RevitaDerm, Revitol, Perfect Radiance?

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    Another idiot joins the perfect radiance scam! This is the first and only time I buy something that is a special offer!!

    The Perfect Radiance scam appears to be promoted by a marketing company called Convert2Media in Florida USA.

    Their contact details are:
    [email protected]

    From doing a quick Google search, it seems they have a bit of 'history' when it comes to dodgy dealings.
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  • Thanks to all for suggestions on cancelling account. After several unsuccesful attempts at emails (non-existant) and phone calls (either couldn't understand/left hanging on/hung up on!), I have today finally managed to cancel my account using the live chat on page one (took several attempts until I got the time zone right). I am supposed to get a confirmation email within 24hrs, and have been told that I will not be asked for any further payments. I've printed out the 'chat' so, if anything goes wrong the credit card company can act on my behalf. I did try to get a refund but will only get this if I return the goods. Having read some of your blogs I realise I might still not get a refund so.......I've decided to keep them. I think I might frame them and put them on display to remind me NOT to do the same thing again :)
    For those of you still fighting - don't give up.
  • What a nightmare company, taken money out after I cancelled!!! Now in hands of bank. Finally got through to them and they said they would only refund half, I told them I was reporting them and wanted to speak to a manager and wanted their address. I was given no to both and then told I could have a full refund!!! Wish I had seen all the posts about them first, I wouldn't have signed up to their trial offer. Hope you've all got your money back now and I look forward to seeing my money back in my account soon!
  • Personally I blame the merchant accounts/acquiring banks and even our own credit card companies/banks who allow these companies to operate with their unethical business practices.

    Sure, people should read the terms & conditions... but these offers deliberately mislead you and aim to sucker you in.

    Anyone actually spoken to their bank and asked them the name of the actual bank/merchant who processed the transaction?

    Without a doubt they'll tell you that these companies are known to them but they're very reluctant to give you any more information such as the actual names of the bank/merchant account. Truth be told, your own bank makes money of the transaction too... charging a foreign currency transaction charge in the process.

    If these companies are known to credit card companies them surely it wouldn't be hard for them to flag the transactions... or put them on a reserve where they have to wait longer to collect payment. But all the banks and merchants in the transaction know that of the hundreds of people who fall for this scam only a tiny fraction will ever complain... so they all keep making money. Yes - even your own bank is in on the scam too! It's like the BACs fraud perpetrated by Satellite Direct a few years ago. The banks and merchants were making so much money they turned a blind eye provided they kept the refund rate below 10%.

    Don't believe me? Put it to the test, if you've been scammed ask your bank for the actual name of the merchant/acquiring bank... they'll tell you that the payment was processed in Cyprus but very little else.

    Atlantic Coast Media Group might be responsible for the scam but they wouldn't be bale to operate if the greedy banks didn't give them carte blanche to your bank account... even after you cancel your credit cards! It's just despicable!
  • You are right - my bank told me it had been processed in Cyprus for an American company, but couldn't tell me anything else. They did give me an email and phone number, but neither were valid.

    I've received confirmation emails that my accounts have been closed, and so far no more money has been taken. However, what I didn't realise was because I had been sent a FREE sample eye cream, and not returned it, I had an account for this too!! So please, if and when you get through to the company, make sure both accounts are cancelled.
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    You are right - my bank told me it had been processed in Cyprus for an American company, but couldn't tell me anything else. They did give me an email and phone number, but neither were valid.

    Interesting, as many of the payments in the Jesse Willms scams also used merchant processing/shell companies in Cyprus:
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    best of everything; they just make the best
    of everything that comes along their way."
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    My elderly sister was also caught out by this. I spoke to her Credit Card company and they said there was nothing they could do about it as she had agreed to the terms and conditions. I said that I was fairly sure this was not the only complaint they would have heard about, having carried out my own quick research. The operator said she was aware of other complaints but could not comment further. She suggested I contact Trading Standards.
    I asked what would happen if I cancelled the credit card and was told that it would not prevent charges continuing. I assume this to mean the charges would continue and be owed to the company should they wish to use legal means to recover the debt.
    They did offer to send out a form to fill in and return and in the meantime they would monitor the situation!

    I contacted Trading Standards and they said they were aware of an article in the Guardian about a week ago and to follow the instructions on the website to cancel the order.
    After sone time on the phone, my sister did get through and cancel both accounts but the salesperson said it was too late to stop this months shipment as it was on it's way.

    Although bith products were ordered from the same website, I noticed they have different individual websites and each has a different number to phone if you want to cancel. In case we had only cancelled one product, I got my sister to phone the other number. They knew she had already been on the phone.

    My sister is just out of hospital and says she is not aware of receiving any of the products she has been charged £74 and £79 for.
    I was wondering if that was true for anyone else ?? Have you actually received the products apart from the trial sample?

    This really needs to be stopped and questions asked why the credit card companies allow this to continue.

    Moderator is this something Martin knows about? Can he warn people in his broadcasts ?
  • :money:Have seen the postings of people saying how good this cream is for the wrinklies (me )
    Have read the scams that have happened
    So Can Martin/money saving expert or anyone else give an address or a chemist or shop where one can go in & physically buy this cream instead of all this nonsense ?????????????
  • There's a lot of shift jiggery-pokery about.
    The Linlithgow address pops up several times over several years when googling with the keyword "scam"!!

    Even more bizarrely, I've found that this whole moneysavingexpert website has been cloned by someone called "Transon Wong"!!! The webaddress of this very section of the forum is so everyone can see what they wrote here -somewhere else!

    Interestingly, a "Dana Wong" was a contributory employee to the scams for which Jesse Willms has been supposedly forbidden from using (see message from CompetitionCafe above). Among his modus operandi of his many scams were anti-aging creams charged from a Cyrus address and despatched from an address on Mill Lane Trading Estate, Linlithgow.

    Putting it all together seems to be either some of, or the same, individuals running the same schemes again; or an unfortunate case of copycat ripoffness.

    I'd go for the former.
  • As a reminder !!! clue to the Linlithgow connection, the phone number listed above is for PPF Shipping of Linlithgow. An earlier scam from there seen here on MSE is here:
    The directors of this business (Linpharma Ltd etc)are listed here because Linpharma Ltd is now PHYTOSCIENCE LTD. of Herkimer House Mill Road Industrial Estate, Linlithgow Bridge, Linlithgow, West Lothian EH49 7SF:

    You'll see that the directors are all in the same basic interlinked companies. Among them is Mr. Chris Swainson who pops up in this compaints board scam posting:

    It's the same sort of mixed bag of pseudo medical cosmetic kind of products. In this comment on an earlier scam on my website: you'll see the Linlithgow address along with a business called Trading Planet Ltd. This "business" distributed the scam products, much in the same way that PPF do now.

    Trading Planet were forced to close over a year ago, but a contributor "Not Kevin" pointed out that they'd fired up again under a different name - see:

    So for all those affected by the desire to look like a photoshopped smooth-skinned picture - forget it. We all lose our looks; just don't lose cash fretting about it. If you are conned, just ask for a chargeback on your card. Don't muck about with these people.
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