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VERY Cheap glasses and specs - made to order.

edited 8 March 2013 at 2:20PM in Shop but don't drop
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  • I have fairly strong glasses and glasses direct were unable to supply above 8.0 dioptres. They only do plastic lenses as well, which has changed. :confused:
    They do a frame trial service if you need to try them first, I think its £3.
    All their quoted prices are +VAT.
    Good value though if they can do yours.
  • I bought some glasses over the internet a while ago and the cheapest that i found were as - they are a Hong Kong company that ship internationally. The good thing about them is that they have the anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings built inot the price. Their plastic and alloy frame glasses sell at US$29, rimless sell at US$39 and bendable titanium frames sell at US$59. If you buy more than one pair of glasses the shipping is free, if not it is US$8. They came to me within two weeks of ordering. I got a pair of rimless, a pair of bendable titanium ones and some clipons for about £70 all in. They don't do the post through service,but have actual size reproductions of all their glasses. Check them out.
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  • I'll have a look - could do with some new ones
  • moggins wrote:
    Sometimes even the High Street opticians don't get it right :(

    I bought a new pair of glasses from Vision Express, I'd never been there before but the other half pushed me into it. I'm now stuck with a pair of glasses that give me headaches and I can't wear, I've had to resort to wearing my old pair from Specsavers who always got it right.

    I had 3 different eye tests by 3 different Specsaver opticians resulting 3 different prescriptions!! I complained each time and after the third pair asked for my money back which they refunded.
    I don't believe that my eyes should need time to adjust - if they're not right in the opticians then they won't be right full stop. I went to Arthur Hayes who got it right first time - Specsavers had been trying to give me a prescription that was too strong.
    I ended up with 1 pair of glasses that cost the same as 2 from Specsaver but at least I can wear these ones!
    If you're getting headaches then they've got it wrong - I'd recommend bringing someone with you for backup when you ask for you money back.
    PS (I'm -8 in both eyes)
  • If the glasses are giving you a headache, they are wrong. Take them back and explain the problem. I had this exact problem with glasses from Vision Express. I happened to see the wife of my optician (an independent business) and she asked me if I minded if she had a look at my specs. She told me they were not fitting my face properly, adjusted them, and the headaches stopped - I had suffered them when going downstairs, when my eyes went fuzzy - adjusting the frame did the trick. It could be that simple, but don't feel you cna't go back, I would imagine Vision Express want to keep their customers.
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  • Becles wrote:
    How can you decide what frames to buy online?

    They will send you up to three trial frames, with clear plastic lenses to your door, complete with a pre-paid return envelope for you to return the frames in. You may order up to three trial glasses seperately. To cover the labour, postage, packaging and VAT costs we ask for a contribution of £4.00 per pair of trial glasses which will be charged to your credit/debit card. The remainder of the advertised cost of the glasses will only be charged if you do not return the glasses to us within 14 days.

    Total Outstanding: £4.00 inc.P&P
  • I need varifocals. Do the Hong Kong site cater for me? Is that what progressive lens means?
  • I do work in an opticians and would be the first to admit specs are way over priced!! However, the internet spec firms guess/ average the pupil distance (v.important measurement!) this can cause straining,blurry vision and headaches. Opticians won't give you this measurement BUT one way round it is to pay a 'professional service' fee-which is about £25 and a dispensing optician will do measurement for you. Not that bad seeing as you're saving so much on specs!
  • Oh dear, is that measurement important? I ordered some and when it asked for that measurement I looked in a mirror and tape-measured distance from 1 pupil to another (blush) - couldn't think how else to do it. Ah well, will see how I get on. It looked such a bargain I couldn't resist - really can't afford to buy new glasses at high street prices.
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  • I need varifocals. Do the Hong Kong site cater for me? Is that what progressive lens means?

    I need varifocals, so would be interested in the reply to this quote.
    Dont you just love a bargain?
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