MSE News: Ocado lets down thousands of shoppers

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  • well there goes my birthday treat:cry: we were going to spend £40 at ocado to get something special for my birthday:bdaycake: instead of going out so we only spend £20 and get something a bit different and a bit fancy not what were used to (tesco value);) think ill stick with tesco and have a value pizza which are quite yummy and some voddy and coke tesco have never let me down before :T
    :beer: cheers tesco !

    or may just have romantic night in with hubby :kisses2: and not bother with a meal;)
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    If Ocado claim this would affect their service levels, then why not postpone the offer?

    They could easily set it up so the people who still want to use their vouchers could do so in stages over a period of time, say the next month, with one week long windows to use them, and then email out individual codes to use during these weeks.

    That would have kept everyone happy and also meant they could maintain their precious service levels.

    I also hope that Ocado go through their new customer lists and cross check it with accounts registered at the same address and the cards that have been used to pay for the shopping.

    It is clear to me that whilst many people did honestly subscribe to this offer, there are more than a few that have created new accounts for themselves and family members and abused this offer, which has added to the problem of over subscription.

    same with people using cashback sites with the offer.

    What could be done about this I don't know, I've not read the t+c's, but surely this is some kind of fraud/deception?

    I am dissapointed that crowdity did not talk to ocado more during the offer to report back on the figures that where subscribing during the Wednesday it was running.

    Very dissapointed as was waiting to get paid to use this offer to buy a weeks food, rather than stocking up on discounted wine like some people where reporting.
  • Tiddlywinks - the issue that irritates me most is not that I feel "robbed" financially. (although the offer was MUCH better than the current one). No, my annoyance is that I was conned into signing up and registering my details for what turned out to be a false promise - becuase Ocado decided to renege on the deal.

    Not what I would have expected from a reputable company.
  • I've never been a member before, but I got this voucher, and it does make me angry that I haven't got any food.

    What annoys me is that Crowdity have still done really well out of it - they must have collected 50,000 email addresses, and even if half unsubscribe they've still got 25,000 email addresses which they'll send to every day.

    I bet they told Ocado anything they wanted to hear in terms of number when negotiating this deal...

    All they wanted was personal data, and now they have it - just a scam.
  • why is there no mention of the real culprits crowdity in the title or intro? makes it sound like it was all ocado but it wasnt. does mse have something against ocado or are they in league with crowdity for some reason? very suspect!
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    Personally I don't blieve a word of both of the companies, they are just giving us excuses. We all well know by now the power of internet and popularity of forums, they even better then us ....crowdity thought it was great way to bust they so far poor database. Ocado did they math too late and realized it wasn't actually a good deal for them, so pulled out...or and anyway they also have a much more rich database now..Everyone wins! Well done to Ocado and crowdity...As for us, will find our inbox full of crappy emails and will get more letters from stranger companies we never knew extisted...what a deal!
  • Thank you for using my quote in the article (I was quite excited by that!).

    It's good that MSE have looked into this, at the end of the day you guys have been "had" as much as we have - you focus on reporting genuine deals, and in this case it's been pulled after you send it out in the weekly newsletter reporting it to MSE'ers.

    If Ocado were really that concerned with stock levels/delivery availability, rather than cancel the deal and alienate thousands of would be customers - why not extend the date the voucher has to be used by so as to spread the orders over a longer period of time? Would be a better way of doing it...but then it seems unlikely that too many orders is really the real reason - it may be cynical, but it seems more likely that they didn't want to give away too many "free" £20's...

    I expected a lot more from a company like Ocado - I expect the Waitrose service to be second to none, as do most people - in doing this they have shown they're no better than any other supermarket or retail company in terms of customer care - they've also shown exactly how little they think of there would be customers.
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    I'm disappointed for others they have stopped this early. There are people who, like me, were really looking forward to getting a real bargain. I made sure I ordered as soon as I got my code, but not everyone did. I actually liked the website and the food and some of their deals. I will probably even use them again, but if I was one of those who didn't get the deal, I probably would not.
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    I expected a lot more from a company like Ocado - I expect the Waitrose service to be second to none, as do most people - in doing this they have shown they're no better than any other supermarket or retail company in terms of customer care - they've also shown exactly how little they think of there would be customers.

    John Lewis who own Waitrose sold their shares in Ocado earlier this year:

    Although Ocado sell lots of waitrose products they are becoming more competitors and will do so even more after 1st July.
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  • I regard both these companies now in the same way I regard scammers and hackers. Good one Ocado, should have done your homework. Crowdity, did you reveal possible impact to a very gullible company? Thay say any publicity is good publicity. Ocado, do you agree?
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