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23 odd socks!



  • GDB2222
    GDB2222 Posts: 24,655 Forumite
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    They are important proof that there is a God of Laundry, who takes a small offering from each load. Arrange them on an altar, publicise the miracle, and make loads of money selling cream teas to the coach parties that come to visit.
    No reliance should be placed on the above! Absolutely none, do you hear?
  • nearlyrich
    nearlyrich Posts: 13,698 Forumite
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    Put them in the bin and forget about them, I had a huge bag of odd socks and it was very liberating to get rid of them, they used to make me feel guilty.
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  • Morty_007
    Morty_007 Posts: 1,496 Forumite
    Quackers wrote:

    Oh, and in answer to the original question - wear them! Thats what I do. I haven't worn a matching pair of sock for as long as I can remember :)

    I've got more important things to do than pair up socks - like eating chocolate :D

    hear both wearing odd socks and having better things to do than pair them!
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  • Fantastic ! I too have 'sock mountains' and the odd 'sock party' as I call them...but when I do this the kids and the rest of the family seem to disappear, I wonder why? Anyway the outcome of this is that every few months I do eventually find a few matching pairs (as unfortunately I am one of those strange people that can only wear matching socks, sorry!) and the rest head off to a good cause, where I am hopeful that they can somehow be matched with some other odd socks !!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, the world feels a lighter and better place !!!

  • This doesn't answer the question of the existing odd socks but might help prevent another odd sock mountain: I use the mesh bags that come with laundry tablets and put pairs of socks in there before they go into the washing machine. I appreciate this may be impractical with lots of kids but it worked for me when the household reduced to one husband and one son.
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  • Lill111
    Lill111 Posts: 53 Forumite
    why not sit down and make simple hand puppets , the kind were you stich some button eyes on and a mouth made out of felt and sell them at the kids school christmasfair or even donate them to your local school for the kids to make them themselfs?

    Nix143 wrote:
    I have just been through my odd sock bag (it lives at the bottom of the ironing trunk ((yes, I have an ironing trunk :D))

    Anyway I have 23 odd socks! Of all different colours, patterns and size

    Now I have an OS dilemma - do I do a Flylady and fling them? Or do I hold onto them in the belief that the matching one WILL turn up one day? Or, does anyone have any alternative uses for my sock mountain?

    I love you guys, come on, amaze me with what I should do with these socks - because deep in my heart I KNOW you'll think of something that makes me go AHHH! What a great idea!

  • Wayne1_2
    Wayne1_2 Posts: 12 Forumite
    With 23 odd socks in the house I would be looking for my wifes one legged lover.
  • I used to despair over the odd socks I had accumulated but a few years ago I worked with a young woman who used to wear odd socks. Now I as a fifty-five year old man thought I could never do that but I tried one day, same shade but different socks, and found I could do it. In fact it's quite liberating because no-one notices and really, no-one cares. It can be your little secret or you can boast about your freedom from convention. Now I just put on the first pair that comes to hand. Of course, if I am dressing up I will choose a pair of socks as I will choose my other clothes but for every day use, I no longer think of socks in pairs, they are just individuals like the rest of us. Incidentally I have a theory about our common ability to collect odd socks. I am convinced that left and right socks have different dyes applied to them so that after a few washes, they are significantly different, a kind of built-in obsolesnence that benfits sock manufacturers. Well, not in my house!
  • You could always prevent it happening again by pegging the socks together BEFORE you wash them... (just keep a bag of pegs by the laundry basket).

    That way they come out of the wash as a pair and already have a peg to hang on the washing line!
  • BigDonut
    BigDonut Posts: 291 Forumite
    nothing to do with dyes.
    Everyone knows its the underwear gnomes that cause odd socks to appear
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