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Pimp My Bin Old-Stylers!



  • Noozan
    Noozan Posts: 1,058 Forumite
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    Wheelie bins get stolen regularly from around here as the youths take them to the skate park across the road and set them on fire :mad: We've had 2 taken and the council tried to charge for the 2nd replacement; they backed down when I said "Fine, I don't want one then but I'll bring my rubbish down to your local office every week".

    We have a bolt on the inside of our gate now but the youths still go into easily accessible gardens and steal bins.

    One of these days, I'm going to put something explosive in the bin and leave it out to be nicked :p

    Oh and the people next door to us have a bin that has "53" painted on it. Their house is number 96.....go figure lol.
    I have the mind of a criminal genius. I keep it in the freezer next to Mother....
  • culpepper
    culpepper Posts: 4,076 Forumite
    Paint it to look like the tardis and you will be able to get infinite amounts of rubbish into it.

    Dont add the sign that says for public use though :P
    Instead you could put 'stolen from' and the number of the house and postcode.
  • sallywl
    sallywl Posts: 190 Forumite
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    Couple of ideas:

    Old paint (most people have it) do handprints on it, and write Hands off my bin, and ur house number on it. - prob best using old rubber/ latex gloves or use poster or other washable paint and PVA over it.

    Paint pics of family members on the bin (more of an idea for kids) in same was as above using PVA to waterproof)

    At one of the places I used to work me and a friend turned one of the bins into a monster .... it was green already we painted a face on the top mouth on the opening bit (and tonsils and stuff under the lid), painted arms and legs, and painted a collar on it (like with pets) with name and address on it.

    Another... make it into a night scene or firework display type thing! Since most wheelie bins are black, be good to utilise this, and save money and paint, and use sweet wrapper like roses quality street (which are plentiful at xmas) and stick them into a picture, stars, moon,planets, fireworks, a fire anything!!, PVA on top or sticky back plastic (if u have any). Plus it will look pretty glistening in the sun/moonlight

    Jeesh how sad i am! LOL
  • inkie
    inkie Posts: 2,609 Forumite
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    a picture of a police officer blown up and a sign saying - smile, the bin police are watching!
  • My bin lives down the side of the house between us and our neighbour and I can't put rubbish out at night as I never know which is ours!

    So using that glow in the dark paint would make it easy for me to find, it would also be funny if someone nicked it to use for themselves! Quite a suprise :rotfl:
    Like my avatar, took the photo myself with the free digital camera I bought from boots with all my free points! I love moneysaving.
  • Aberdeenshire council recently gave out free stickers to put on your wheelie bins, with a space to enter your house number & street....


    I heard the reason is so in the future they will micro-chip bins to see who wastes the most & who is the best at recycling!!


    Your local council may consider free stickers to avoid wheelie bin theives?!

  • inkie wrote:
    a picture of a police officer blown up and a sign saying - smile, the bin police are watching!

    I had to read this twice - first time i thought you meant a picture of a dead, exploded police officer :eek: rather than a blown up photo :rolleyes:
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  • Why not stick a black plastic bin liner all around the outside !

    Simple init !
  • bobbadog
    bobbadog Posts: 1,606 Forumite
    Stick on bottle caps to form your number! Brighter the better, and good ol' use for those coke/tiger beer lids. Free too! Sea shells would be pretty...
  • nearlyrich
    nearlyrich Posts: 13,698 Forumite
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    PS.Any ideas how to colour pasta without painting every single piece?

    I was going to suggest boiling it in water with food colouring but it will be soggy and not that usable could just drop the pasta in some paint and get it all coated then leave it to dry or spray paint it?
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