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23 odd socks!



  • Nix143
    Nix143 Posts: 1,130 Forumite

    See! I knew you guys wouldn't let me down

    Got to say there were some inspiring, some practical and some bonkers ideas in all those replies - the idea of a sock advent calendar tickled me no end! :D

    Thanks so much for the laughs if nothing else - and I still haven't decided what to do with them as I found a matcher last night after I posted! Imagine if I had thrown the matchee away! :D
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  • kittiwoz
    kittiwoz Posts: 1,321 Forumite
    You could use them to make stuffed toys:
    sock dogs
    sock bunnies
    sock monkey
  • mhoc
    mhoc Posts: 19,262 Forumite
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    My three now all take the same size but when the lads were little I used to sew a few coloured threads on each sock when new so you can match socks up. Everyone has a differnet colour. No point now, its every man for himself.

    I did a sock sort last night (my odd ones live in the bottom of the dryer) and took out a carrier bag full of socks with holes in to take to the recycling. I must spend at least a fiver each week on buying new socks but they only get worn once before they loose their partners in the wash or get holes. Put tow balck socks in the wash, one always seem to come out greyer or blacker than the other!

    I think the answer must be the very long football socks or the extra thick ones they wear with their hiking boots, never lost a pair of these or got a hole. Trouble is these can be £5 a pair:eek:

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  • stefejb
    stefejb Posts: 1,725 Forumite
    my goodness! only 23 socks - i have a whole laundry basket full. I have just realised how OCD this is but every day i sort through those socks to see if any of the pairs have turned up. There are teeny weeny socks in there that won't even fit anyone if the other does turn up. Gonna make me a draft excluder - just have to resist the urge to pull out the "stuffing" every six months to see if any of the pairs have turned up - my name is stef and i'm an oddsockaholic

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  • I put mine over the top of my decorating ladder to stop it marking the walls. Not sure you'll need 23 though!
  • Sarahsaver
    Sarahsaver Posts: 8,390 Forumite
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    I saw a very expensive designer jumper once made from socks. If you cut them lengthways so the top is one flat piece and the heel side is another... Then the heel can be used for the elbows, shoulders and 'boobies' as my kids call them. Or you could make a blanket!
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  • Quackers
    Quackers Posts: 10,157 Forumite
    Sarahsaver wrote:
    One of my friends buys each of her kids socks in one colour so odd socks arent a problem, one has black, one grey and one white;)

    I do that (almost)!

    My eldest wears knee high black socks all of the time and my youngest wears black trainer socks - their choice - after I refused to pair up socks for them! :D

    Oh, and in answer to the original question - wear them! Thats what I do. I haven't worn a matching pair of sock for as long as I can remember :)

    I've got more important things to do than pair up socks - like eating chocolate :D
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  • When I helped in nursery, I wore odd socks one day. The children wanted to know why, so I explained that it was what I did, and funnily enough, I had an identical pair at home. :D

    Became something of my trademark! So you could just wear them, and join me in cultivating eccentricity.

    Penny. x
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  • Sassers
    Sassers Posts: 1,303 Forumite
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    Donate them to the centipede rescue centre to keep their tootsies warm?:rotfl:
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  • Elliesmum
    Elliesmum Posts: 1,519 Forumite
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    Ha - you got there before me greenpixey :D

    I stuff the odd socks into old laddered tights and then cover the whole thing in some leftover fabric. Toasty!

    Warning: Young dogs may think that you have made them a lovely new tug'o'war toy. Make sure you tell them forcefully that this is not the case or your house will look like hosiery armagedon. I speak from experience:eek:

    And me - this was my suggestion!
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