Pimp My Bin Old-Stylers!

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This competition is now closed. And the winner is....Jessicamb for her
Dusty Bin creation!

Old Stylers Pimp My Bin... Go On I dare you (£50 quid for the best)

It seems wheelie bin thefts are becoming more common and many local authorities charge you to replace them so losing one could cost you.

I recently came across a site with a unique idea for making your wheelie bin look nicer and helping prevent it being stolen (yes, it happens!) and I thought you'd like to see it.

Pimp My Bin

Wheelie bin sticker retailer Pimpmybin will sell you a special bin sticker which it suggests will make your bin so eye-catching thieves won't touch it. At £11.99 for the cheapest I'm not suggesting you go out and get one - it's not exactly MoneySaving but some of the designs certainly caught my eye!

The Old-Style Pimp My Bin Challenge

Right Old-Stylers, you can decorate houses, cook and clean on the cheap and thrifty, but can you Pimp My Bin on a budget? I want an easy to use way of bin pimping.... £50 for the best instruction/suggestions. Let me just make it double clear - it's not just the design, it's how you do it! :)

Entries close by 12pm 21 Nov.

Want to hear me lay down the challenge?

I did this officially as part of this week's mutterings commentary on the weekly email. You can hear the clip of it here
Pimp My Bin Muttering (or even better watch it from the video version though this isn't a clip, it's the whole thing, the PMB stuff is at the end).

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  • I'd recommend this one for the MSG :)

  • TNG
    TNG Posts: 6,930 Forumite
    Stencil 'OSers bin - remove at your peril' on it in that sticky burglar deterrent paint that never quite dries....


    gets the ball rolling, hopefully.... :D

    edit : except, of course, that edi beat me to it :mad:
    :dance:There's a real buzz about the neighbourhood :dance:
  • emma_b_4
    emma_b_4 Posts: 1,292 Forumite
    i LOVE the pimp my bin things!
    erm........pimp my bin mse stylee, how about getting some of that sticky back plastic stuff that you used to use for covering school books and then cut out pictures from mags,

    or even a photo blown up HUGE (eg use https://www.truprint.co.uk they do poster photos) and then every1 will know its YOUR bin?!

    if some1 nicks it the neighbours willsay "hey thats emmas bin!" and push it back for you.....bargain!

    or cut out letters saying "this bin is the property of......... and thieves WILL be prosecuted" out of newspaper titles so the font is nice and big ad then cover it with the see through plastic stuff ?

    okay so my ideas might be pants but they made me smile

    i wanna pimp my bin!
  • D&DD
    D&DD Posts: 4,405 Forumite
    Well this time of the year I always seem to have an excess of sticky back plastic which is left over from covering the kids school books.I have see through and patterned so I would use the see through to attach/cover over a large picture of something scary..(how big do you reckon I can blow up that picture of Martin..:whistle: ;) ) then cut out my door numbers in the holographic bright stuff.
  • Actually I saw a similar thing in an airport queue where the kids behind us had obviously "pimped" their suitcases, using their own drawings and pva glue. It was very effective and certainly no-one else would have the same and so easily spotted on the luggage thingy :)
  • emma_b_4
    emma_b_4 Posts: 1,292 Forumite
    skull and cross bones?
  • Squishy
    Squishy Posts: 721 Forumite
    That sounds quite fun :rotfl: As we had to pay for our bin anyway (the council didn't provide bins for the development!) I'm always worried something might happen to it.....

    I know I have a lot of various stickers in the House (I make a lot of cards :p ) so I'm sure I could do something with those....and maybe put some varnish over the top to make sure they didn't peel off? I would think you could cut out lots of cool pictures from magazines etc. and varnish them over, or if you're artistic paint your own (or get your kids to do it!) You could also recycle any cards given to you - lots of cards have great pictures on them. I know I would quite like a floral design (as I have lots of floral stickers) so could make a gardenscape or something.....its a bit more difficult for men: thats where 'choose your own pics' from magazines could help: cars etc. would work.

    Another option is paint - I'm sure many of us have odd bits of cans lying about somewhere - hand them over to your kids and let them go crazy! You get a 'pimped' bin, AND you've arranged a cheap and fun activity for the kids to do on a weekend - bonus!

    The possibilities are endless! :j
  • emma_b_4
    emma_b_4 Posts: 1,292 Forumite
    my dad painted his address on his in white paint it never got stolen again, althought to be fair i dont think it was maliciously stolen it was more like the bin men didnt put it back and then the neighbours just went and "chose" a bin gawd knows how my dad knew the one he pushed back wasnt his?!
  • emma_b_4
    emma_b_4 Posts: 1,292 Forumite
    Martin, when do you choose the best idea? got my ideas in just in time!
  • You can't get cheaper than free - but it might take a while - use all the stickers you find on fruit (Braeburn, Golden Delicious etc) to make an attractive design, maybe your house number spelled out? - is this a bit Viz ?:rotfl:
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