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  • boblevin wrote:
    All users of 18866 should be aware that they now charge a 3p connection for uk calls and not 1p. This started a few days ago. They now announce 0 pence per minute. This no longer gives them a competitive edge for me.

    Regarding the changed message, I suspect they've had Trading Standards onto them for saying that calls are "free" when in fact there's a connection charge (still just 1p, as others have already said), and they've changed the message to get round that.
  • Hi Guys, well it looks as if your right - they are still charging 1p connection. This is good news but quite confusing to me, as the only reason I checked their webb site was because they have changed the announcement (do you hear a different announcement now?) and so I thought I'd better check the charge and the small print said all connections 3p. I see that it now says 1p.
  • oap
    oap Posts: 596 Forumite
    Hi, we have not had any problems with 18866, very efficient,they have not yet taken any money, our bill was about £2.91 last time I looked, however, they have not told us that it is now 3p connection, does that mean you still get as long as you want? How does one find out about this extra charge, will have a look at our invoice in a minute to see what is going on, does Martin know of this increased charge, I would have thought we should be notified officially,,we are on BT option 1. At present we have no Broadband here, but will soon be on it, it seems a good proposition you have put on to dial up through 18866, how can you do that as not understanding broadband really, thanks in anticipation best wishes oap
  • oap
    oap Posts: 596 Forumite
    Hello again, just checked the invoice, still 1p thank goodness, and thanks to the person, I think on another thread on here, who said add and s after http on 18866 log in which puts the padlock there, much appreciated, regards oap
    ps would still like help with broadband connection if anyone could tell me, thank you, oap
  • Al_Mac wrote:
    Can you use this to mobiles, I've tried and it doesn't seem to work, can't find anything on the website.

    Anyone know

    Al Mac[/QUOTE

    Check the website again - you can use 18866 to call mobiles. You will need to look at the charges tariff.
  • oap, if you look on the Internet board you will find many postings there about broadband and the suppliers.

    Also here you will find a thread about using 18866 for the internet, maybe not that reliable but worth a try.

  • Al_Mac wrote:
    Can you use this to mobiles, I've tried and it doesn't seem to work, can't find anything on the website.

    Anyone know

    Al Mac
    boblevin wrote:
    Check the website again - you can use 18866 to call mobiles. You will need to look at the charges tariff.
    True, but 1899 is cheaper (10p/minute* weekdays & 2p/minute* weekends).

    18866 charge 12p/minute* weekdays and 3p/minute* weekends.

    * From a BT landline (more expensive from a cable landline).
    30 years, 217 days!
  • A question I would have liked Martin to asked would be: does the cheap service compromise the security of their web sites?

    Sometimes the connection is secure and sometimes it is not. A month or so ago I needed to update my credit card details but the connection was not secure when logged in. I sent an email to inform them but got no reply. A friend of mine emailed them a couple of days later and he did get a reply and they said they had fixed the problem. In the meantime anyone updating credit card details would have be sending them as plain text and not encrypted.

    For a time the actual screen you used to login on both sites was not secure when you entered your login information and it only became secure when you logged in, meaning your login details were sent as plain text. They seem to have fixed this now also.

    If the security is this bad up front I worry how bad the security is for the database they hold all our credit card details in.

    I can't help taking the risk as I assume the credit card company will pay up if details are stolen and the service is just so cheap.
  • litewait, if you check this thread here it dicusses the security issues using the 18866 website.

    Personally I have never had any problems accessing the 18866 website and always have the "padlock". Also I have been using 18866 paying by credit card for 16/17 months as you could only sign up using a credit card in the beginning and have had no problems.

  • mechy
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    I just had to write in to sing the praises of Orchid Electronics . If a company is good tell everyone about it.I recently registered with 18866 and 1899, and have bought a LCR dialler from O/Electronics. After a few glitches (my fault), a couple of telephone calls to a very efficent young lady at their office, and all was sorted. Excellant work. When I read all the Martins write up about the cheap telephone calls, like most people, I was a little scepticle, but put yourself out a little. You will save a lot of money, and when you purchase a dialler from Orchid, your phone use is just the same as before. ie just entering a 6 digit number for a local call. One other thing Martin, I have just registered with 1886 and 1899 using my Meastro debit card and not my credit card. So I assume they must have just changed that facitilty.
    So pick the phone up and get saving money
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