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VERY Cheap glasses and specs - made to order.

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  • mogginsmoggins Forumite
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    Sometimes even the High Street opticians don't get it right :(

    I bought a new pair of glasses from Vision Express, I'd never been there before but the other half pushed me into it. I'm now stuck with a pair of glasses that give me headaches and I can't wear, I've had to resort to wearing my old pair from Specsavers who always got it right.
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  • ACIDACID Forumite
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    Trow wrote:
    AFAIAA a complaint against glasses direct has been lodged with the GOC (general optical council) because they are going against accepted terms (something along the lines of needing a dispensing opticial on hand)

    I believe that to counter this they (glasses direct) have plans to have a high street presence - I am not sure what form this will take.

    BTW - the complaint was by a competing chain of opticians - maybe profits are being affected....

    or high street cant handle the competition lol

    if it helps glassesdirect
    allow three glasses to be sent to you free, just pay the p&p
    and you can test to see which is the right fit for your facial structure

    soudns like god service in my opnion
  • I'd recommened that you get a fresh prescription before ordering, and the site tells you exactly how to read the prescription easily.

    I agree you should air some degreee of caution, however for a pair of glasses for working around the house, etc., £25 is well worth the gamble if you ask me.

    I can honestly say though that I would 101% recommend them to everyone, and i now wear the glasses all of the time when required.


    I had a look at Glasses direct a while ago after you mentioned them chris. I even ordered a few 'test pairs' to try - I would DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone as two of them were far too narrow for me and not very attractive at all!

    I'm due to get a new eye test next month and am pretty sold on going with glasses direct (£60 for rimless with an anti-reflective coating is just too tempting). My only concern is making sure they fit comfortably enough to wear all of the time. Whenever I have ordered from specsavers in the past I've had to get the eqar hooks and nose pieces adjusted for a good fit - did you have to go somewhere to get this done with the glasses you ordered online? anyone experience of this?
  • I've ordered some from glassesdirect for £47.50. That was with the UV protection and anti-glare lenses option.
    The scratch resistant hard coating is free which is handy for me as they're for distance work and will probably get thrown around the van! :). D&A quoted me £170 for the same.

    They seem to be a taking a while getting here but I'll let you know what happens.

  • SwattieSwattie Forumite
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    You should take your specs back and complain. They may have made a mistake with the prescription.
  • But how do you get hold of your prescription? Do you just get an eye test ask for prescription? Do they allow you to do that? :confused:
  • Have tried to access web site of glasses direct, not found on server. so had a search and found ,the link is- ,copy and paste into browser
  • lmcgregor wrote:
    But how do you get hold of your prescription? Do you just get an eye test ask for prescription? Do they allow you to do that? :confused:
    When you go for an eye test they give you the prescription, you dont have to buy from them. If you're worried about feeling akward once you've looked at all their "marvelous" offers just say that you want to think about it and will call back when you've made a decision.
    Every opticians I've been to have been really great about not buying there and then, both independants and large stores (like D&A) alike.

    I can vouch for optical4less, I just received my order and its great, fits beautifully, and the price was superb (£25 all in compared to £90 just for the lenses in D&A)
  • lmcgregor wrote:
    But how do you get hold of your prescription? Do you just get an eye test ask for prescription? Do they allow you to do that? :confused:

    Yes to your questions. There are free eye tests currently at D&A, see this thread:

    I did exactly that, got my eyes tested for free at D&A (they give you the prescription to take away with you - if they look like they are shaping up to sell you specs, make your excuses and say you will come back another time as you are running late bla bla bla) then I ordered glasses from glasses direct. I ordered the thinner high index lenses as my prescription is around -5. The glasses took about 3 weeks to get to me, so quite slow, and when they arrived they hadn't got the high index lenses although I'd been charged for them. However, I decided to keep them anyway as they weren't as thick as I'd expected and glasses direct refunded the overpayment. What I have since discovered is that they have those reactor type lenses that change colour in bright sunlight, which I didn't ask for.

    So overall, I would say that my experience of glasses direct wasn't especially brilliant, but for £15 plus vat you can't complain too much! The glasses themselves are fine and my husband says he can't tell the difference between these new ones and my previous fcuk pair. Fortunately the fit of them is fine, but if they hadn't been I would have gone to one of my local opticians and asked them to alter them - they would probably make a charge, but I doubt that they'd send you packing just because you hadn't bought the specs from them.

  • Moggins take them back I had a similar problem with "Boots",if you don`t get satisfaction phone Trading Standards.
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