VERY Cheap glasses and specs - made to order.

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There's a full list of the latest offers and deals on the Cheap Glasses page, which is updated regularly.

Back to the original post...


I love this site so finally registered and making my first (hopefully of many!) post.

Glasses Direct has been in the news recently so there could already be a post about it (searched through to check but sorry if its already been done!)

Basically Glasses Direct can afford to do their glasses so cheaply as they don't have to fork out for expensive premises and staff etc so they can have lower overheads therefore lower prices (yippee!).

I've had a look and they have some nice designs - inc rimless ones (35 pounds inc frames + lens + case + delivery + guarantee).... they're the most expensive ones on there i think! :o

Take a look for yourself:

Hope this helps some people!


Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!


  • Thanks. excellent post
    This sight I mean site pardon the pun looks like one that I will be using in the very near future,This could even be post of the month based on the % of us wearing specs.
    Keep posting.
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  • fantastic first post there EJ, will def be using these guys
  • ArsenalFC
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    Although there are very limited choice, the prices are fantastically cheap. Mostly likely to use them. Great post.
  • EJ
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    I'm very pleased to help!

    The background on the company is here, written up in the Telegraph for those of you wondering how they can manage to provide glasses so cheaply.

    I wear glasses only for reading and just wish I had known of this company a couple of months ago as I would have definitely used them.

    If anyone has used them can you let us know if they are good?



    Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!
  • EJ
    EJ Posts: 92 Forumite
    Cheers Sheel for pointing that out - I didnt find it when i searched!

    Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!
  • I've found another firm on the net offering cheap specs.

    the site seems to be offering a simliar service.

    check it out

    I guess there will be dozens of of online specs shops opening up by this time next week.
  • At a quick glance, they don't seem able to cope with people who want varifocals, or have I missed something?
  • EJ
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    At a quick glance, they don't seem able to cope with people who want varifocals, or have I missed something?

    No, you've not missed anything - on the site they say this:

    "FAQ What about varifocals?
    Due to the complexities of taking Varifocal orders, we do not sell varifocal lenses at this time. This is something we shall be reviewing in the future. "

    Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!
  • I bought a pair for £20.83 from all prices are in US$ so the exact cost varies with exchange rates, but from $29 well worth a look.

    They are from Hong Kong and took 12 days for mine to be delivered.

    I was sufficiently impressed, I ordered 2 more pairs (1 different style and 1 sunglasses). Again 12 days for delivery. £38 for both pairs.

    They come with all the usual coatings and thin lenses, so now I have 3 pairs of glasses for less than £60 inc delivery.

    The big part of the savings come from not having to add: £30 thin lenses; £10each anti-reflective/scratch resistant/uv400 coatings.

    So for less than the cost of the 'upgrades' I got 3 complete pairs!

    Still, the prices on the glassesdirect site do show you have to be a mug to pay high-street prices! In case you are wondering, last time I bought from the high-street one pair cost me £230!!!!!

    Hope this information helps saves some people even more money.
    something missing
  • I can see a few problems with buying glasses online - how can you tell if they fit, how can they put the lenses in the right place and what will they really look like on you?

    I'd recommend this place to anyone...

    Their glasses start at £20 complete and because they have shops you can try the frames on and take them back if there's any problem.
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