New Talktalk poll; feedback needed, good and bad

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    Leadgm wrote:
    Best was today, when I went to join Talk3, I was advised by Sales I could not as I was already a customer, just waiting for Broad Band to be connected.
    Keep the line rental with BT and go for Euphony's euTalk+18 CPS package if the international calls are important to you (£5.99/month after the first 6 months - which are £1/month - against Talk Talk's Talk 3 @ £9.99/month.
    Time has moved on (much quicker than it used to - or so it seems at my age) and my previous advice on residential telephony has been or is now gradually being overtaken by changes in the retail market. Hence, I have now deleted links to my previous 'pearls of wisdom'. I sincerely hope they helped save some of you money.
  • My experience with Talk Talk - where to begin. I will have to cut a very long boring story short. I sold house to move in with my partner and therefore no longer needed my telephone account because he already has one. I thought it would be fairly simple and even cancelled with them one month before completion on my property. However the saga then began. I thought four times over the course of six months having spoke directly to talk talk and been told on each occasion that my account had been cancelled it would actually be done. But no. I ended up with letters threatening to take me to court, a diary listing all my attempts at contacting them and times and dates of conversations on the phone and me going into the car phone warehouse. Finally, I had to get quite nasty with a poor unsuspecting member of staff who tried to quote their procedures at me, and it got sorted 7 months later.


    I'd stay with BT next time even if it does save me couple of pounds a month. BT gave me advice about what to do when talk talk's phone system was out of order and I was getting legal letters through the door. I never even got an apology.

    Vent over!
  • TalkTalk free broadband is great if you are a new user. Several friends have connected due to my recommendation and despite a two month wait it works. However transferring from a previous provider is a nightmare. They make many promises, all of which were broken. The most serious is the fact that they promise to connect you at the highest speed possible. My previous supplier was able to provide at 2Mb and my next door neighbour currently has a 3Mb connection. When my TalkTalk connection was finally connected and it was a poor 1Mb I started to complain. Eventually they have promised to upgrade to 2Mb which is amazing as the initial connection was supposed to be at the highest speed. I think they connect and raise speed for those who complain. Try these links to check out possible speed and actual speeds achieved: Register then carry out the speed test

    And if you want to speed up your connection try

  • I guess I was one of the fortunate regarding setting up the accursed thing, there was a 3 week waiting time but that was all. The main problem is the is appallingly slow sometimes, not just to download but even to load a simple page, like the google homepage.

    Last Saturday (13/01/07)though my phone line went dead, I called talk/talk and they were helpful and asked me to call Monday, which wasn't ideal. Now I've just heard the problem is bigger than they anticipated and they won't be able to fix my line (and I believe it affects other people too) until Friday!

    I asked them if this delay and non use would be reflected in my bill and they said no, as it was beyong their control - but how can they bill me for a service I cannot use?
  • After a year with TT Broadband at 14.99 a month I registered with TalkTalk "Talk3 International" on 20.4.06 as they promised me that within a couple of months I would be on completely free Broadband. It did not happen and I am still paying £10 pm on top of my call package. The reason is to do with their not being able to access my particular exchange! I am not sure what to do now, but I am tempted to go back to BT!
    Elizabeth R
  • My experiences so far with TalkTalk- I signed up in June after E7 went belly-up and I got punted on to EzeeDSL (ok but expensive; billing service diabolical but india-based call centre staff generally intelligible and particularly helpful. Yes really...) But getting to the point - TT told me it would take till the end of September for my Broadband to happen, it in fact took till late October (four months!) and for a week I had next to no service at all. Call centre staff seemed unmoved and unwilling to assist beyond telling me I had to use their own modem, (at £30 please) not my own router, before they would offer tech support. In the end I went to my local Carphone Warehouse - totally different story - a V. helpful bloke explained that by unfortunate ccoincidence there had been problems at my exchange, give it a few days and it will right itself. And would I like a modem for free? Sure enough the connection was recovered after a couple of days; for the last two and a half months I have enjoyed uninterrupted tinterweb access. The price was the thing for me, I'm a student; I think you have to accept certain compromises in the price bracket we're talking about.

    Oh and by the way - if you need to ring tech support during offfice hours don't dial the premium rate no. - has all TalkTalk & CFW normal rate numbers including their HQ in London. Ring there (for free, natch)and ask switchboard to put you through technical support....
  • Dreadful dreadful service. Despite submitting my MAC code 3 times by phone AND email, they (those in their 'local' call centres) assure me that I haven't sent it. I am now returning to BT. I am sure that Talk Talk will say I am in breach of contract - I think there was an 18 month sign up time. However, I am sure they are also in breach by not providing me with a service I was promised! Let them come after me!!! So, in a word - DON'T BOTHER going to talk talk.
    Gimme back my bank charges!!!!!
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    I've been with TalkTalk since April 2005. I'm on the £14.99 package and don't have any major problems.

    I can't go for the free broadband as I live in the country.

    At the weekend I rang TalkTalk to see about upgrading from 1mbps to 2mbps, as other broadband providers seem to be offering a minimum of 2mbps for the same money.

    After being passed from pillar to post, asked to ring different numbers (spoke to India 3 times), I was given a number which put me through to someone in broadband dept. I have been told I will be upgraded by next week.

    The number if it can help someone is 0870 087 6627.
  • I knew I'd jinx myself. Internet went down on Monday - engineering works - no warning - try again in 24hrs...

  • We moved from One tel to Talk Talk.(One tel has been bought by talk talk)
    Due to the delays in making the transition we needed 2 different MAC numbers and the services inevitably overlapped.
    One tel requested the payment for the overlap and then the month after. We pointed out that as they are part of the same company perhaps they need to talk to each other to understand what went on and why it was not our fault.
    They have now handed the case over to a debt collection agency.
    Now of course we all know that these agencies are just full of bluster and bluff and for £57 they aren't going to smell the inside of a court room but sometimes I wish they would try!!!!
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