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VERY Cheap glasses and specs - made to order.

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  • gumboidgumboid Forumite
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    I've had good results from online glasses providers, having bought two previously, including from Exclusive Eyes.

    Just wanted to share my latest, a poor customer experience at Designer Glasses UK.

    I thought they'd be good as it was recommended, and went to them to get some bifocals done. Their website provided for all the fields necessary for both long-sighted and reading glasses information, and nowehere was it stated that they did not provide bifocal glasses. The glasses were despatched really quickly but they turned out to be only reading glasses, of the sort of quality you get from pound shops, with nasty cloudy plastic lenses. Certainly not worth £25!

    In response to my concerns, I was offered a refund but only upon a £10 administrative charge, since it was stated that they provided "standard lenses" (but mind, not "ONLY standard lenses") -- so it was not their error. Is that right? Should I have known that "standard lenses" excludes bifocal lenses?? AND I must return them at my own cost within seven days of shipping.

    In all, a confusing website, and a disappointing result. Proceed with care!

  • Beware! I returned a pair of glasses for the 3rd time under warranty. They don't make them anymore, so wouldn't replace. I then orgered a new pair - 10 days delivery quoted.
    It is now 4 weeks & I've been told it will be at least another week. I cancelled order.
    Cheap glasses, very poor service
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    brizzie_2brizzie_2 Forumite
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    Tesco Opticians are offering free eye tests for all. You can then get basic glasses for £10 and they make sure they fit properly - shipped from Hong Kong to the store for collection. So I got a test and a pair of reading glasses plus a pair of distance glasses I will use as spares for £20 all in. Glasses seem of fairly good quality, more than good enough for readers and spares, and I could try them on before the order was processed. I then used the prescription to get a decent pair of CK designer frames with transitions from at under half the price Boots were charging - and I went into the store to collect and have them properly adjusted. Prescription polarised sunglasses from Selectspecs - shipped from Hong Kong and still waiting - last time they were here in a couple of days, this time weeks but saved a packet. That's me done for a couple of years and very happy!

    BTW, to get confirmation of my PD for the Internet order I asked the Tesco optician what it was so I could order from their website in the future - no problem at all. Even if you have to buy a pair @ £10 it is cheaper than paying the fee some other opticians charge.
  • kremmenkremmen Forumite
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    I was looking for free eye test. Don't know about frames, I might go for contacts . Depends how how eyes have changes plus not sure how well varifocal contacts work.

    Any feedback out there?

    Obviously I will have to discuss with my style advisor ( daughter) :rotfl:.

  • A couple of weeks ago I decided my glasses were a bit the worse for wear, I looked at several online sites, but most seemed difficult to order from and the disclaimers about what happens if they break your frames put me off.I wanted my favourite frames re-glazed with varifocal lenses.They`re quite unusual,very light and comfy and I won them in a competition,so I was keen to hang on to them.Specsavers would only reglaze their own, and an independant local optician quoted me £230 + . I went home and thought I would take a chance on Spex4less, as the order form seemed pretty idiot-proof, and they said there was a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They weren`t the cheapest,but are an English company(Merseyside),so the postage was reasonable. I was pleasantly surprised by the service. The glasses were ready in less than a week, and they kept me fully informed when they received and dispatched them. The total cost was £168.That`s the thin and light with anti glare coating.Because the original lenses were varifocal,it was not necessary to worry about pupil distance. I`ve got to say,they are absolutely fine.I can thoroughly recommend this company, and would use again.
    (No, I don`t work for them, or anything.I am a genuine customer.)
    Also, regarding minor repairs to nose-pads etc., I have found that Specsavers will replace these and make adjustments completely free, even if they`re not their glasses.

    I don`t believe there is any such thing as varifocal contact lenses.I know someone who has contacts for distance vision in one eye and a reading one in the other.It sounds terrible,but she says you get used to it. Can`t wear them myself, unfortunately.

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