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23 odd socks!



  • whatatwit
    whatatwit Posts: 5,424 Forumite
    I work at a launderette & we hang any 'forgotten' socks on the wall, several of them do get claimed.

    An earlier poster suggested pegging socks together before washing.

    We have several customers who use a safety pin to fasten a pair of socks together.
    That way at least you aren't left with an orphan sock, as they both run away.

    An old bloke did once ask if I took all the odd socks to a car boot sale. :think:
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  • tomtombeanie
    Returning to the dog theme, my mum has always put a tennis ball at the bottom of the lonely sock and tied a knot above it- hey presto! A fab dog toy - they grab the sock by the top and shake madly so the tennis ball hits them around the head - and they love it!

    As my house is a pet free zone, I donate mine to school for puppets etc - although I was asked the last time I offloaded a bagful if they were clean - the cheek!
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  • LyndsM
    LyndsM Posts: 42 Forumite
    My sock theory:
    I used to get loads of odd socks until I decided that socks had rights too, and keeping them in 'forced marriages' was not fair. So now I don't try to pair them up, I just chuck 'em all in one drawer and I can always find a pair without too much rummaging! I think they choose to stay now.
    I have one 'pair' of socks that used to be odd - one cat sock, one pig sock - I think their other halves eloped together - and they seem very happy as a couple.
    I have 6 socks (were 3 pairs that came in a set) with different colours but the same 'theme' - they have an 'open socktionship' and mingle with each other however they wish.
    My brother and I have always worn odd socks though (our Mother thinks we're barmy) I think it's a family thing...!!

    Sock it to 'em
  • steve6375
    Do what I do. Label one drawer as 'Odd Socks' and the other as 'Sock Pairs'.
    Then put all odd socks into the odd sock drawer and all pairs into the other drawer. After 3 months you will find that the 'Sock Pairs' drawer is nearly empty. But here is the money-saving tip - now look in the 'Odd Socks' drawer - Yes, I know it is unbelievable - but you will now magically have lots of pairs of socks in the 'Odd Socks' drawer.
    I have no idea how this happens - but it really works - try it!
  • Savvy_Sue
    Savvy_Sue Posts: 46,105 Forumite
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    I was very distressed to get my favourite pink socks out of the drawer the other day and find holes in both heels. So if anyone has odd pink socks going spare I would be glad to give them a home. But I am an adult size 8 so there probably won't be too many offered to me.

    However I also wanted to ask for advice on behalf of DS1. He has mild Asperger's, used to dress in the same colour from top to toe when he was younger but has now improved slightly. But I wasn't surprised, when I gave him socks with the days of the week on, to find that he would only wear the 'right' pair of socks for that day. Now one of each pair has worn out: he might cope with odd socks, but how does he bring himself to wear a sock on the 'wrong' day of the week? How will he know what day it is?
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  • SaraP
    SaraP Posts: 10 Forumite
    Three suggestions for using odd socks

    1 Boring suggestion. Stick them in the Sally Ann recycled clothing bin.

    2 Not much more interesting suggestion. Cut them up into little pieces and use them as stuffing. What for I can't imagine, but have you seen the price of a bag of proper stuffing these days!

    3 Most Interesting suggestion. Here's one my mum tried when we were kids. Back in the sixties. For this you need a dark, woollen man's sock, and if it stretches a bit out of shape all the better. Stuff the sock with, well, other old socks. Sew on two buttons for eyes. Use odments of wool to sew on a mouth and nostrils, make a nice long mane with more left over wool. A piece of thick string, or even that huge length of french knitting your child produced and for which you've found no use, can be made into bridle and reins. Attach to stout stick, length dependant on height of child. Et Voila! A hobby horse.
    Successful attachment to the stick can be tricky. Weighty stuffing and stretchy socks can produced saggy, sad looking heads. The stick should go as far up the neck as possible and nails with broad heads will help the sock stay attached longer to its stick. I had mine at age six, and was not too critical of imperfections at that age. I kept my horse for a few years. Well in those days there was a) no internet, and b) Champion the Wonderhorse on tv to inspire small children. My friend's horse was called Champion. Not to be outdone mine was called Hero.

    Ps if you think you've got problems try sorting the socks in a rest home. My dad had huge numbers of odd socks, many of them most certainly not his. There was no way those odd socks were ever going to meet their mates again, being hopelessly scattered among the residents. I don't think he had any paired socks in the end.
  • rachelandgromit
    This is so funny!

    I remember a friend a few years back, when getting ready for a night out attempting to use her dads socks as extra cleavage!!

    Have you seen the price of Wonderbras????
  • saverseven
    My mate used a sock to carry roung her daschund puppy in, when it was cold (aaah), so find 23 daschund puppy owners who need a dog cozy.
  • traceyjohnson
    i but identical socks for everyone in our family, dh's are white, ds, black ( for school) dd, grey ( for school) and mine are furry stripey toe socks :P that way if i weant socks for ds i just grab two black ones, every 6 months i chuck all the kids odds and grown out of's inot a carrier for the clothes bank or i make a "snock" ise one of our big socks to stuff with their little ones and send it to a charity shop. my "snocks" are very popular :)
  • rogertb
    rogertb Posts: 408 Forumite
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    Hi ... I'm more concerned about where the 'missing' socks have dissapeared to, I've looked everywhere, an odd one appears from under a chair or shrub another from behind the radiator... I've thrown away hundreds over the years (I usually have a good sort once a year ... hold on to the odd ones for a few months, pairing up when possible, but always end up putting some in the recycle bin) someone suggested a good cause ... what good cause ?
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