Real Life MMD: Should we keep the wine?



  • brufferssprouts
    brufferssprouts Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    What a bonus. I'd most definitely keep it! It'd make quaffing;) each one all the nicer!! 
  • Reality123
    Reality123 Forumite Posts: 8 Forumite
    edited 30 November 2010 at 10:30PM
    It is very odd that the relative wealth of a victim of crime seems to change people's judgement of whether it is indeed a crime or not. It is often said "Tesco can afford it", etc. Would you feel different if you found out that the delivery driver had it deducted from his wages? I bet you would!

    I find it almost laughable that one person posting claims he/she spots 20p errors in the supermarket bill. That sounds like a complete exaggeration to me and devalues their opinion to worthlessness.

    Putting it simply, to knowingly deprive any person (no matter how rich) of property to which you know you have no right to is theft. If the property “falls into your lap” then your lack of action in appropriating the property does not excuse the crime of “theft by finding”.

    I suppose the supermarket will never find out where the wine went, but shame on the other posters for claiming its all fair against a supermarket. There are plenty of people with less than you and I doubt you would think it fair if they saw your property as game for stealing.
  • warehouse
    warehouse Forumite Posts: 3,362
    I've been Money Tipped!
    You made a genuine attempt to contact them to return the wine. It's hardly your fault they don't man the phones. What if you had been missing the wine, would you be expected to hang on for an hour? Two hours?

    Keep it, you've done the right thing already.
  • hennypenny_2
    hennypenny_2 Forumite Posts: 56 Forumite
    I would send them an email and let them take it from there. If you hear nothing back at least you have a written statement proving you told them about the error in the first place. But you really should try to let them know.
  • fuzz
    fuzz Forumite Posts: 597
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts
    keep it - its an early crimbo present and will taste so much better cos it was free - maybe give some of it away but also enjoy some in the run up to christmas and thank your lucky stars

    i love a nice freebie

    now...tesco delivery man...where are ya...:beer:
  • Talent
    Talent Forumite Posts: 244 Forumite
    It's not yours, you know it, so keeping is thieving. You must contact head office and tell them you have it and ask them what they wan you to do. Probably they'll say keep it. Then it's not thieving.
  • elizabethhull
    elizabethhull Forumite Posts: 765
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts
    We all know you SHOULD try to return the wine, but human nature is regrettably easily persuaded otherwise. I agree that sending an email with a suggestion that the wine will be kept for the next 14 days is an easy and quick way of ensuring your conscience is appeased. If nothing happens then you can assume it's not worth their while collecting it.
    I wonder what the responses would be if the £40 worth of goods were not an attractive keep? For me, £40 of any booze, as I don't like the taste of alcohol, would less useful than £40 fertiliser!! I would make a decent attempt at letting them know regardless.
  • kaiserbrock
    kaiserbrock Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Donate half the value to a charity and enjoy the wine ;-)
  • CutTheJargon
    CutTheJargon Forumite Posts: 50 Forumite
    Reality123 wrote: »
    I find it almost laughable that one person posting claims he/she spots 20p errors in the supermarket bill. That sounds like a complete exaggeration to me and devalues their opinion to worthlessness.

    How do you work that out? Just because they spot an error means their opinion is worthless?
    Well, I spotted that Lidl had overcharged me by 28p for an item and I got it refunded. As a newbie to this site, you will no doubt learn that a lot of us are decreasing our debts or increasing our savings by being extra vigilant. And that is no exaggeration! :rudolf:
  • thepurplegoldfish
    thepurplegoldfish Forumite Posts: 256 Forumite
    I personally would try to ring Tesco, but if they didn't answer, that's their luck out, I'd certainly not be wasting excessive amounts of time and money (phone calls to them are 08 numbers). You tried - It's a Christmas freebie, and it'll taste even better knowing it was free.

    Remember Every Little Helps...
    If it wasn't for the mistakes I made in the past (and learned from), I wouldn't be who and where I am today. It doesn't matter if you've cocked up, what matters is that you put it right and apologise. x
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