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23 odd socks!



  • No, no, no.

    Everyone knows that odd socks turn into wire coathangers.:doh:

    Now there's something I want to get rid of without just chucking them away!
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  • prudryden
    prudryden Posts: 2,075 Forumite
    23 odd socks? Gosh - how many paired socks do you own? Declutter immediately. Toss 'em. Not only have you decluttered but think of the time you have saved by not having to read all the replies. As Martin might say- time is money.
  • Why not do what i did and donate them to the scam collectors of clothing. would love to see their face,s. ive been on the look out at boot sells to see if anyone as actualy had the gall to try to sell them lol. jax
  • :rotfl: All this talk about puppets, laundry Gods and draught excluders - isn't it about time to put a sock in it?
  • You could always list them on ebay and see if someone with too few socks and too much time on their hands buys them..,
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  • All my life my feet have been dressed the same, there are after all two of them, it's time to treat them as individuals and dress them differently.

  • Give the 23 odd socks to your current wife as a divorce settlement and get a new more efficient 'model'.
  • browolf
    browolf Posts: 154 Forumite
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    i heard this on the radio once, and managed to google it up, had it bookmarked ever since...

    Sock Lover By Arthur Smith

    I've got 47 socks
    Including 11 pairs
    Lovers come and wear my socks
    Move on and leave me theirs

    Heres a red sock for example
    Belonging one to Kim
    She who now cooks lunch for Gary
    This green sock belongs to him!

    Every sock can tell a story
    They have ambitions of their own
    When I go out with two old favourites
    Sometimes one does not come home

    On my left foot theres a white sock
    On my right foot theres a blue
    Even though they smell somewhat
    They make me think of you

    People say odd socks is crazy
    People say I'm queer
    People say I've lost my marbles
    Well I haven't I've got them here

    I've got 47 marbles
    Including 11 pairs
    Lovers come and roll my marbles
    Move on and roll me theirs
  • RoCas
    RoCas Posts: 3,929 Forumite
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    Send one to sock heaven ... then you'll have 22 and they'll be EVEN (not odd)

    *ok, I'm on my way out*
  • lynzpower
    lynzpower Posts: 25,311 Forumite
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    can I just say that Ive done my skirting boards with odd socks and a stardrops solution this monring and its absolutely brilliant!
    :beer: Well aint funny how its the little things in life that mean the most? Not where you live, the car you drive or the price tag on your clothes.
    Theres no dollar sign on piece of mind
    This Ive come to know...
    So if you agree have a drink with me, raise your glasses for a toast :beer:
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