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VERY Cheap glasses and specs - made to order.

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  • TrowTrow Forumite
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    Progressives and varifocals are the same beast - I think one might be a brand name of a particular lens but may well be wrong!
  • My optical4less order arrived today - a pair for the Mrs and a pair for me, about £50 all in. Took about 3 weeks.

    We measured each other's pupil to pupil distance using a tape. As both pairs of glasses met, nay exceeded, expectations, we will be using them again.

    Thanks to the posters who guided me towards this place.
  • Oh, you did the measuring that way too did you Smokie - good to hear.

    I am looking forward to receiving mine - I have been wearing my contact lenses far too much so a trendy pair of glasses (with the up to date prescription) will encourage me to give my eyes a rest.

    Brilliant find.
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  • I do work in an opticians and would be the first to admit specs are way over priced!! However, the internet spec firms guess/ average the pupil distance (v.important measurement!) this can cause straining,blurry vision and headaches. Opticians won't give you this measurement BUT one way round it is to pay a 'professional service' fee-which is about £25 and a dispensing optician will do measurement for you. Not that bad seeing as you're saving so much on specs!

    I had an eyetest as specsavers a month or so ago, and asked the optician to measure the pupil distance. They done it with no argument, but did ask if i was looking to buy specs over the internet.
  • Edinburghlass_2Edinburghlass_2 Forumite
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    I too had a look at the Hong Kong site and am seriously thinking about ordering from it. My worry is I use varifocals and not sure about all the measuring but my current pair of titanium, rimless no hinge type cost £330 and I really would like a pair of prescription sunglasses too :(

    I need to get my eyes tested anyway and will probably buy a cheap pair of reading glasses at that time and ask about the measuring.

    If anyone has ordered varifocals I would be interested to hear from them :)
  • sockospicesockospice Forumite
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    I can't find any frames I like on glassesdirect (I like my frames to be a bit different) will try the others. One alternative I've found if you don't have your pupil measurements is to send an old pair of glasses (assuming you haven't grown recently!) as the person doing your lenses will be able to measure off those.
  • beaker141beaker141 Forumite
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    Those that have got glasses from Hong Kong - do you have to pay any import duty/VAT when the postie brings them to you - or have our kind government not put duty on glasses yet ?

    I am off to Specsavers at the weekend to get the eyetest and will ask them to measure pupil distance.
  • I have ordered 2 pairs of specs from Optical4Less based in Hong Kong - just received e-mail confirming shipment - delivery in 5-10 days.

    I'll report back on quality when I receive the order.

    It came to £75 inc postage for 2 pairs of titanium frames inc. lenses (1 bendy, 1 rimless/hingeless). Price included a new anti radiation coating (£12 extra) for VDU screen use in addition to the usual coatings that were included at no extra cost (anti glare coating was £20 per pair on some UK sites).

    Fingers crossed that the quality is ok.
  • smokieUKsmokieUK Forumite
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    beaker141 wrote:
    Those that have got glasses from Hong Kong - do you have to pay any import duty/VAT when the postie brings them to you - or have our kind government not put duty on glasses yet ?

    Nothing further was charged when my glasses arived.
  • tubbotubbo Forumite
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    Just received my prescription sunglasses from £24 all in. They are superb, and I thoroughly recommend them! Had a pair of normal glasses (same frame as sunglasses) before Xmas for £19 - no complaints with these so far either
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