RevitaDerm, Revitol, Perfect Radiance?

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  • Hello, I have again called this morning and was told that I could have half of my 79.99 back ! When I said why she said it was in the terms and conditions,but she could not say where.I have now warned them that I will contact fraud dept. and was then promised a full refund but system down,although a log has been made to refund when it is up and running.I need to call again tomorrow,fourth time and no doubt nobody will know anything about the refund and I will have to go through the whole thing again.Will keep you posted,they dont seem to have a clue as to what has been said or done on previous calls.mpw1954
  • Hello, Well,I called this evening and after explaining everything again I was offered a full refund and was given a refund code and a promise of an e mail confirming this.I should get a refund in 7 to 10 days.I will let you know. mpw1954.
  • Keep as far as you can from these products!!! I does not only not help but is a scam ypu fill find difficult to leave.

    I managed to cancel the subscription, but they still charged me amounts mentioned by other users and there is no way of getting the money back.
  • Hi, Had e mail today telling me refund was being processed,fingers crossed.mpw1954
  • Well cant believe it but have a full refund on all products.Have reported debit card as lost and will now get a new one so no more debits from these rogues !!
  • I can't believe I fell for this too. The only reason I bought trial was because it was an English Address and on the dispatch notice for my trial is PO Box13583, Linlithgow, West Lothian EH49 9AP. I received my trail after a week and was billed £79 after 2 days of receiving trial - how is this a trial? I had NO IDEA I was signing up for a subscription. When I called to query this I got through to an American lady - this was when I realised I had been scammed, My subscription was cancelled immediately but a further £59 was taken from my account 3 days later. I have been told I will recieve a refund once the products have been returned BUT they are sitting at my post office with a £25 customs charge on it. And to be honest I don't trust that they will confirm the products are returned when I eventually manage to do this (hopefully without paying the Customs charge) Why are they now sending it from the US. I'm sooooooooooo angry. The company are now ignoring my emails. I will contact my bank to cancell cards AGAIN - how many time. I will necer by from the internet again!
  • Hi,

    I'm another new peep to site. But felt I had to join as can't believe it, like these other people I have been totally conned by Revitaderm/Perfect Skin. I have managed to claw back 75% of the money they took from my account. However after I cancelled the subscriptions with them, they have still somehow managed to take another 12.75 from my account ! At the moment I am fighting them on this. I know this amount is only small, but it's besides the point - they have taken this money now without my authorisation after I have cancelled the subscription with them - I even have emails confirming cancellations. How can companies like this get away with it ! When i questioned them initially I was told by an American speaking lady that I had 10 days from point of order to cancel the subscription - all very well, but the freebie (NOT!) didn't arrive until the 10th day ! Great ! Total con artists.
  • My products are still at the post office. I have contacted the UK Boarder Agency who have said that if I pay to collect and return I will need proof that the product has left the country to be-able to get a refund for customs charge. But the company will only give me the UK address which turns out to be PPF Shipping Ltd inwest Lothian. I have a second worry. The package at the post office is smaller that my trial. Does this mean that I received the full size product first and have been using this in which case I will never get a refund because the packaging is opened. Do I pay the £25 customs charge nowing I wont get it back just to find out if thepackage is thefullsizein which case I can return it toget my refund.
    The customer service phone line is a thirdd party company and is different from the email support team - I am now not getting any response from the email team and the Manager at the customer service team by phone keeps telling me my query has been escalated and to wait 5 working days for a reposnse, this is after already waiting 3 days and a futher week before that.

    So bang goes my overtime money. I can get no straight answer from anyone. These peopleare scum
  • How did you get your refund. My products are in postoffice with a £25 customs charge. I wont get this refunded if I send product to the UK address which turns out to be PPF Shipping. the telephone customer service is a third party company who are different from the email support team and they are ignoring my messages. Any advice greatly welcome
  • Well it is slightly reassuring to know I am not the only person who has been taken in by these people, have charges for 3 separate products on my credit card - ordered the samples on 20th August (including the 'free' serum) and then charged full whack for each on 1st, 2nd and 6th September. Have cancelled my credit card and emailed them asking for a refund, but hey what good will that do?
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