Real Life MMD: Should we keep the wine?



  • rag_doll
    rag_doll Forumite Posts: 210 Forumite
    I'd email Customer Services & let them decide if you can keep it.


  • Brownlaw
    Brownlaw Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Surely the wine is unsolicited goods. It is up to the supermarket to collect. You do not need to do anything. Allow a reasobnable time for that to happen and then do what you like with it.
  • noodle
    noodle Forumite Posts: 133 Forumite
    the wine isn't yours, and you should try and 'do the right thing' and give it back. you've done the right thing by phoning, and gotten nowhere. taking the bottles to a store yourself is an absolute no-no.. make tesco do the work.

    i liked the idea of another poster to write to tesco to tell them what has happened, and that you are happy for them to collect the bottles - though if they wish to do so you will expect compensation for your time and costs in chasing them to arrange said collection, and that adequate compensation would be around the price of the wine. that's not actually an unreasonable sum of money for this, particularly as you've spent half an hour of your own time trying to phone them.

    writing a letter shouldn't take up too much of your time, and if you've phoned and written/emailed then you've taken perfectly reasonable steps to contact them.

    it's almost certain that tesco will tell you to keep the wine... but no matter how big and nasty tesco might be, it's their decision.

    curiously, i've just called a retailer to get them to collect something they sent me two of. i'd had three voicemail messages from them checking that 'everything was ok' with my delivery, which struck me as irritatingly comprehensive customer service.. and it was only when the second item arrived (several days after the first) that i realised that they we're obviously hoping i'd volunteer to return the duplicate (which i would have done anyway).
  • A.Jones
    A.Jones Forumite Posts: 508 Forumite
    You've tried to tell them, but they have not taken your call. Staying on the line for 30 minutes is more than adequate to show you have tried to get them to rectify their error and so it is not theft.

    Drink it, enjoy it.
  • Caparn
    Caparn Forumite Posts: 90
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    edited 1 December 2010 at 12:09PM
    I'd keep it, supermarkets make billions so they can afford it more than you (unless you are Bill Gates or the Queen).
    The only reason I would return it is if I thought the delivery driver might get in trouble if it was his mistake.
  • misstrikcy
    misstrikcy Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I think you should persist in trying to contact the supermarket.

    It isn't honest, and you probably know that....

    Someone else sensibly suggested that you write to the supermarket, explain the situation again and give them, for example, 14 days to come and collect their property. This will put the ball back in their court, and no more action from yourself should be required.

    If after the 14 days they have not collected the property, then it should be yours to do with as you wish. And your moral compass should be nice and steady.
  • cjmumto2
    cjmumto2 Forumite Posts: 276 Forumite
    This has happened to me but with flowers and I called and they said keep them, then a friend of mine found 2 bags of shopping in with hers and the shop said they couldnt collect them as they cannot resell the goods once they have been in someones home as it can be contaminated. I would call them, they will more than likely tell you you can keep it but atleast you will sleep better at night knowing you have done the right thing.
  • Idiophreak
    Idiophreak Forumite Posts: 12,025 Forumite
    Reality123 wrote: »
    I find it almost laughable that one person posting claims he/she spots 20p errors in the supermarket bill. That sounds like a complete exaggeration to me and devalues their opinion to worthlessness.

    You're a bit closed-minded, aren't you.

    Personally, in the old days, I'd write a list before I went and as I added each item to my basket I'd write down the price on the list - then I'd add it up at the end and make sure I was in budget. Once you've got the total, it's not exactly rocket science to see if they've overcharged you even 1p at the till.

    And it's worth doing - I'd say 70-80% of the time there's *something* that Mr Ts overcharges me on - sure, it's probably only 20p here, 50p there but it adds up - and the highest I've got back in a trip is around £6. Pus they'll often double the difference if they make a mistake.

    These days, it's pretty easy to see if they're overcharging you with scan as you shop. You look at the price on the ticket, scan the item, then look at the price on the scanner - if they're different, write it down. Simples. You may be too rich or proud to let supermarkets rip you off, but I don't see why you'd look down on people who aren't.
  • rowansway
    rowansway Forumite Posts: 152 Forumite
    I've had someone else's shopping arrive before - phoned the supermarket and they said they'd try to get someone to collect it but the driver was no longer in the area - so not only did they say I could keep the goods but gave me £10 off my next purchase as a thank you. Mind you ... it was hardly worth keeping - denture tablets, lots of salt and other food that we don't really eat!
  • oldgit74
    oldgit74 Forumite Posts: 10 Forumite
    Someone else's order was short of the Merlot, so I think you should contact the store and tell them. Then, they decide for you, problem solved
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