Real Life MMD: Should we keep the wine?

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Should we keep the wine?

We received our weekly grocery delivery this evening from a leading supermarket. My husband accepted it whilst I was otherwise engaged and on checking the order I discovered we'd received 6 bottles of Merlot wine worth over £40 that we hadn’t ordered (or been charged for). My husband said we should keep quiet, but my conscience said otherwise. I called customer services and was on hold for over 30 mins before giving up. Should I persevere and ring again another day, tell the delivery driver next week or keep quiet and consider it an early Christmas present?
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  • pjsmiffy
    I think I would keep the Wine for 2 weeks and if not requested back I would then give it away as Christmas Presents. (I don't drink red)
    The supermarket will probably write off the wine as breakage anyway and if it was off someone else's order they will of raised it as a concern.
    However if this was a small local shop (if any are left) I would return keep on trying to get it back to them.
  • svmitche
    svmitche Posts: 592 Forumite
    To be honest I would probably keep it - you did try and let them know, but realistically, are they going to send someone over to collect it?

    If you feel really bad about it then try to ring once more, but at this time of year the phones will be busy. They will have refunded the intended recipient anyway so I wouldn't feel bad about it.
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    keep it, you tried to hand it back with no success
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  • Bluespirit
    I'd probably keep it - you've tried (and possibly spent money on the phone call) to tell them, but haven't been able to. Plus, given that its a big supermarket, it won't be a disaster for them to write off the money.

    If you still feel bad about it, and will drink the wine, why not give a small donation to charity to make up for it.
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  • Princess_Coupon
    One thing that boils my blood is being overcharged in supermarkets it happens all the time, and I have to spot it and waste my time waiting at the cs desk for my money back which sometimes is only say 20p. I know it's a mistake but it's theft, if I stole from them they'd have me arrested but I rarely even get an appology.
    So based on that I'm of the opinion it's up to them to spot it and contact you for the wine back, and if they did phone me for it I'd put them on hold for 10 mins too.
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  • Drusillamac
    A similar thing happened to me with an online shop. Alas it was some meat-based ready meals and ice cream and not expensive booze. Being the honest person that I am, I rang the supermarket's customer service. They said they would send someone round to collect the excess items. That was six months ago and we're still waiting for them to come round.

    So yes, I would probably keep the Merlot. It would go down very nicely at my New Year's Eve party.

    On a sidenote, another time I received a phonecall from the same supermarket asking me if I had ordered a toaster and blender with my online shop. They had these in the back of their van and had no idea which order it belonged to :rotfl:
  • plimsoll
    I had a friend who got delivered a tray of someone else's posh shopping along with hers from Tesco - she called them & got told to keep it so I think the likelihood is they'll let you. If you're paying for the call then I'd be very tempted not to bother again, but if it's inclusive then I'd prob try once more.
  • s1lv3rdal5
    You should send a letter to the supermarket telling them what has happened, giving them a reasonable time to collect, say 14 days.
    If the wine is not collected by then it is yours.
    Anything else is THEFT and you could be prosecuted.
  • brufferssprouts
    brufferssprouts Posts: 5 Forumite
    edited 30 November 2010 at 11:24PM
    What a bonus. I'd most definitely keep it! It'd make quashing each one all the nicer!!
    As for THEFT etc - how would they prove it??
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  • antilles
    Chances are if you give it back to the delivery man it will end up in his wine rack! :D
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