MSE News: Ocado lets down thousands of shoppers

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  • There were over 24000 replies on the Crowdity website alone without anyone falsly using the voucher code. Occoda have never made a profit in all the years they have run, they have just lost the Waitrose for inside the M25(there most lucrative part of there business.) No wonder they pulled the plug . Someone should challange them leagally over this. I was one of the lucky ones and had my dely tonight but would not use either company again out of principle.
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    I can't really speak for everyone, but I suspect they didn't use it immediately because they were told it was valid until the 30th of June.

    Spot on.

    The fiasco with a generic code and no cap on applicants will cost both companies dearly.

    Just cannot believe they are so naive that they didn't understand the power of the internet.
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    and you all are on the spam lists for time immemorial

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    [In response to my post about not receiving junk mail]
    What good is that when the terms of you signing up state you agree to receive emails from thrid parties? All very legal, you agreed to receiving emails from third parties so no law is broken.

    I can't see anything about data sharing in Crowdity's terms and conditions, and as a former customer of Ocado I've never had any junk mail to the e-mail address I used exclusively for them.

    Some people in this thread are convinced that all companies are evil and trying to rip them off. Nonsense. Of course companies want to make money, but if they rip people off they lose customers as people don't go back. There are always exceptions of course, but I wouldn't Put Ocado in the rip-off bracket.

    Incidentally, the reason I'm a former Ocado customer is two-fold: they increased the minimum order and, as I live alone, I couldn't reach that threshold anymore; and as with all supermarket deliveries, important items would be missing from my order so I'd have to go to Tesco anyway to replace it.
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    Let's get this into perspective...

    You signed up to two websites in order to get £20 off a £40 grocery order - that expectation was not fulfilled and I agree that this is a bit disappointing.

    Now, a lot of you are ranting about the prospect of receiving loads of junk mail as a result. Well..... that was within your control all along - you were prepared to give them your details for the prospect of a £20 discount were you not?

    So, realistically, you are responsible for all of the pain (potential for junk mail) you would have had anyway (just minus the £20 discount).

    For what it's worth, I don't think you need to worry about Ocado spamming you with junk mail - they have quite rigid data sharing policies.
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    Really you should be ashamed of yourselves - you chose to sign up to Crowdity and expose yourselves to possible junk mail.
    Ocado do decent offers periodically for new customers without using "middlemen", I know as I did one of them and have stayed with them as I liked the products, service and being able to get a regular slot.

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    I've posted this on the other thread for this too but thought I'd copy and paste just as an FYI:

    Just wanted to add quickly that, after all the fuss over them cancelling the voucher, I was very concerned- I'd managed to place my order by 23rd for today but hadn't done a 'proper' shop and knew I needed to amend it.

    when you log on to Ocado to edit it gives you a warning that you will lose the voucher. I thought I'd edit anyway, see what it came to and go from there.

    As it was, after checking out a second time, with my amendments, the voucher remains! And it shows on the confirmation email too!

    So, if you did manage to book one by 23rd but was worried about editing, give it a go. So far so good for me.

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    Who's idea was it to use a generic code?

    Crowdity should surely have experience in this and insisted on unique codes per person who registered through their website. It was always going to spread when a generic code was used, especially such a tempting offer...
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    People can in a few days opt to shop directly with Waitrose.

    Ocado's reputation would have suffered with this deal, it is a win for Crowdity as I suspect not many people would have heard from them prior to this deal.
  • Asked occado to delete my information, by email, if they wont honour a valid voucher.

    They sent back an apology.

    But they are still sending me messages tho.

    Cheeky gits
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