23 odd socks!

I have just been through my odd sock bag (it lives at the bottom of the ironing trunk ((yes, I have an ironing trunk :D))

Anyway I have 23 odd socks! Of all different colours, patterns and sizes

Now I have an OS dilemma - do I do a Flylady and fling them? Or do I hold onto them in the belief that the matching one WILL turn up one day? Or, does anyone have any alternative uses for my sock mountain?

I love you guys, come on, amaze me with what I should do with these socks - because deep in my heart I KNOW you'll think of something that makes me go AHHH! What a great idea!

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  • iwanttosave_2
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    Use them as hand dusters to get into all the nooks and crannies that you cant reach with anything else or for things what would ruin your normal cleaning clothes. Once one is filthy, chuck it.

    Or fill some with some bicarb and essential oils and shove in your drawers and wardrobes to keep things smelling fresh, or even tooked behind something as a home-made air freshener.
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  • mrbadexample
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    Make puppets for children. And in future, do what I do. Always buy identical socks. :D
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  • Sarahsaver
    Sarahsaver Posts: 8,390 Forumite
    Yo could wear odd socks, especially inside boots no-one would notice anyway;)
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    I have done reading too!
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  • ...make your own old-style advent calendar!! Hang them from a line and label each 1-24 and pop a pressie in each day for kids or OH.

    Perhaps depend on what they look like....but a splash of red gingham ribbon might be enough for them to look festive?
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  • CarolnMalky
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    look for a centipede rescue centre...they might need socks for the winter...

    Sorry I'll get my coat!
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  • Strepsy
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    You could soak them in leftover (?) red wine mixed with sugar, hang them on your washing line and delight in all the different moths you attract for a good feed. What? I've been watching Autumnwatch. ;P
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  • MrsTinks
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    loads of ideas about what I can use MY odd socks for too! fab!
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  • We could see if any of my 19 odd socks match yours!!!
  • Squidgy
    Squidgy Posts: 684 Forumite
    Donate them to your local nursery / school for junk modelling
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  • Dobie
    Dobie Posts: 580 Forumite
    You could try dying them all black. If it works for some you have matching socks if not you have some great ideas already.
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