOL.

    there's a firm called in birmingham that do special offers of buy a travel system (buggy and car seat) and get a free £200 cot-bed. BARGAIN! I figure this will last my daughter until she is at least 5 (or until we have the next one).

    Collect coupons and shop at a supermarket that takes the money off of your total shop without you having to specifically buy that product - I save around £50 a week on my shopping in this way at Waitrose. See the Vouchers and Coupons section of the Better Buys part of this forum. Best thing is, if you have moved onto formula (we did after breastfeeding for 5 months), they still take coupons against baby formula - considering all places like Boots, Tescos etc.. don't even count baby formula as part of their points schemes (I think it is illegal to).

    Anyway, once you have a baby your outgoings will drop dramatically in one area - going out!! I can't rememebr the last time I had the energy or time to go out on the town and spend loads of money on booze and dinner etc...

    It is possible to get by on not much money - you just have to stop yourself getting carried away and make a general "appeal" to all friends and family about borrowing any second hand baby stuff they have from their children. My cousin is kind of snobbish about having anything second hand so she didn't even think to offer her stuff as she wouldn't want anything from anyone else, but once she got over her amazement that I didn't mind at all about it, she passes on everything - from her I had a breast pump, maternity clothes she hardly wore, baby gros and vests, a moses basket, all the bedding I'll ever need from my other cousin - people use this stuff so little before their child is older that they feel its a shame to throw it out so lots of people hoard it!! LOL.

    And although it kind of cost money initially- the best money saving thing I've done is buy a £100 digital camera and little £40 photo printer (alhtough this would be a great grandparents gift!), as the amount of photographs I've taken in the last 7 months would have cost me an absolute fortune in film and developing!!! Heh. that was my last big splash out before getting serious about saving money though...
  • bluep
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    Nickster - I was terrified of the birth...but you kind of get the feeling as it approaches that there's no turning back lol! ANd when it finally happens, you get strangely brave about it - an epidural is wonderful though :)

    The pain of it does fade though - I just remember the worry, feeling that i would be happy to take any amount of pain as long as the baby and I came out the other end safe and healthy.
  • starlite_2
    starlite_2 Posts: 2,428 Forumite
    I plan to get a secondhand pram and replace the wheels..i have seen the one i want on ebay a few times going for as little as £20, and even with courier fees its a huge saving on the £300 it costs brand new.
    i have also gotten quite a few bundles of clothes from ebay, again ridiculously cheap, and though some of the stuff is naff, the nice and quality things are usually in the majority, especially with newborn stuff as I imagine most people get a lot of special outfits as gifts when the baby arrives.
    Fortunately my baby is due in november, so will get newborn stuff as gifts, then bigger sizes for christmas, and as I have a huge family i doubt i'll need to buy much at all.
    i plan to use washable nappies, i'd like the bambino mio ones, but they are a little costly . does anyone know of similar ones that are a bit easier on the purse? also how many in each size I will need , or should I just get first size, and figure out how often they are changed and washed etc before I know the numbers for the next sizes?
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