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See our News story: Warning Free skincare trials may be subscription trap

Back to the original post....

Complete Newbie to the forum although I have been receiving and acting, successfully, on the news posts for a while. Lovin the site!

Re the above products, surely I can´t be the only (self confessed) IDIOT to have been sucked into this ¨free trial¨ that turned out to cost 75 quid a month? Haved tried various searches but can find no reference? I must be doing something wrong and desperate to get to get out of this deal now! Please, please help:cool:


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    Unless you contact our Customer Care Department to cancel your subscription, you will continue to receive a fresh 30-day supply of Revita Derm every month, and your credit card on file will be automatically charged. You can contact our Customer Care Department to cancel.[/FONT]
    Your 16-Day Trial Period will start when the product is ordered. You will be responsible to pay Shipping and Handling charges of £4.97 for your first shipment of Revita Derm. If you wish to cancel your order within your 16-Day Trial Period, simply call customer service and within 30 days of your order and you will not be charged anything other than the shipping and handling fee. If you enjoy Revita Derm, do nothing and at the end of your Trial Period your credit card provided today will be charged £79.99. This means that in approximately 30 days from the end of your Trial Period and every 30 days thereafter, you will be shipped a new supply of Revita Derm for the low price of £79.99 with FREE shipping. All charges on your credit card will appear on your statement as "revitaderm448081787320". This is a reoccurring order which is more fully described below. Remember, you can cancel at any time by contacting our Customer Care Department.[/FONT]

    If you experience any delays in the delivery of your RevitaDerm, you may contact us to request an extension on your trial period at our Customer Care department at 44(808)178 7320 available Mon-Fri 9:00am to 6:00pm GMT or live chat below.


    [FONT=&quot] If you wish to cancel prior to the expiration of the 16-Day Trial Period, simply contact our Customer Care department at 44(808)178 7320. In order for a full refund, you can ship your UNUSED product back to PO Box 13583, Linlithgow, EH49 7AP.[/FONT]

    Regardless of whether you cancel your order within the Trial Period or not, you will be responsible to pay the shipping and handling charges that you selected upon ordering the Product. Your credit card on file will be billed for this amount, and you agree to pay such amount. However, if you have encountered an error in your order, you may contact customer care to deal with product issues.[/FONT]
    Your order will be processed within one to two (1-2) business days. Shipping time is estimated to be three to five (3-5) calendar days and is included in your 16-Day Trial Period. If you experience delays in the delivery of your Revita Derm, you may contact our Customer Care department.
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  • Hi - Any luck in cancelling further deliveries of product - my husband ordered both revitaderm and perfect radiance. We have been billed the 75 & 80 pounds but are desparate to cancel. We have to wait until monday am to phone. Any info/hints would be gratefully received. Fingers crossed X X
  • I have done the same stupid thing and have been debited nearly 80 pounds, I have e mailed,yesterday,Saturday to cancel.My 16 days expires today,am I within the trial period or will they take it from tomorrow when they look at the e mail? Thanks mpw1954
  • We have managed to contact them this morning and have been given cancellation codes to confirm that they will no longer send the product - can anyone confirm that this is true for them or give further information to reassure me that the item is definitely cancelled?
  • Both these companies seem to be connected. I too have been caught out by the Terms and conditions. Both companies offered a 30 day money back guarantee with the trial. Having contact both companies I have cancelled my accounts. Only one said they would honour the 30 day money back guarantee. As I paid by credit card I contacted my credit card company who are challenging the payments on my behalf. However, be warned credit card companies cannot stop these companies from continuing to take money from your account as by signing up for the trial and accepting the terms and conditions you are tied in. I have been advised by the fraud department of the credit card company that if you have cancelled with these companies by phone they should not take any further money from your account. If they do they are in breech of contract and the credit card company will fight your corner. I have made a complaint against the two companies and the cc company are now investigating. As I did not cancel before the trial dates I am not sure how I will stand to get the payments back they have already taken as I doubt I will see the money back on the 30 day money back guarantee. Contact your credit card company as soon as possible they are very familiar with these types of company and can offer the best advice. Anyone considering buying from these companies bewared it is a scam. The money is taken via a bank in Cyprus the contacts I spoke with today using the telephone numbers 08081683685 and 08081787320 were re routed and answered by Chinese people. This is a major scam.
  • I too called yesterday and spoke to a foreign guy called Mike,who didnt seem too sure of what he was doing.I was given cancellation codes for each product and a promise of an e mail confirming .No e mail yet and have just checked my bank account and have 79.99 debited this morning.
    Will call them again and if no joy will be in touch with fraud dept. of my bank.
    I am a bit conused by the length of trial period,is it 16 days as shown on a post here or 14 days as mentioned on some links during my research,does anyone know? Thanks
  • Hello,I have just called them again and after a lengthy talk and many breaks while the rep. asked for help I was promised a refund,but the system is down and it cant be done at the moment.Will call back in 2 hours to see if it is up and running.Fingers crossed.Michael
  • We contacted them yesterday several times and were given assurance that they had cancelled future payments and we were in time to cancel the 2nd trial within time period. They sent an email today confirming this with cancellation codes. (We also cancelled our card at the bank) HOWEVER - they had taken 79.99 out of our bank this morning. My husband is in the process of contacting them.... I am now very concerned that they can effectively at any time take money from our account! We are contacting our bank with the view that if the bank cannot reassure us that they can prevent future debits from them we will have to close our current account and open a new acount - seems very drastic but am not prepared to risk these scammers getting access to our money whenever they feel like it.
  • Hello, I have called again and was told the system is still down and no refunds can be made, must call again tomorrow.This is either the truth or a way of avoiding refund.I will keep you posted. Mpw1954
  • Hiya,
    I too have been caught out by this scam as their website wasn't working properly at the time of ordering but I was more worried about missing out on the offer that ended that day, that I went ahead with my orders even though their Terms & Conditions weren't displayed & the seperate T&C window opened with an error message.
    My bank statement came yesterday showing £74.99 & £79.99 taken just 12 days after my original trial order. I called yesterday & got through to their US dept & was told that their system's down so unable to process a refund. Was asked to call back in a few hours but he would cancel the account to stop any further transactions & would leave a message on the system telling the next customer advisor that I was due a full refund.
    After reading your messages I got in contact with my bank (Halifax) who are refunding the full amounts even another £54.99 which was taken yesterday!!! They're also issuing a new debit card as cancelling does not stop them from taking more payments & will clain the money back from the company as obtained by fraud. This company is very well known th the Halifax & probably most other banks.

    If you have made the mistake of placing an order just for their trial. I would advise you to get in contact with your bank to get a new debit card & check to see what they've actually taken!!!

    Buyer beware!!!:eek:
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