RevitaDerm, Revitol, Perfect Radiance?

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  • There are no magic ingredients and everything on the fake news sites is just rubbish/lies made up by affiliate marketers to promote lead generation offers for scummy affiliate networks.

    The combining 2 products thing is just so that they make twice as much money when you order both.

    Here is how these scams work:

    Affiliates of scummy affiliate networks make fake news sites (fake testimonials, fake story, fake everything) - these fake news sites are all over the web:

    For every "free trial" order, the affiliates get paid a commission of up to $40 by the scam company. The affiliate network acts as a middleman and gets a cut too. So say $35 to the affiliate and $10 to the network = $45.

    In reality they charge the victim around $80 for each "free trial" so after paying the affiliate and affiliate network, they are left with about half that as profit: $35 to $40 . Then they still have to refund a few customers who complain enough to get their banks to force a refund (chargebacks etc).

    So all 3 parties in these scams make a nice profit and the consumer loses out. The scam company (selling the product) simply changes the product name once the complaints get too high and starts again with another website and product name. Rinse and repeat.

    The affiliates know it's a scam, the affiliate networks know it's a scam and the scam company obviously knows it's a scam.

    :ACompetitonsafe:A, thank you.

    I admit, I'm totally out of my depth. It really has been beyond my imagination and comprehension that so many intelligent people, all over the world, could come together and invest so much time, money and resources to put together something that was rotten to the core from the bottom up, and successfully convince so many legitimate businesses with huge anti corruption and fraud investigation depts like google, credit card companies and banks to service their crimes. It's mind blowing. If anything the scale of this makes it look legit.

    There has been moments when things appeared odd and suspicious, such as when I couldn't find the face creams sold anywhere else. But it never crossed my mind the products were bogus to start off with. To think that behind this there are professional chemists, computer programmers, accountants, manufacturers, patent and intellectual property lawyers. This is international big business of a type that's never been known before. :naughty:

    Ironically, seeing the facebook listing of Daniel Treisman that you posted showing him playing with his children on the sofa and listing himself proudly as the CEO of Guru Media, made me think, maybe he doesn't know that the call centres he's contracted to manage CS payments and refunds are pulling some fast ones to up their commission! I know, Duh! (Interesting he's removed his relationship to Guru Media but under interests he's listed Ads4Dough! Says it all really.) :doh:

    Let's face it, if you bought booze from a bootlegger in the prohibition era, you knew it was illegal to make, transport, sell, own and drink it, but you did get drunk. If you didn't, the speakeasy went out of business. You knew what you were getting into, and most of the time you knew the risks and it was your judgement call. It was fairly transparent. This is something else entirely. This is an industry that plays mainly on peoples fears to engage them in complicated financial contracts that are difficult to get out of and then I've discovered, sells products that are harmful (seems the teeth whitening and colon cleanse stuff is) and then sells on your contact information to further screw up your life by repeating the process by sending you different 'samples'. I can't find words to describe this. It like an industrialised psychopathy. _pale_

    It's ironic this thread is in the low spend freebies board! I really think this whole industry needs a board of it's own as it seems these issues have repeatedly come up on MSE but each under the title of a specific scam. There needs to be a sturdier platform to both educate and advise on this practice. I think it also needs a TV journalist to set up a special investigation on this, urgently.
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  • ReLift XS appears to have an address in Utah USA (aka US state capital of scams!)

    ReLift XS LLC
    12278 S Lone Peak Parkway, Suite 106
    Draper, UT 84020
    That's probably just a mailbox/maildrop though as it seems to be used by several companies.

    Another US company is taking legal action against YKnot Holdings LLC for breach of contract and the list of defendants is: Kenneth W Bell, Robert Brett Bell, Christian R Larsen, YKnot Holdings, LLC, Six Marketing, LLC and Mark Bell - all names linked with the Pacific Webworks scam as they were also named in the Google lawsuit.

    I have a PACER account so I've examined the YNot case. It seems that Six Marketing made millions with PWeb and the monies didn't come cleanly through to SMS, a money-processing intermediary.
    Specifically, SMS say that PWeb (Ynot) had hugely excessive chargebacks which has materially threatened their relationship as a processor with several "big" clients.

    So there we have it!

    If you want to beat the scammers - ASK FOR A CHARGEBACK from your bank or credit card company.
    It's the only fast way to keep the scammers down as law enforcement takes years to enact and by then the scum are very, very wealthy which means that they can use their scammed wealth to defend themselves with expensive lawyers.

    A chargeback costs you, the consumer, nothing!
  • I also got drawn into this scam, I'm usually vary wary about this sort of thing, but for some reason thought this was kosher. My products arrived yesterday and as there were not much in the way of instructions for use I logged onto the internet for advice and came across this forum. I immediately went to my email and replied to the original emails I'd received stating I was unable to use the products and to cancel. I checked my bank account and no further amounts have been withdrawn, fortunately, I then contacted my bank and cancelled my debit card. I have been unable to check at the moment to see whether I have had any response from my email, but intend to request a returns post label if they require anything returning to them. I don't know if I'll get away with this but will let you know how I get on
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    I can't believe that I got sucked into this. I ordered both products on the 23rd of October and received them about 5 days later. I don't recall seeing any t&c's on the page I ordered from, but I may be mistaken. Anyway I noticed on Monday 7th that my bank account looked a little short so I rang the bank and they told me that £74.99 had been debited from my account on the 3rd November and at that point they could not tell me by who. I checked online after midnight and could not believe that the money had gone to Perfect Radiance. I then found this thread and using the info here I rang their customer services which is actually in America as mentioned earlier in the thread.

    At first the representative was quite adamant that they were within their rights as per the t&c's but i demanded a refund under the terms of their 30 day money back guarantee told them that the company was basically running a scam, and that i was aware of the various other scams that they have been involved in, the bank in cyprus and so on, and finished by stating that I would be reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission if i did not get refunded and they responded by agreeing a full refund and cancelling my subscription for both products, proving that it is the same company. I asked for confirmation by email which eventually arrived yesterday.

    Today thankfully my bank account has been credited with 74.99. I have learned a big lesson this week and will be far more careful in future. Lloydstsb have also told me that as I have confirmation from them that the subscriptions have been closed, any further debits made will be treated as fraud and will be covered by them.

    Finally, they have not requested that the products are returned as a condition of the refund.

    A big Thanks to everyone who has posted here as it has helped me no end.
  • Hi
    Yes I am also another sucker who fell for the scam :( and really I should know better!
    I have paid today for the offer (2.95) and there was no terms and conditions box to tick but went back into the site and scrolled down to the bottom to see the terms and conditions at the bottom- in very small print) so read them and then research a little more and reading about the scam here.

    I think I need to cancel asap and can someone advise is calling from the UK what is the number I need to call to cancel.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Were you actually getting anything for your money? What was the money for?

    I hope you all manage to get your money back, i wont be giving my details for ANY trials whatsoever. I got stung in the 1990's by a postal trial, couldnt get it stopped for ages, luckily it was cheques then no dd, I ended up sending their stuff back with sex sex sex have i got your attention now? written all over it in big letters so they couldnt possibly ignore it! Then it stopped!
    Good luck x
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    I called 0808 168 3685, which is the customer services number for Perfect Radiance, however, I cancelled Revita derm on the same call. Unless I have somehow been scammed again, this is a freephone number which put me through to america??
    jaybird66 wrote: »
    Yes I am also another sucker who fell for the scam :( and really I should know better!
    I have paid today for the offer (2.95) and there was no terms and conditions box to tick but went back into the site and scrolled down to the bottom to see the terms and conditions at the bottom- in very small print) so read them and then research a little more and reading about the scam here.

    I think I need to cancel asap and can someone advise is calling from the UK what is the number I need to call to cancel.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    I am going to move this to praise vent and warnings to help warm others about this scam

    Hi, Martin’s asked me to post this in these circumstances: I’ve asked Board Guides to move threads if they’ll receive a better response elsewhere (please see this rule) so this post/thread has been moved to another board, where it should get more replies. If you have any questions about this policy please email [email protected].
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  • I also was fooled by this supposed-to-be free offer, when I received the two products on the 10/11/2011, there was no information with the Despatch note regarding the products or the price of the products, so this set alarm bells ringing and on Sat 12/11/2011 was lucky enough to come across this forum on the internet. As I could not ring the contact numbers until Monday (14/11/2011) I contacted my Credit card company immediatly and cancelled my card. I have just contacted the Perfect Radiance no 08081683685 and (after 15 mins of listening to music)they confirmed that 2 items had been sent to me, I informed them that I wanted to cancel immediatly and was given a cancellation number for each number. I informed them that I would return the 2 items received and that I had been in touch with my Credit card Co, but I was told that I could keep the 2 items as I had cancelled within the trial period.
    So far the only charges on my card have been just under £6 for the P&P, so I am hoping that nothing more was put through before I blocked my card. But if there is anything, I will get in touch with the Dispute team at my card co.
    I will keep you posted if I have any more problems
  • Embarrassed to say I also fell for this scam. £74.95 deducted from my bank account on Friday. Called the company this morning to cancel (within the time line on their T&C's), was on hold for 15 minutes, so that will cost a fortune! They agreed to cancel the account and proposed to give me 3 bottles of products and a 50% refund. I said "no" at least 3 times, specified clearly that they have fraudulently deducted money from my account. I then got an offer of a full refund within 30 days to which I said I wanted it done in 3-5 days and have compromised with a full refund within 7-10 days. Not 100% sure I'll get it though. Call lasted in total 34 minutes. I also get the girl to give me an internal reference for the refund transaction. I've been promised a confirmation email within 24 hours too.
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