MSE News: Ocado lets down thousands of shoppers

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    I've just had an email from Crowdity apologising, and giving a quick way to unsubscribe.

    Then underneath it had all the guff about using economies of scale and if you see a good offer tell all your friends :rotfl:
    Unless I say otherwise 'you' means the general you not you specifically.
  • People can in a few days opt to shop directly with Waitrose.

    Ocado's reputation would have suffered with this deal, it is a win for Crowdity as I suspect not many people would have heard from them prior to this deal.

    I've been able to shop online directly with Waitrose for some time now..not sure for how long..& no, I've never checked out a basket as I've seen the cost rising. :D It depends where you live I suppose.
    philsterd wrote: »
    Asked occado to delete my information, by email, if they wont honour a valid voucher.

    They sent back an apology.

    But they are still sending me messages tho.

    Cheeky gits

    Maybe it was this one that I received a little while ago?
    [FONT=Tahoma, Arial, Geneva, sans-serif]Ocado Apology[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]We would like to take another opportunity to apologise once again for the Ocado situation.

    We can understand how upset some people are and have decided to make it as easy as possible for anyone who wants to be removed from our database to do so.

    Please find an unsubscribe link below, this will remove you from our mailing list and ensure that you will never be contacted by us again.

    If you do decide to stick with us and give us another chance we thank you.


    Kind regards
    The Crowdity team
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    Good afternoon,
    I wanted to to know if you could assist in my account deletion? I am unable to see how to remove my details but am keen to due to a recent experience with an Ocado offer. Unfortunately it has made your site look like a marketing data harvester operation, and although this may not be the case I am no longer comfortable with you having my details.
    I hoe you understand and I would greatly appreciate an email to confirm the deletion.
    Kind regards,
  • 'Sir,

    As a longstanding non-customer of Ocado I decided that I would contract them for one shop only, where I would receive a £20 discount on a £40 shop. I never had any intention of using them again for a full-price shop, but, when all said and done, a bargain is a bargain. To this end I signed up on two separate sites, agreed to their terms and conditions and handed over my details, all of my own volition.

    When my voucher arrived I spent so long trying to get my balance to £40 exactly (I did not want to part with a penny more, being a thrifty individual) that when I eventually got my sums to add up, the blighters informed me that I would have to pay full price. Imagine, full price?? Indeed!!

    I am a firm believer that loyalty is an outdated concept: believe you me I put my neighbour, yes her at number 42 with the new estate car with alloy wheels and a pseudo-private registration number, in her place when she complained that as a longstanding customer of Ocado, she was not eligible in the first place, as the offer was only for new customers. "All's fair in love and trolley wars," I assertively pointed out.

    My horror, moral indignation and sheer fury at missing out on my £20 saving has stirred me into action: I have toured the television and radio studios over the past five days, petitioned the European Court of Human Rights and set up an action group, Bounty Hunters against Ocado.

    I have even taken the unprecedented step of joining an online forum. Can one believe it?

    At this very moment the greatest legal minds are pouring over the smallprint. Completely irrelevant that I have run up a bill of £7268 so far. (My barrister tells me that he does not do discounts, much to my chagrin.)

    Well, onwards and upwards! The Dunkirk spirit will triumph; in the meantime, I must now go and try and quell the storm which is about to brew in my finest bone china.



    £7268 legal fees so far....

    What happens if you lose or Ocado declares bankruptcy or just holds off paying?

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    What happens if someone doesn't understand irony?
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    That's a very funny post will-in-estoril. I too am getting a little fed up of the moral indignation of some just because they missed out on £20 quids worth of shopping. get over it.

    i especially liked the part about making the shopping come to exactly £40 and the part about not planning to shop their every again. Nice one buddy.
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    Haffiana wrote: »
    What happens if someone doesn't understand irony?

    Then there's no hope for them!
  • freeoffersfreeoffers Forumite
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    People can in a few days opt to shop directly with Waitrose.

    I suspect that most people doing this deal would be the one-shot wonders who have no intention of using waitrose or occado because its "too pricey". That will lie and say otherwise, but they know its true!
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    I managed to be one of the lucky ones, got my shopping bill to just over £40, then it cost me £6.99 delivery!!. I won't use them again as we have another supermarket is just round the corner. But a saving is a saving. Sorry for those who tried but were unlucky.
  • One might be asking - what is 20 lost pounds comparing with the 2012 ticketing scandal...
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