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23 odd socks!



  • I made some spare socks into Jedi costumes for my nephews Action Man toys.
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  • Nicky321
    Nicky321 Posts: 1,426 Forumite
    To be honest ive had this dilema for quite a while.... what about a website.... Socksreunited lol, you never know, they may find their long lost partner.
  • emeraldbugle
    emeraldbugle Posts: 1,063 Forumite
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    Why not sew them all together end to end and have a nice new Scarf for winter :T
  • Willy warmers for the local horse sanctuary this winter?
  • I never let my odd socks pile get that big.

    I wear them as odd pairs!

    Aint that great?:T
  • Sarahsaver
    Sarahsaver Posts: 8,390 Forumite
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    DS1 wore odd socks to school today and he was so proud of himself and his inventiveness that he showed all his friends :)
    Member no.1 of the 'I'm not in a clique' group :rotfl:
    I have done reading too!
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  • Primrose
    Primrose Posts: 10,620 Forumite
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    Well, if you want to liven up your local neighbourhood, you could post one through each of your neighbour's doors with a little note attached saying "Did you leave this behind at my house last night? xxx"
    Seriously, if they're all woollen, you could cut them up and put them to rot down on your compost heap, or cut them up into small pieces at bird nesting time so the birds can use them as nest liners. Or keep throwing them back in the laundry until the other one appears.
  • I'm dead jealous! I've only got about six oddies and there is such a lot one can do with them but I haven't got enough! All donations gratefully received!
    Or, you could drop them into the beggars hat!!! :rolleyes:
  • boglin
    boglin Posts: 430 Forumite
    I recently discovered that my husband put any odd socks he found back into the wash, unknown to me - whereas I always put them into the airing cupboard - hence the chance of the pair ever being reunited was slender!!! ALSO, all of the odd socks that he put back in the wash would lose colour, so making it even less likely that they would ever find a match! :wall:

    When my sons were little I used socks to make sweaters/dressing up clothes for their favourite teddy bears. Children's socks with pictures on them are particularly good for this but plain is fine too.

    I just chopped off the foot part of the sock, turned over the raw edge a couple of times (it rolls up nicely or you can sew it if you like) - cut little slits in the sides of the sock/sweater for the teddy's arms and you don't have to hem it as the ribbed edge of the top of the sock becomes the bottom of the sweater!

    I even made a complete set of Power Rangers outfits for bears like this, with a bit of applique and utilising the feet of the sock for masks, etc...ahhh, those were the days of innocent fun and no Internet forums...:rotfl:
  • Lydia.42
    Lydia.42 Posts: 384 Forumite
    We have 2 cats, and i be-grudge paying a fortune for toys that they just turn their nose up at. So i buy a pack of catnip for about £1.50 from our local pet shop, and i but some in the bottom of two odd socks (it would do more if you wanted), then tie a knot in them. Hey presto - they each get their own catnip sock, which is more tempting than shop bought toys whcih haver hardly any catnip in.

    Stoned cats are soooooo funny!!!! :rotfl:
    What's he building in there???
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