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VERY Cheap glasses and specs - made to order.

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  • Well I've just ordered a pair of Specs and a pair of sunglasses for £37.50 including delivery for both! Can't say fairer than that. GlassesDirect wanted £41.13 for just one pair, which I was happy to pay until I read this.

    Will post back when they arrive to let you know how good they are.

    Cheers for the tip. Not having to pay extra for the coatings is excellent.

    Once again, thanks moneysavers!
    Marillion - A Better Way of Life.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot to say they were from optical4less.
    Marillion - A Better Way of Life.
  • I can see a few problems with buying glasses online - how can you tell if they fit, how can they put the lenses in the right place and what will they really look like on you?

    I'd recommend this place to anyone...

    Their glasses start at £20 complete and because they have shops you can try the frames on and take them back if there's any problem.

    This place are currently doing a £5 off voucher! Lovely Jubbly.
    :heart2:Mum to my little Daisy 3 and Archie 1.:heart2:
  • We ahve just used the site and ordered some for the wife 2 weeks ago. The site was down due to being hit so many times after the Telegraph article. It's now back up and running a dn sure enough, as soon as it was they came back and acknowledged the order. Glasses have been received and they are superb quality.
    Charles J
  • well i got mine from
    incredible value $49 (plus postage) for rimless frames with lenses. i needed to have thin lenses an incredible and also antireflect coating c. £52 including delivery
    that is at least half you would pay anywhere. just the drilling of the lenses costs usually 30 quid.
    if you needs thin lenses i think is cheaper from them. i just went to glasses direct and checked how much it would cost to by a pair like mine - with thin lenses and anti-reflect. £88.

    if you only want a basic pair then glasses direct are cheaper.

    only problems is delvery took over 2 weeks , takes a bit longer for rimeless. they werent so responsive to emails.
    i have an affilaite link to optical4less on the referrers board;action=display;num=1096291849;start=0#0
  • Have just bought a pair of bifocals and the quality is appalling - no wonder they're so cheap - will be sending mine straight back for refund.....
  • I ordered from glasses direct on 11 October - still waiting for my specs to arrive :-/

    Apparently they have been inundated with orders. Looks like MSE strikes again ;)

  • i ordered a pair of glasses for my hubbie at the beginning of october from glasses direct they phoned me to say they had not got the gun metal frame and would we have silver instead ,we agreed to silver on the 20 th october, and still they havent arrived phoned them up about seven days ago and they didnt know what i was talking about it finally clicked, now they are ordering them again at the lab and will be another two weeks.
  • Not very impressive is it bargain babe.

    I wonder how many MSE users have ordered from glases direct since seeing the threads on here - and if so, whether they would recommend? Anyone??
    Seems to me that they can't compete with the turnaround times on the high street. Guess it was too good to be true and you get what you pay for. :'(

  • your right i am not impressed with them as they took my money out of the bank at the beginning of october and my policy is take the cash out when you are ready to deliver the goods but you live and learn or so they say . :'(
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